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224 Best Ending

 The food preference of Fang Lianyi and Mu Chen could be described as totally different. Fang Lianyi liked the heavy taste of spiciness while Mu Chen liked bland and refreshing vegetable dishes, namely the taste of freshness.

The dishes ordered by both of them were apparently ordered for the other party. That's why Mu Xiaoyun and Mu Xiaojie were both happy.

After they spoke in one voice, their parents kept silent for an instant and went back to normal. This time, Fang Lianyi said first.

"Xiaoyun and Xiaojie, just order by yourselves whatever you like to eat," with her soft voice, Fang Lianyi said quite naturally without any embarrassment on her face.

"Humm, we'll order ours." Mu Xiaojie looked at Xiaoyun and said decisively.

"I'll eat whatever my brother orders." Mu Xiaoyun said obediently.

"The business time has arrived. It is now available to order dishes." Yuan Zhou always started business exactly on time. After he said that to Mu Xiaoyun and her family, he said it again to the customers who were waiting in line outside.

While Mu Xiaojie was thinking what to order, the customers outside likewise started to came in in succession.

"I'm not really used to having meals today without Xiaoyun's service," said a regular customer.

"Xiaoyun, you are also having dinner today, aren't you?" At that time, a customer with sharp eyes caught sight of Mu Xiaoyun.

"Humm. I'm treating my family to dinner. These are all my family members." Mu Xiaoyun stood up and made a brief introduction of her family.

"Thank you for your help and care while Xiaoyun worked here." Mu Chen also stood up and made some small talk with the customers.

When other customers waiting behind realized that Mu Xiaoyun was having dinner with her family members, they didn't go bother them anymore.

During the process, Mu Xiaojie also figured out what to order.

"Jinling Grass, Phoenix-Tail Prawn, Silk Twined Rabbit and also a plate of beef mince." what Mu Xiaoyun ordered was basically the selection of Fang Lianyi and Mu Chen just now.

"Mum, can I order the Watermelon Juice?" Mu Xiaojie looked at Fang Lianyi with an eager look.

The beverage is likely to be Mu Xiaojie's favorite. Without it, he just couldn't swallow his meals.

"Is the watermelon juice here freshly squeezed?" Even if Fang Lianyi wasn't living together with Mu Xiaojie, she knew the habits of her son and hence looked toward Mu Xiaoyun.

"Of course, mum. Only the innermost part is used to make the juice from the watermelon, which is said to the best breed, with the price of over 200 RMB each one." Mu Xiaoyun said proudly.

"Great. Then you can order it." Fang Lianyi nodded her head with satisfaction.

Despite the consent of his mum, Mu Chen nevertheless frowned discontentedly and then gave a severe look at Mu Xiaojie. Since his mom was beside him and, moreover, gave him permission, Mu Xiaojie wasn't scared of his father's long face at all.

"Boss, get us four cups of watermelon juice and four bowls of plain rice, please." Mu Xiaoyun ordered the dishes happily.

"Alright. It's totally 3804 RMB." Yuan Zhou directly reported the price to them. After all, the rules here was payment first.

"Boss, the price is really not cheap." Fang Lianyi raised her eyebrows and looked at Yuan Zhou in surprise.

"No, not really. The dishes cooked by the boss are super yummy." Mu Xiaoyun first said to her mum earnestly and then lowered her head to draw out a stack of notes from her duckling backpack.

"Aha, this little girl even helps her boss to persuade us." Fang Lianjie couldn't help laughing while shaking her head.

"Xiaoyun, let me pay." Said Mu Chen suddenly.

"No, don't do that. Dad, this is the salary I have earned from working here and it's definitely sufficient for a meal." Mu Xiaoyun took the money in her hand and carried a look of stubbornness.

"Well, thank you, Xiaoyun." Mu Chen was stupefied for an instant. Then he nodded his head and said.

"Dad, mum, it's my pleasure. The boss truly has a superb craftsmanship. You'll be aware of it after eating the dishes. Right, brother?" Mu Xiaoyun handed the money to Yuan Zhou and then asked her brother for help.

"Definitely. My sister is speaking the truth," Said Mu Xiaojie immediately.

"Ok, ok. You decide." Fang Lianyi patted on the head of Mu Xiaoyun with a smile.

