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230 Way to Obtain the Royal Jelly

 "System, I have never expected that you have degraded to such an extent," said Yuan Zhou with deep hatred and resentment as if his own child had suddenly deteriorated.

The system displayed, "The reward has been released. Please check and receive it."

"I want to receive it but you tell me how." If the system was a physical being, Yuan Zhou would have already cursed to its face.

What the hell is this reward!

[Special Reward]: Yanfeng Royal Jelly (Received)

[Way to Obtain]: It's located in a contiguous area which neighbors Shuikou Town in the east, Qianfo Town and Guifu Town in the north and Sanban Town and Caihe Town in the southwest. The coordinates of this place are 95°27′~106°11′ for east longitude, 23°03′~33°11′ for north latitude. You can get it there.

Yuan Zhou looked at the way to obtain the royal jelly again and became completely speechless.

"System, I feel like we really need to have an earnest communication," Yuan Zhou took a deep breath and said primly.

The system displayed, "It's a must for a chef to get precious food ingredients personally."

The system's words made Yuan Zhou unable to say anything this time, therefore he was rendered speechless. Originally, he had felt it lucky that he could save the time of buying it. As for the selection of the food ingredients, he would naturally turn up his nose at other ingredients after the system had provided him with that.

"You should give me a concrete address." As a person who had no sense of directions, it would be shameful to recognize the longitude and latitude. Therefore Yuan Zhou said that immodestly.

However, the system might have cried due to Yuan Zhou's stupidity, hence didn't answer him. After all, there wasn't any more detailed information other than the longitude and latitude, naturally except to the guys who really had no sense of directions.

"As a matter of fact, the royal jelly is nothing special. I might as well cook something else." Yuan Zhou looked around at the kitchen and said that with a tone of self-affirmation.

The pub was going to be open for service in a little while and Yuan Zhou needed to make some preparations for that.

Yuan Zhou had only a little work during the opening hours of the pub. The liquor had to be taken from the inside of the bamboo in the customer's presence and then served to the customers who had ordered it. The remaining work was beyond Yuan Zhou's concerns.

He didn't provide dishes with wine nor did he provide more than one cup. Therefore, Yuan Zhou had long been expecting to recruit an attendant to work in the pub, but Mu Xiaoyun was too young to stay up too late. Luckily, another person was coming for the job tomorrow and Yuan Zhou could then be relieved from the concerns.

"I heard Boss Yuan provided a pastry that attracted numerous girls today?" Dressed in a beautiful grass green one-piece dress, Jiang Changxi asked about that once she entered the restaurant.

"Yes. It's the colored pastry." Yuan Zhou confirmed with a nod.

"Unfortunately, I have no time during the daytime. The appearance is said to be very beautiful." Jiang Changxi said regretfully while holding her phone.

"I'm more concerned about when Boss Yuan would provide dishes with wine. I simply can't wait longer for them." Fang Heng walked into the restaurant unhurriedly while carrying several ceramic boxes with one hand.

"You have to take the responsibility in providing me with the dishes temporarily," said Chen Wei casually with Dong Dong following him.

"No problem. I provide the dishes for free. What you need to do is just sharing a cup of liquor with me," said Fang Heng with a smile.

"Boss Fang, you are much too shrewd. Do you want to cheat my brother for a cup of liquor with only several dishes with wine? That won't work." Dong Dong went up and spoke with a coarse voice.

"No, you are talking wrong. The dishes in my pub are also not bad. Although they can't match with Boss Yuan's liquor, they are not inferior at all. A cup of liquor is truly a friendly exchange." Fang Heng likewise said mildly.

"Forget it. I'd rather prepare the dishes by myself." Chen Wei made the final decision.

What a joke. They had been fairly frustrated to share two cups of the liquor to each other. Fang Heng surprisingly wanted to get another share from that. He wasn't trying to get the liquor but was actually trying to cut their flesh. How could they let that happen?

