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229 The Reward of Yanfeng Royal Jelly

 "Tsk-tsk. I've never thought this Ironwood Compass had such romantic cells in his body." Man Man teased him privately.

She used the ironwood instead of elm to describe Yuan Zhou, as he lacked a sense of romance more than the stubborn elm.

"I'm a little unwilling to eat it." Man Man said while looking at the pastry served on the plate.

"Me either. This is so beautiful." Beside Man Man was a lovable short-haired girl. She said with agony while supporting her chin with one hand and taking the crystal spoon with the other.

"I don't want the pastry to be covered with my saliva." Man Man turned the head and said with a helpless manner.

"That's true. Look at mine. It's also very beautiful." This was just what made them girls. They always liked sharing beautiful things with others.

"So is mine." Man Man also dragged her own plate close.

On the plate of the short-haired girl was also a leaf. However, it was another kind of unknown leaf rather than the rose leaf. The pastry on the leaf was a semi-transparent jade-white color and inside it was the beautiful and smooth red-brown stuffing.

"What flavor is your pastry? It's like a jade with stuffing inside. How beautiful." Man Man looked at the white jade-like pastry.

"This is date paste. It's pretty, right?" The girl revealed a proud expression.

"Yes, it's indeed pretty. Look at mine. It's rose." Man Man also pushed her own plate to the girl.

"It's like a real rose flower. How fragrant." The short-haired girl liked Man Man's pastry very much, too.

Other girls that got seated were basically in the same situation. They all knew that the pastries tasted good, but were likewise unwilling to eat it and destroy the beauty.

Taking the transparent crystal spoon, they kept hesitant for quite a while and didn't even know which part to eat first.

"Forget it.My saliva will flow out if I still don't eat it." Man Man firmly pinched the spoon and cut one piece off in a go.

The thickness of the skin was moderate while the stuffing inside was just enough. From the gap, she could see the rose jam coagulate and not disperse. It was just that the fragrance became stronger.

"Awoo". Having stuffed the piece into her mouth, Man Man instantly felt that nothing could impress her more than the pastry.

Man Man sipped the pastry whose texture was smooth and delicate lightly. The well-cooked glutinous rice flour gradually melted when it touched the warm lips and tongue. What was melting at the same time was the fragrance of the rose. Its silky and smooth touch directly became its texture.

The pastry was basically liked by all girls with its pretty color and softness. Hardly could any of them resist the fascination. Those who don't like eating it was because some pastries were excessively sweet.

However, the taste of the rose in Man Man's mouth wasn't like that. She felt in every mouthful of the glutinous rice flour only the fragrance of the rose as well as the taste with a hint of sweetness. After chewing it carefully, she realized it was the rose jam.

"I feel as if I have eaten a rose garden." Man Man opened the mouth meticulously, worrying that the fragrance of the rose would get out.

The small pastry was soon eaten up by Man Man.

"What's your pastry like? How do you like it?" Man Man waited until the short-haired girl ate up her pastry and then couldn't wait to ask.

"It's super delicious. I originally thought the date paste would definitely be very sweet, but actually it's not like that. Eating the pastry is simply like eating the fresh dates that were super fresh and sweet. Besides, there's none of that tiresome skin." The girl gave a long speech excitedly.

"We should have tasted the pastries of each other just now ." Man Man looked at the two clean plates regretfully.

"Yes, absolutely. I didn't think of that, either." The short-haired girl also revealed an expression of regret.

"I come up with an idea. Shall we try?" Man Man got inspired and then said.

"What kind of idea?" The short-haired girl was quite curious.

"Just watch me and you'll know." Man Man said with great confidence.

"Humm." The short-haired agreed with a nod after she heard that.

"Boss Yuan." Man Man shouted loudly.

"What's up?" Yuan Zhou came up and looked at their empty plates and then the quirky excitement on Man Man's face.

"I want to order a pastry with another taste." Man Man said confidently.

"The rules are all on the wall and nothing changes." Yuan Zhou immediately reacted. But he still said naturally.

"I know that. But the baked egg cakes can be ordered for 2 with different tastes. Why not the pastry?" Man Man illustrated well.

"It's not because of the taste." Yuan Zhou indicated that he had already explained this question.

"I know they belong to different dishes. But don't the stuffing of date paste and rose jam count for different dishes?" Man Man said with complete confidence.

"No, it's not. It is the pure stuffing and can't count for the plate." Yuan Zhou said primly.

Of course he also asked the system about that. However, the reaction of the system was still No Reaction, naturally.

"I feel you should add it into the rules." Man Man insisted.

"Others are waiting for your seat." Man Man's suggestion was naturally quite welcomed by Yuan Zhou. If so, there would be another two dishes. Provided that it was 108 RMB for each, it would bring about much money.

However, how could Yuan Zhou be a person that loved money? He was actually a person that loved money very much, so he reminded Man Man that she should offer the seat to others.

"..." Man Man was rather speechless with Yuan Zhou's answer. She suddenly felt the pattern of her shoe soles were very beautiful and she really wanted to print it on Boss Yuan's face.

However, the pastry that Boss Yuan carried out again made her give up the idea. The pastry was the celebrity in the pastry circle, the green pastry.

It was emerald green and moreover emitted cool air. Beneath the pastry were not green leaves anymore but instead, it was the red flower petals that could serve as a foil to the green pastry, which increased people's appetite with only a glimpse.

"Boss Yuan makes pastries. Boss Yuan makes delicious pastries." While murmuring silently for a while, Man Man gradually got rid of the idea of beating Yuan Zhou to death and then walked out of Yuan Zhou's restaurant calmly.

Yuan Zhou nevertheless didn't actually know the good-looking pastries had helped him to keep his handsome face.

The mere 25 pastries were sold out just in a little while. After that, the remaining girls all kept asking Yuan Zhou when the pastries would be served again. Luckily, they all knew Yuan Zhou's temperament and hence reacted moderately.

"They'll be served again during the opening hours tomorrow, but the quantity is uncertain," said Yuan Zhou seriously. After that, he didn't answer them anymore.

In order to eat the pastries, the girls had basically used all their specialties including singing, reading, acting, pretending angry or coquettish, etc, each having her own advantages. Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou had only one sensation that these cunning girls wanted to cheat his money and ask for discounts again when he saw the beautiful customers.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou paid no attention to all of them and just concentrated on his business. Only when they realized there was truly no more pastries to be served did they leave.

Though Boss Tong entered the restaurant earlier, she didn't order the dish when she saw the price of the pastry. With the 20 RMB seat charge, the total price was actually not cheap. She was no longer a young girl and didn't need to eat it despite the great desire, therefore she was only watching the scene of bustle.

The bustling dinner time passed soon. Looking at that reward, Yuan Zhou simple couldn't resist the temptation. Royal jellies were originally rare, let alone the Yanfeng royal jelly. After all, even the honey of Yanfeng was quite rare.

"System, are there any requirements if I receive the reward?" Yuan Zhou carefully sought for proof.

The system displayed, "No."

"Then I will receive it now." After considering for a while, Yuan Zhou received the reward. Anyhow, the honey had wide applications.

But soon, Yuan Zhou hoped that he had never received it.

"System, you degraded!" Yuan Zhou howled with grief and bitter hatred.