When she reached out her hand, she brushed past Mu Chen's cheek by chance. Fang Lianyi smiled to show her regret while Mu Chen likewise just wiped his face and disregarded the careless touch.

Having received the orders, Yuan Zhou returned to the kitchen and started to cook the dishes. The spicy dishes were cooked with a fairly spicy taste while the bland dishes were cooked in a way to make the freshness and delicacy of the dish itself stand out.

While they were waiting for the dishes to be served, the family chatted happily and harmoniously. Mu Chen and Fang Lianyi talked and joked occasionally, making the atmosphere plain but warm. Seeing that, Mu Xiaojie and Mu Xiaoyun were extraordinarily delighted.

As a lively boy, Mu Xiaojie even made exaggerated actions to amuse them from time to time while Mu Xiaoyun uttered some caring words

"Here are the dishes for you." Yuan Zhou first served all the dishes ordered and laid them out in a line. The watermelon juice would follow afterward.

"They all looked good. Then let's start to eat now, shall we?" Looking at the dishes all over the table, Fang Lianyi said with a smile.

"Ok. Let's start now." Mu Xiaojie couldn't wait to reach out his chopsticks and started to eat.

Undoubtedly, Yuan Zhou was concerned about Mu Xiaoyun. When he saw the obvious expectations on Mu Xiaoyun's face, he only frowned and then continued with his work.

Halfway through dinner, when Mu Xiaoyun saw her family all love the dishes and never even set down the chopsticks, she said happily, "Dad, mum, could we eat together from now on?"

Once Mu Xiaoyun uttered the words, Both Fang Lianyi and Mu Chen paused a moment. Although Mu Chen just frowned and didn't say anything, the expression on his face was rather obvious.

Fang Lianyi directly picked up some vegetables from the dish of Jinling Grass that she had never taken.

She put them into her mouth and began to chew. Originally, she wanted to say that she couldn't eat bland and tasteless stuff like that; however, she was almost conquered by the fresh, fragrant, crisp and tender taste.

She pulled herself together and then said, "Xiaoyun, I have already told you before that one is unable to change their preferred taste. For example, I love spicy dishes while your dad loves bland dishes. The two different tastes cannot be neutralized, otherwise, we are no longer ourselves."

Mu Xiaoyun had already heard of the theory, but she didn't believe that. After all, Wu Hai liked to eat meat dishes so much, but he still ordered Jinling Grass or Phoenix-Tail Prawns every time. And even if he liked spicy dishes, he ordered Clear Broth Noodle Soup. She believed that one's taste preference could be altered.

"Mom, you are dishonest. Obviously you loved the taste of the Jinling Grass when you ate it just now," Mu Xiaoyun said persistently.

"Definitely. Dad, you should also try the spicy Translucent Beef Slices." Without any explanation, Mu Xiaojie picked up one slice of beef, as thin as paper, and placed it into Mu Chen's bowl.

"I never eat spicy dishes," Mu Chen said solemnly.

"Dad, you teach me not to waste anything. Just have a try," Mu Xiaoyun said persistently.

"Ok, fine." Mu Chen felt rather helpless and could only agree.

With a frown showing vertical wrinkles, Mu Chen gulped down the beef slice. He had originally thought that he would not be able to withstand the spiciness, but never had he expected that the spicy and hot, fresh and fragrant taste instantly erupted in his taste buds. The beef was soft and tender and was quite delicious. Therefore, he gulped it down very easily, leaving only the pungent burning sensation in his mouth that could give people a terrific feeling.

"It's great," Mu Chen said affirmatively.

"See? Dad can also eat the spicy dishes now." Mu Xiaoyun said happily while pointing at Mu Chen.

After hesitating for a while, Fang Lianyi said, "Xiaoyun, not every chef has such superb craftsmanship as your boss. Do you understand?"

"Mum, do you still disagree?" As a smart and sensitive girl, Mu Xiaoyun asked directly.

"Xiaoyun, we'll come here every year for your birthday and your brother's." Mu Chen looked at his son and daughter and said that.

The brother and sister hesitated for a while and agreed to the compromised method of their parents.

Not everything had a good ending and not everything went towards the satisfactory direction.

In spite of that, Mu Xiaoyun and Mu Xiaojie wouldn't give up their hope...