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225 Gathering Place for Weird People

 Mu Xiaoyun didn't achieve her own goal but she saw the possibility of accomplishing it. Therefore, she became more active during the last two days of working there. She felt that if her boss didn't cook so well, she wouldn't even have the opportunity to meet her parents together.

The weather had been nice recently. An oddly dressed girl was walking in the street. Every passerby would basically turn their heads and take a look at her.

After all, the clothing was definitely weird in some adults' opinions. However, there were also some people who took photos of her with their phones. At those moments, the girl would make a lovable pose and let it go.

Yuan Zhou was preparing the ingredients required in the evening quietly in the restaurant when a casual voice came into his hearing.

"Boss Liu, Boss Liu, I'm here again." A girl that was totally unknown to Yuan Zhou ran into the restaurant.

"Sorry, it's non-business hours now." Yuan Zhou looked at the girl in front of him calmly when he heard his name being wrongly called again.

"Boss Liu, it's me. Don't you know me?" The girl stared straight at Yuan Zhou with a pair of green big eyes.

"I'm sorry. I don't know," Yuan Zhou had a rare moment of hesitation before saying.

He had actually already recognized whom the girl was. She was the one that had been to his restaurant for several times in a sailor suit and had mistaken him as Liu Maoxing. Under such circumstances, however, it should be better to say he didn't know her.

The young girl was dressed in a yellow single-breasted coat with a stand-up collar and two long sleeves; the inside of the sleeves that were rolled up was made of white inner liner. She was also wearing a pair of pinkish purple cotton pants and a blue waist strap around her waist. On the head was the long hair that was tied into a high ponytail.

As the girl leaped forward, her long hair swayed to the left and right, making her appear pretty and cute. In spite of that, the style of dressing was extremely familiar. Apparently, she was dressed like the role of Mei Li, namely Du Du, in the animated cartoon of Cooking Master Boy.

"It doesn't matter. Boss Liu, I want to take a photo with you. Can I?" The young girl gazed at Yuan Zhou pitifully with her big eyes that had green contact lens.

"No." Yuan Zhou refused flatly, not showing mercy to this pretty girl.

"Boss Liu, please don't do that. I merely want to take a photo." The young girl clasped her hands together and made a gesture of "Please".

"My surname is Yuan and I never had any ancestors that had the surname of Liu," said Yuan Zhou abruptly.

"I believe that a man who makes the Golden Fried Rice is the Cooking Master Boy in reality." Said the girl with a determined tone.

"Thank you, but my surname is Yuan." Yuan Zhou tried to correct the way she read his name.

"Just forget about it. Boss Liu, come on, let's take a photo." While saying, the girl brought out a DSLR camera from nowhere and prepared to take photos.

"Apologies but I don't like it." Yuan Zhou reached out his hand to block the camera lens and stopped her.

"Come on. Boss, please. I want to attend the Anime Expo at the southwest region and need some photos." The girl seemed to realize suddenly that she hadn't told him why she wanted to do so, hence brought out the reason.

After telling him the reason, she went around Yuan Zhou's table again and again with an expression of anxiety.

"How long have you been dressed like that?" Suddenly, Yuan Zhou asked an unrelated question.

"I wear the clothes every time I go out. It's beautiful, isn't it?" Speaking of the clothes on her body, the girl spoke excitedly.

Yuan Zhou felt he might have truly become old. Was he asking if the clothes were good-looking just now? Why did the young girl answer him like that? He really wanted to support his forehead to express his curiosity.

"Cough, cough, cough", Yuan Zhou especially coughed a little to interrupt the girl's ceaseless introduction where the clothes came from, how she managed to get them and how she dressed up.

"Boss Liu, you finally agreed," the girl stopped talking and said hopefully.

"Only 1 photo. Take it or leave it." After a nod, Yuan Zhou brought out his condition.

"3?" The girl reached out 3 fingers to Yuan Zhou while Yuan Zhou looked at her determinedly with an expressionless face.