"Never mind. We can trade like that whenever you want to. Miss Jiang can also enjoy the same trade conditions. I cheat neither old nor young and will always offer the same conditions." Fang Heng then aimed at Jiang Changxi with a smile.

"Don't count me in. You are too cunning. Boss Yuan's dishes are all good, so the expensive price is understandable. For yours, however, I would like to offer only 100 RMB. No more." Jiang Changxi was a frank person who said whatever she thought.

"What's expensive in my pub is the friendship, which is priceless," said Fang Heng unhurriedly. As a businessman, his face was definitely thick enough.

"Business time starts now." Before Chen Wei and Jiang Changxi ridiculed Fang Heng, Yuan Zhou stood up and began to lead the customer into the pub.

"Come on. Let's go to drink liquor. Trafficker Fang, let's play games to win the liquor shortly." Chen Wei directly gave Fang Heng a nickname and then walked ahead of others along with Dong Dong.

"No problem. Half a cup at a time." Fang Heng didn't care much about the proposal. He walked after them while carrying the dishes with wine and then agreed.

"Count me in." Jiang Changxi was likewise interested in the game.

"No problem. Let's play together." Chen Wei had no opinion on the two people joining them. If Zheng Xian was here today, however, Chen Wei would not say so. After all, he had never won against her.

When they got upstairs, the several people drank liquor and played games. It was such a lively scene. Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou tapped open the map quietly and started to check the place to obtain the royal jelly.

"System, is the royal jelly well packaged and placed there?" Yuan Zhou asked, not entertaining much hope about it.

The system displayed, "Host, you have to take it by yourself. The method will be provided."

"I knew it would be like that." Yuan Zhou continued to check on the map.

It wasn't a frustrating result. The site was still within the province. Two days were supposed to be enough on the way there and back.

Having known the place, what he needed to consider next was when to go there. Since the system didn't have any time limit, it probably meant nothing urgent. Therefore, Yuan Zhou wasn't anxious, either. Currently, there wasn't any food that necessarily required the honey.

The pub was opened for service until the midnight. Since the business time almost ended, Jiang Changxi called Master Bai to come over and pick her up.

Master Bai was quite experienced. When he arrived at the restaurant, Jiang Changxi had barely gotten downstairs.

"Are you here for the liquor again? It smells so good," said Master Bai with a smile.

"Master Bai, would you like to drink a cup of the liquor with me?" said Jiang Changxi generously.

"No, thanks. It's too late." Master Bai's answer was still the same.

"You also said so last time." Asked Jiang Changxi with puzzlement while seated at the backseat.

As far as she knew, Master Bai was addicted to wine, especially to good wine. Theoretically, he was supposed to like drinking Boss Yuan's liquor after she had offered to treat him so many times. After all, every time Jiang Changxi got on the car, he knew the liquor was good just by smelling the flavor.

Jiang Changxi was always refused every time she offered to treat him to a cup of wine.

"Yeah, that's true. She waits for me at home whenever I drive out for business. If I go back home late, she'll be worried about me." Said Master Bai frankly.

"So is she waiting today? She must be very tired to stay up so late every day waiting for you." Said Jiang Changxi.

"Not today. She has already slept today since she was sleepy," said Master Bai smilingly while he was driving attentively.

"So you don't need to go back home early today, do you?" said Jiang Changxi deservedly.

"No, I can't. I have to go back earlier. After I send you home, I'm going to stop driving and go home." Master Bai made a turn steadily.

"Why?" Jiang Changxi was a little curious.

"If she doesn't see me when she wakes up, she would be more worried." There was likewise a slight concern in Master Bai's tone.

"Master Bai, you have such a good wife," said Jiang Changxi sincerely.

"Haw-haw. You'll understand the feeling in future," Master Bai parked the car after a sound of "Zi" and then said lightly.

"Humm." After she paid the fare and got off the car, the cab drove away quickly like the wind.

Love might really just be some simple words. You are worried about me and I am worried about you. Then, I am good.