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223 Jinling Grass and Translucent Beef Slices

 Except for the weird old man, the dinner went on smoothly.

"You don't need to come this afternoon. Just bring your parents to come for dinner," while cleaning the kitchen, Yuan Zhou said casually.

"Gee? But you will be too busy to care about the customers and business." Mu Xiaoyun asked curiously with her big eyes widely open.

"No problem. Go back now. It's very late." With a frown, Yuan Zhou directly tried to drive her away.

"Ok. Please pay me 50 RMB only today, boss. You can't give me more than that." Mu Xiaoyun thought for a while and said affirmatively.

"I've promised you 100 RMB per day." Yuan Zhou had always been firm in his opinions.

"Last time you said that you needed to pay me the full salary of 100 RMB because you had your own business and affected me working normally. But this time, it's me who has my own business and need to rest. So you should pay me the salary for half a day only." Said Mu Xiaoyun earnestly.

Looking carefully at the serious look on Mu Xiaoyun's face, Yuan Zhou realized he had truly said that and hence had to agree.

"Ok. Here you are." Yuan Zhou thought for a while and realized it was indeed so. Then he took out a green note of 50 RMB and handed it to Mu Xiaoyun.

"Thank you, boss. I'm leaving now and will come back tonight." Mu Xiaoyun received the money readily and then ran out of the restaurant happily.

"Humm." Yuan Zhou nodded the head. However, Mu Xiaoyun didn't actually hear him this time before she ran away happily.

However, Yuan Zhou cared little about that. He just continued to clear the slightly messy kitchen.

"I feel it looks better to be tidy and neat." After saying that, Yuan Zhou continued to clear it again.

As for what he was tidying up, it was quite obvious. At present, he had at least dozens of knives in different sizes and many spoons with different sizes and shapes. Yuan Zhou was just hanging all of them well, making sure they did not slightly sway.

When he finished, all the blades, knife edges and knife handles were all aligned in a horizontal straight line. The spoons were also placed in the same way.

So are the bowls and plates. When Yuan Zhou placed them into the dishwasher, the bowls and plates were placed neatly without any sticking out, even if the dishwasher didn't require that.

"This damn obsessive-compulsive disorder." After he finished placing all the dinnerware, Yuan Zhou found his god-damn obsessive-compulsive disorder got more severe and was beyond cure. For example, when he saw someone's shoestring untied in the street, he even wanted to go to tie it for them.

Fortunately, he didn't, otherwise, he would surely be taken for as an idiot. For him, however, an untied shoestring was likely to cause insecurities in the kitchen.

Yuan Zhou took a look at his shoestring subconsciously, but he had no time to care about that. Xiaoyun was going to leave and a new shop assistant was still nowhere to find.

"Dong Dong Dong", he went upstairs and searched for the recruitment notice used last time.

"This notice is really not bad since Xiaoyun is fairly earnest and dutiful." Having the dutiful and reliable girl Mu Xiaoyun as the role model, Yuan Zhou was rather confident with the contents of the recruitment notice.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou didn't modify any words at the part of recruitment requirements but just replaced the time requirement below with "Permanent Assistant Required Only". After that, he pasted it onto the door.

Yuan Zhou sat down on his seat and just waited there delightedly for people to come for an interview. The sketchy contents of the notice nevertheless stopped most of the job-seekers from going into the restaurant for an interview.


For the whole afternoon, no one came to apply for the position. In order not to affect his business, Yuan Zhou took off the recruitment notice from the door at 4:30 p.m. following the established practice and prepared to do business.

At that time, Mu Xiaoyun and Mu Xiaojie arrived at the entrance of Yuan Zhou's restaurant together.

"Boss, here we are." Xiaoyun greeted Yuan Zhou with a smile.

Nevertheless, Mu Xiaojie was actually a little embarrassed. He said with shyness, "Good afternoon, boss."

"Humm. Come in and have a seat." Yuan Zhou nodded the head. On his solemn face, there wasn't any expression.

"Let me wait. You go inside to rest." Mu Xiaojie said with the demeanor of a gentleman.