"2?" The girl reached out 2 fingers this time persistently.

However, Yuan Zhou just gazed at her quietly without any hint of agreeing.

"Alright. 1 photo, 1 photo." Taking the DSLR camera, the girl began to look for appropriate position carefully.

As for Yuan Zhou, he just crossed his arms on the chest with a solemn face and didn't intend to smile. Fortunately, the girl wasn't really picky with his expression. After all, Yuan Zhou had always been thinking that he was an aloof god when he wasn't smiling.

The girl nevertheless used a tactful method. She first took a photo of Yuan Zhou alone carefully and then of herself at the approximate place.

Afterwards, two photos were taken.

"Thank you, Boss Liu. I'm leaving and will publicize for your restaurant." The girl then took the camera and walked out of the restaurant delightedly.

"Humm." Yuan Zhou nodded. However, he wasn't really hopeful about her publicity.

As soon as the chirping girl left, the restaurant immediately became quiet. "Hu", Yuan Zhou let out a long sigh and began to continue doing his own work of preparing the dishes.

However, the day was destined to be not peaceful and quiet. In less than two minutes, Wu Hai walked into the restaurant.

"Boss Yuan, you are still busy with your work." It was rare that Wu Hai wore a pair of formal light blue leather shoes instead of slippers this time and was dressed in a cotton linen casual short sleeves, appearing more decent and formal.

"Humm. What's the matter?" Yuan Zhou asked bluntly.

"Gee? You really are inconsiderate," Wu Hai sat down casually and complained impulsively while stroking his mustache.

"Not to you." Yuan Zhou said earnestly.

"What's the matter with that girl who's dressed in pants and long sleeves just now?" Having automatically neglected Yuan Zhou's unfriendly answer, Wu Hai asked about the scene that he saw while walking downstairs.

"Just taking a photo." Yuan Zhou's answer was concise and comprehensive.

"I'm afraid the temperature is up to 39 degrees. Are the girls nowadays not only tolerant of frost but also of heat?" Wu Hai stroked his small mustache and revealed a look of admiration.

"It's truly too hot. I don't understand, either." Yuan Zhou agreed to him with a nod. He indeed saw the sweat flowing down behind the ears of the girl just now.

No one really knew about the charm of cosplay. Apart from the expenses borne by herself, she also had to endure the high temperature in summer. However, this girl really gave it her all. Anyway, Yuan Zhou didn't have that endurance like the girl.

"It's merely a hobby." Wu Hai then changed the subject suddenly. "I'm leaving and will be back two months later."

"I have already known that." Yuan Zhou nodded the head. Since this guy had mentioned that for several times, he naturally knew that.

"What I mean is I'm leaving today." Wu Hai emphasized.

"Yeah, I see you are wearing pants." Said Yuan Zhou while nodding his head.

"You are talking as if I have never wore pants before." Wu Hai felt rather helpless towards Yuan Zhou's speaking skills.

"No, you didn't. You were always wearing short trousers." Yuan Zhou nodded primly.

"Let's stop talking the nonsense. Anyway, thank you for your dishes. I will probably have to cook by myself for the two months out there." Wu Hai indicated that he choked on Yuan Zhou's words. After calming down, he stood up and walked to the door and then said matter-of-factly.

"Good-bye." Yuan Zhou said lightly.

This time, it's contrarily Wu Hai who waved his hand and left determinedly without even turning the head. Despite the seemingly elegant manner, he nevertheless murmured in a low voice,"Sh*t. Why couldn't I pack Boss Yuan up and bring him with me? I'm going to become a rabbit that will eat vegetables everyday if I leave like that."

Autumn was said to be the season for parting. As if it were to prove that, both Mu Xiaoyun and Wu Hai left when it was still hot.

Only after Wu Hai left did Yuan Zhou feel slightly relieved and then begin to prepare the dishes for the dinner.

"It's so hot now. I should prepare some new dishes." Yuan Zhou said to himself.