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232 Actions of the Wealthy

 Shen Min felt she was merely in this big city for university education. Why was her worldview refreshed? There were surprisingly so many people who waited in line to buy such expensive dishes. The Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set was more expensive than the Clear Broth Noodle Soup by 40 RMB, yet with only two additional cloves of garlic and a bowl of soup. He was simply overcharging the customers.

This was definitely, absolutely, overcharging.

She looked at her boss meticulously and found that he was cooking the noodles with an earnest look.

"Min Min, carry the noodles," Zhou Jia tugged Shen Min's sleeves carefully and reminded her in a low voice.

"Ok, sure." Shen Min then reacted at once. She went up and carried the noodles to the customers.

"Here are your noodles," said Shen Min politely.

"Thank you." Ji Lian raised his head and revealed a faint smile.

Shen Min's face turned red immediately. She had never seen such a delicate man.

Just in a little while, more and more customers arrived. Neither of them had seen such a lively scene before, hence they started perspiring due to the nervousness.

"You just attend to taking orders and delivering the dishes. Other things are just not within your responsibility," Yuan Zhou reminded Shen Min when she ran over to wipe the table for the third time.

"But, there are so many people..." said Shen Min in a low voice.

"Just ignore it." Yuan Zhou signaled her to watch Zhou Jia who was taking orders at the other side.

A customer over there was about to leave. Zhou Jia reminded him gently to clear the table according to Yuan Zhou's instructions while the customer followed suit as instructed.

"I got it. Thank you, boss." Shen Min had originally wanted to perform better and hence wiped the table personally. After all, no restaurant would let its customers to clear the table by themselves.

However, the customers in this small restaurant seemed to be not like those she had known.

At that time, Shen Min heard other two customers walking into the restaurant. Their dialogue nevertheless made her unable to interrupt.

"Are the dishes here really so delicious? We have almost waited for an hour for the breakfast," the short man asked Wu Zhou beside him curiously.

"I am the one who introduced you to this place. Of course, they are delicious." Wu Zhou rolled his eyes and said confidently.

"The price is way too expensive," the short man mumbled.

"Hey, you fellow. You earn so much now and is still reluctant to treat me to a meal?" Wu Zhou grabbed the short man and walked forward.

"I don't think the dishes are delicious. Look, a clove of garlic is left there on the table of that man, uneaten," the short man suddenly said excitedly.

"You must be talking nonsense. I have never seen anybody come to eat and leave a dirty bowl. The dinnerware is even cleaner than those that have been washed in their homes. How could they possibly leave any dish uneaten?" Wu Zhou didn't even turn his head to have a look. He totally disbelieved his words.

"It's true. The noodles of 308 RMB per bowl might be not so delicious. The garlic that you mentioned to be tasty is even left behind now." In the opinion of the short man, the clean dinnerware didn't necessarily mean they were appetizing. It also might be because they were expensive.

"Don't look for excuses anymore." Wu Zhou dragged the short man to get seated.

"You turned your head, please," said the short man hopelessly.

"Alright. As you wish." Wu Zhou spread his hands and took a glimpse from the side. Then he suddenly found, on the temporarily vacant seat, there truly was a clove of garlic left there on the plate.

"What the fu*k! This must be a genuine wealthy guy. He surprisingly abandons a clove of garlic. How unbelievable." Wu Zhou immediately uttered dirty words.

"Eh..."The short man could completely understand Wu Zhou's mood now. After all, the noodles cost 308 RMB per bowl.

The new wealthy guy ate one clove and left the other. He could definitely boast after going out and shout, "I'm also one that can leave a garlic clove uneaten in yz's restaurant."

"Hi, the breakfast today are only Clear Broth Noodle Soup and the set meal. What would you like to eat?" Shen Min went up and asked them when they stopped talking.

"Boss Yuan changed the attendant?" Wu Zhou looked at Shen Min with curiosity.

"Yeah, I'm new." Shen Min had got used to that by now. She said while smiling.

"Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set." "Clear Broth Noodle Soup." Said Wu Zhou and the short man at the same time.

"That's all, right?" Shen Min confirmed with them.

"The set meal you mentioned has only two extra garlic cloves. Aren't the noodles the same?" The short man argued on the basis of reason.

"Of course they are different. The garlic is fairly delicious. Really. I don't mind if you order the set meal too," said Wu Zhou generously.

"Ho Ho. Because I am paying for that. Why the hell would you mind?" the short man ridiculed him privately.

"A serving of Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set. Thank you." Said Wu Zhou, confirming quickly.

"You are so awesome. I will still order the Clear Broth Noodle Soup." The short man thought the two garlic cloves weren't worth dozens of RMB.

"It's up to you. But I won't share my garlic cloves with you." Wu Zhou rarely took advantage of others, hence said excitedly.

He could save some money that way so that he could order an extra dish with his girlfriend. Just thinking of that made Wu Zhou quite happy.

The breakfast time lasting 1 hour soon passed. The first working day of Shen Min and Zhou Jia likewise ended. The two of them waited for Yuan Zhou to announce their performance uneasily.

Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou was a little puzzled when he saw the two girls standing still. Not until he saw their expressions did he react.

"The work was not bad. You can arrange the work shift by yourselves. Just remember to come on time at noon," Yuan Zhou went up and said with a natural tone.

"Thank you, boss. Thank you so much." The two girls thanked Yuan Zhou at the same time.

They looked at Yuan Zhou's restaurant again and then walked out.

After walking for some distance, they began to chat excitedly.

"Jia Jia, there's no problem with your tuition fees now," said Shen Min happily.

"Thanks to your introduction. Thank you, Min Min." Zhou Jia dragged Shen Min's hands and revealed a look of gratitude.

"You are welcome. We are from the same village after all." The two girls walked to the bus stop hand in hand and prepared to go back.

"Do you think the boss will really give us such a high salary?" Shen Min was a little worried suddenly.

It was just that the work in Yuan Zhou's restaurant was too simple. They only needed to take orders and deliver the dishes and didn't do anything else. Sometimes, they didn't even need to carry the dishes. Such easy work coupled with the short working hours simply made Shen Min unable to feel relieved.

"I hope so. We all lack money." Zhou Jia was slightly more optimistic.

"We can almost get two hundred every day. I have never thought we can earn so much from a part-time job." Shen Min sighed with emotion.

"That's right. Then I can deposit some good money for the next course." Zhou Jia was also very happy.

"Jia Jia, you are so awesome. If you attend the college entrance examination, you can definitely get a better score than me." The attention of girls tended to easily shift. Immediately, Shen Min began to admire Zhou Jia's talent.

Shen Min and Zhou Jia were from the same village and, similarly, their family background was not so good. What Shen Min felt lucky was that her parents were still alive and could barely afford her tuition fees. The situation was different for Zhou Jia. Only her father was left. Apart from his poor health, she had a younger sister. As the elder sister, she wanted to give her younger sister the opportunity to attend the school.

She left her hometown to work after high school. Through self-education, she was admitted into a very good university and now receiving an education. She memorized all the dishes on the menu today while Shen Min still had to take notes.

"You are joking with me. You are also doing terrific." Zhou Jia smiled and meanwhile complimented Shen Min.

While talking and joking, they got on the bus and agreed that Zhou Jia would come to work at noon.

The working hours for Zhou Jia was from Monday to Friday while Shen Min was responsible for the night shift and the weekend. That way, they could both work outside of classes.

On the other side, Yuan Zhou suddenly received a notice from the system.