"No, you go to rest, brother. I wait here for mom." In front of Mu Xiaojie, Xiaoyun became a capricious little girl again.

"Alright." Mu Xiaojie knew it was his sister who was treating today and hence behaved obediently.

Mu Xiaojie walked into the restaurant and thought it would be a scene of Boss Yuan and him gazing at each other in speechless dismay. However, Yuan Zhou had been constantly busy with something with his back facing him. Immediately, Mu Xiaojie heaved a sigh of relief and took out his phone and then started to play games.

The first person that Mu Xiaoyun waited was her dad, Mu Chen.

"Xiaoyun." Mu Chen uttered first. As usual, he was well dressed.

"Dad, Brother is inside. I'm waiting for mom." Mu Xiaoyun said obediently.

"I'll wait here. You go inside and get seated." Mu Chen frowned and got a little discontented. It was unknown whether it was because his ex-wife was still not punctual as always or that his son didn't have much familial love to leave Xiaoyun alone outside to wait.

"Never mind. Dad, you must be tired from the work, so you go to rest now. Let me wait for mom," Mu Xiaoyun was short, thus she raised her head and said to her dad.

"No need. She probably needs another ten minutes. You go inside now," Mu Chen said persistently with a frown.

"Alright. Dad, do come in for dinner later." Mu Xiaoyun instructed her father again with an anxious manner.

After all, Mu Chen had done that once. After he promised to eat together, he nevertheless left without even telling them anything.

"Humm. I will." Mu Chen answered with a nod.

Not long after Mu Xiaoyun entered the restaurant, Fang Lianyun, the ex-wife of Mu Chen and the mother of Mu Xiaoyun and Mu Xiaojie walked gracefully close to them. She was wearing a well-cut, royal blue, one-piece dress and a pair of claret high-heeled shoes.

However, the appearance totally couldn't match the soft voice on the phone. She was definitely a mature woman which was proven by her face. Her lips were flaming and her eyes were deep and attractive. Mu Xiaoyun's dimples probably took after her mum, whose dimples flickered on the face as she was talking. It made her appear extraordinarily charming.

"Ah. You waited here personally. I'm really sorry." Fang Lianyi walked close to him in the high-heeled shoes and said without any apologetic tone.

"Humm. If not me, Xiaoyun would stand and wait here." Mu Chen pointed out with no trace of politeness that he waited there because of his daughter.

"Tsk-tsk. You have still never changed." With a faint smile, Fang Lianyi said no more and directly walked into Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Mom." Mu Xiaoyun and Mu Xiaojie stood up and said in one voice.

"Hey, my sweet boy and girl. My daughter is treating today, right? I'm going to eat a lot." The voice of Fang Lianyi was still as soft as always. However, with her appearance, she only left an impression of straightforwardness and tolerance.

"Humm. Dad, you sit here." Mu Xiaoyun was rather crafty in arranging the seats.

She and Mu Xiaojie sat on both sides and their parents Mu Chen and Fang Lianyi got seated next to each other between the two kids, which appeared much more intimate.

"Humm." Ever since he showed up until now, Mu Chen had been frowning, but he didn't oppose Mu Xiaoyun's proposal.

Seeing their parents sat down intimately, the brother and sister who had reached an agreement beforehand then smiled to each other like two lovable little foxes.

"The business hours start in three minutes later." When Yuan Zhou saw Mu Xiaoyun and her family members get together, he said abruptly.

"Never mind. Let's review the menu first." Mu Xiaoyun answered quickly.

After all, she had already experienced the EQ of Yuan Zhou.

"Mom, dad, the menu is behind you on the wall. Please check." Mu Xiaoyun pointed at behind them and then said.

The several people turned their heads together while the two of them said in one voice coincidentally.

Fang Lianyi said, "Jinling Grass, Phoenix-Tail Prawns.....". Meanwhile, Mu Chen said, "Translucent Beef Slices, Silk Twined Rabbit, Sautéed Vermicelli with Spicy Minced Pork..."

When they realized the coincidence, they both fell silent at the same time and just waited for the other party to speak first.

However, the coincidence made eyes of the brother and sister glow and appear happier.