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222 Weird People and Odd Happenings

 What Mu Xiaoyun thought was quite simple. As long as her parents got together to have dinner, they would have something to talk about, wouldn't they?

"Dong Dong Dong," Mu Xiaoyun went downstairs with quick footsteps and happened to bump into her brother Mu Xiaojie at the corner.

"What are you running so fast for?" Mu Xiaojie held on Xiaoyun.

"Brother, I have something to say to dad." Xiaoyun took off her brother's hand and said while pouting.

"What's the matter, little girl?" Mu Xiaojie reached out to grab Xiaoyun's ponytail again smilingly.

"Stop it. Brother, aren't you expecting to have meals in my boss's restaurant? We are going there tomorrow. I'm going to talk to dad now concerning that." Mu Xiaoyun rolled her big eyes and said something that Mu Xiaojie was interested in.

"Great. I'm going with you." Once he heard of the delicious dishes, Mu Xiaojie pulled Mu Xiaoyun downstairs quickly.

Mu Xiaoyun looked at her brother and didn't oppose him anymore this time. She then followed her brother to the main hall on the first floor obediently, thinking that he might be able to help to persuade her father. However, nobody was in the main hall at that time.

"Dad, where are you?" Mu Xiaoyun shouted loudly when he got there.

"What are you shouting in the very evening? Don't be noisy." A man walked into the main hall from the courtyard and said harshly with his mild voice. He was dressed in a well-cut hand-made casual suit and was wearing a pair of rimless glasses, with a neatly combed hair.

"I have something to tell you. Dad, let's go to that boss's restaurant to eat tomorrow, ok? The dishes there are quite delicious. I have long been wanting to go there." Mu Xiaojie wasn't a composed person. Once he opened his mouth, he uttered a long sentence.

"I tell you to say things one after another every time. Why are you still so short-tempered?" The man didn't actually listen to Mu Xiaojie's utterance. Not caring about anything else, he just sat down with his back straight and upright.

"Dad." When Mu Xiaojie continued to say something, Mu Xiaoyun pulled the lower corner of his clothes gently at the side.

"What's wrong?" Mu Xiaojie looked back at her with puzzlement.

"Let me talk with dad about that." Mu Xiaoyun said softly.

Their father nevertheless just sat on the sofa and remained unmoved.

"Alright. You tell him." Mu Xiaojie shrugged. Although he wasn't afraid of his dad, he likewise couldn't bear the lukewarm way he talked

"Dad, I'm preparing to go back to mom's side since the school is starting. Could we get together and have dinner together tomorrow?" Mu Xiaoyun talked to her father with a more courteous manner rather than acting cutely when she was with her mum.

With his sharp eyes, the man stared straight at Mu Xiaoyun and agreed to her with a nod only after quite a while, "Ok, sure. What time?"

"5:00. Mum will also come." Mu Xiaoyun supplemented in a low voice.

"Humm, I got it." The man nodded the head, indicating that he had known that. Looking at his daughter, he found Mu Xiaoyun had grown up and had her own thoughts right now.

As her father, he had already seen through her daughter's intention. Since it was his daughter's wish, however, it didn't matter to merely have a meal.

"Then, I'm going upstairs to sleep, dad." Mu Xiaoyun pulled her brother's hand and ran upstairs happily.

Her brother was truly a time bomb. God knew what accident would happen if he stayed with their father.

After they got to the second floor, the brother and sister played and joked for a while before going back to their rooms to sleep.

The brother Mu Xiaojie was looking forward to the sumptuous dishes tomorrow evening while his sister Mu Xiaoyun expected to see the culinary skills of her boss conquer her parents and that her wish was fulfilled. Therefore, they both had a good sleep.

Although Yuan Zhou wasn't entrusted by anyone, he still prepared all the dishes on the price list dutifully until dawn. Only after that did he go to sleep. Then in the early morning, he got up to jog again before preparing breakfast.

Mu Xiaoyun was quite happy today. For the whole morning, there was a smile on her face. During the lunch time, she even appeared happier than she was in the morning and kept smiling all along as the dinner time approached nearer.

As usual, the customers waited in a long line outside the restaurant to have lunch at the noontime. As it was hot, each of them looked forward to getting their own turn.

On the contrary, the temperature inside of Yuan Zhou's restaurant was just fine. God knew how Boss Yuan set the air-conditioner, it was nevertheless cool and comfortable. No matter how long they stayed inside, they wouldn't feel hot.

In a little while, however, there were discussions in a low voice in the crowd.

"Look at the front of you, at the section near the entrance." A customer who was wearing a sunhat suddenly touched the arm of the person behind him.

"What's wrong?" The customer, who was dressed in a white shirt and had the sleeves rolled up to the arm, happened to feel bored. Hearing the man in front of him say that, he obediently looked forward at the line, but found nothing special.

"It's the aged man who's dressed in a white and shabby vest with gray slacks over there." The sunhat customer winked at him furtively.

The white-shirt customer looked at the aged man carefully and found that he was almost bald and was standing there still with his back facing them right now. The white vest on his body was baggy and shabby while the gray slacks likewise looked dim in color. From his appearance, he didn't seem to be a person who could afford the dishes here.

But so what? The white-shirt customer looked at the sunhat customer and revealed an expression of suspicion.

"This person comes once every week. Every time he waits in line for his turn obediently. But when he goes into the restaurant, he doesn't eat anything but just stands by the side quietly. Then, five minutes later, he goes out without bothering anybody." The sunhat customer said in details.

"Then why does he wait in line to go inside?" The white-shirt customer asked curiously.

"Nobody knows about it." At that time, another customer in front of both of them joined in their discussions.

"I feel he probably only wants to watch. Perhaps, he wants to learn Boss Yuan's craftsmanship secretly." The customer behind was lost in his own fantasy.

"Of course not. Mu Xiaoyun has already asked him about that, but that person only smiled. He doesn't even talk. No one knows what exactly he wants to do." The sunhat customer shook the head and denied the guess of him learning the craftsmanship secretly.

He stood far from the kitchen and hence couldn't see what flavorings Yuan Zhou had added. Besides, he had never eaten the dishes. How did he know the taste?

"Then what exactly does he want to do? If he only watches Boss Yuan cook, he can directly go inside without the necessity to wait in line especially." Said the white-shirt customer.

"That's why I say it's strange." The customer in front of them chimed in.

While the several people were discussing heatedly , the person they were talking about got his turn.

As usual, he found a corner in the room and just stood there quietly, not speaking anything at all. With his eyes downcast, he didn't look at anybody else, but just stood there. As usual, Mu Xiaoyun didn't go up to greet him anymore.

Of course, this was an order by Yuan Zhou to leave him alone. After all, even Mu Xiaoyun's approaching could make this weird person fairly nervous.

Other customers that entered the restaurant with him looked at him curiously at first. When they found he didn't eat, the customer behind took the vacant seat immediately. Therefore, it was completely meaningless for this person to wait in line.

The aged man stood at the corner quietly. He watched the sergestes earnestly for a while and then watched Yuan Zhou cook as naturally as floating clouds and flowing water for another moment, but never had he looked at other customers dining there. It seemed that he only wanted to watch for the visual enjoyment of the delicious dishes.

Once five minutes passed, the aged man walked out of Yuan Zhou's restaurant slowly with a slight humpback. His next arrival might be a week later.