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231 New Attendants

 While walking upstairs, Jiang Changxi was thinking of Master Bai's words and became lost in her thoughts. Such a person addicted to wine wasn't willing to savor good liquor even when she arranged everything and both of them would be heading back for home. When could she meet a man who treasured her so much?

Yuan Zhou shut the door, walked upstairs to wash up and then went to sleep. In his dream that night, the system was no longer a yellow chicken, but became a hateful bee that obstructed him in various ways when he went to receive the reward of royal jelly.

The result was naturally Yuan Zhou slapping the bee to death with his shoes and obtaining the reward smoothly. Just like a warrior that defeated a demon dragon, Yuan Zhou came back victorious.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou was in a fairly wonderful mood for the whole morning on the following day. Thinking that he needed some time to have an interview, Yuan Zhou didn't cook other dishes for breakfast. He just prepared the Clear Broth Noodle Soup, which was also a popular star breakfast.

At 7:30, Yuan Zhou opened the door on time. Outside the restaurant were two girls.

Both of them looked plain but had delicate faces. On the left was Shen Min who had been here for an interview yesterday. She was dressed in an ordinary yellow T-shirt and jeans and had her hair tied in a bun. She gave people a refreshing impression and looked appropriate for work.

On the right was another attendant introduced here by Shen Min. Although she had a plain appearance, she appeared youthful and energetic, with a hint of maturity that did not match her age. She was also dressed in a blue T-shirt and gray jeans suitable for working.

"Good morning, boss. This is Zhou Jia, from my hometown. She is receiving education now so she can only work during the daytime from Monday to Friday. She's very diligent and has experience working in a hotel. Is she alright?" Shen Min talked loudly at first. But when she saw Yuan Zhou's solemn face and expressionless manner, she became a little shy.

"Morning, boss. I once worked as an attendant in a hotel and can take tough tasks. You won't regret hiring me," said Zhou Jia, assuring him.

"The restaurant closes at 11:30 at night and you basically need another twenty minutes to clear the restaurant up. How will you girls go back?" Yuan Zhou was asking both of them, who didn't seem to have cars.

"I can take the last bus back to the university town at night. It passes here at 12:00 or so. I have checked the timetable," Shen Min pointed to the bus stop at the crossing of the side street and then said affirmatively.

"I don't arrange transport, accommodation and meals. You'll have to manage them by yourselves. The weekly wage is 1300 RMB, of which 250 RMB is for taking the bus. There are a total of 9 working hours a day." Yuan Zhou reported his conditions and remuneration one by one.

Hearing Yuan Zhou report the remuneration again, the two girls then felt relieved. Currently, it was like a pie-from-the-sky treatment to have two people working a total of 9 hours per day and everyone could almost get 100 RMB a day.

After all, neither had university degrees. Considering the short working time and this particular part-time job, it was likewise a preferential treatment even if the boss didn't provide accommodation and meals. Therefore, both of them wanted to stay and work here.

"No problem, no problem. We have no problem at all," the two girls looked at each other and said at the same time.

"Then come on in." Yuan Zhou nodded the head and let the two girls in.

"Ok." The girls answered in one voice.

"They are fairly interesting." Yuan Zhou thought in his heart.

"This is the menu and the rules, which you need to learn by heart. You are responsible for taking orders and then telling me. I will teach you how to bottle the liquor at night when the pub is open. Of course, you can bring your homework here and do it at night when there is lesser tasks," Yuan Zhou pointed at the menu and rules on the wall painted with lotus flowers and said.

"Ok." "Ok, boss." The girls' answers were still almost the same this time.

"That's all. The breakfast time ends at 8:00 in the morning and lasts for one hour," Yuan Zhou added. Then he started to prepare the ingredients for the breakfast.

When they heard that they needed to learn the menu and rules by heart, Zhou Jia and Shen Min had different reactions.

Zhou Jia raised her head to observe the content carefully and read it silently while Shen Min took out a small notebook and pen from her backpack and copied the contents into her notebook. She seemed to intend to take it back and memorize it well.

"Boss, I can recite them now." Ten minutes passed soon in silence. The candid girl, Zhou Jia, had thought Yuan Zhou would ask her to recite, hence turned around and said to Yuan Zhou.

"Humm. Do you start working today or tomorrow?" asked Yuan Zhou.

"I can start today," Zhou Jia said confidently.

"Well, well. Me, too." Shen Min hesitated for a moment. It wasn't the matter of when to start working. It was just that she hadn't learned the price by heart.

The dishes and rules in Yuan Zhou's restaurant were not too many, but likewise not too little now.

"Breakfast: Soup Dumplings, 66RMB/steamer; Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set, 308RMB/serving...." Zhou Jia began to recite the price list without any hesitation.

"No need to recite them to me. Just learn them by heart. When the business time starts shortly, you greet the customers and carry the dishes to them. Nothing else." Yuan Zhou interrupted Zhou Jia's reciting and emphasized what they needed to do.

Standing behind Zhou Jia, Shen Min let out a sigh of relief. She was just curious about their work. Did they just need to greet the customers and didn't even need to wipe the table and chairs? Despite the thought, neither of them asked Yuan Zhou about that. However, each had different reasons.

"Ok, boss." They answered in one voice again this time.

While memorizing the prices, Shen Min was inwardly surprised and moreover felt more and more awkward. Was there really anybody who could afford the dishes? A soup dumpling of 66 RMB and a serving of Egg Fried Rice of 188 RMB. If not the prices were all clearly shown on the wall, Shen Min would rather believe that she missed a radix point.

The most important thing was that the price list clearly stated the currency was RMB. It was really a very large amount of money for Shen Min who could live for two weeks with 188 RMB. She was still hesitating whether or not she needed to advise her boss. The restaurant looked newly opened and the boss might not know the market well.

As for Zhou Jia, she was more unperturbed. Although the price surprised her, she felt the dishes could definitely be sold out since her boss set the prices. Therefore, she didn't worry if the dishes could be sold. She just didn't know how the business was like. About this point, she was slightly curious.

However, her curiosity soon vanished because of the surrounding hawkers and the long line of customers who were waiting to eat.

This was just unbelievable to Shen Min. She looked at the outside and inside of the restaurant several times in surprise as if she were curious about something. However, Yuan Zhou didn't intend to explain to her.

"Wow, Boss Yuan has hired some new people. They are surprisingly beautiful sisters," Ling Hong entered the restaurant first while saying that.

"It truly is. What are you serving today?" Octopus followed him into the restaurant but cared more about dishes.

"Noodles. Clear Broth Noodle Soup." Zhou Jia answered swiftly. The girl beside her, Shen Min, was a little shy and didn't manage to answer the first.

"Again, not the soup dumplings," Ling Hong complained.

"A serving of Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set." Tank directly ordered his dish wittily. That way, he could be the first one who savors the dishes.

"Although there is pickled garlic, I also want a serving of the set meal," Ji Lian took a look at Octopus and said after him.

"Hey, hey. Is it really good for you guys to order the set meal as soon as I treat? Get me a serving of the set meal too," Octopus said discontentedly.

"Since you are treating, we would certainly order the set meal," Ling Hong said affirmatively.

Zhou Jia and Shen Min listened to them carefully. Only after their confirmation did they report them to Yuan Zhou. They, especially the latter one, were immediately astounded by these wealthy customers.