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221 Mu Xiaoyuns Small Wish

 In the afternoon, Wu Hai finally made some progress under Yuan Zhou's instructions. He learned to cook the stir-fried vegetables and the barely qualified asparagus soup.

"How do you like my dishes? The color and appearance are good, right?" Wearing a laced apron, Wu Hai stroked his small mustache and said complacently.

"The vegetable dish is qualified to eat while the asparagus soup is barely edible." Yuan Zhou spoke straightforwardly every time without any euphemistic words.

"Well, alright." While stroking his small mustache, Wu Hai's hand was askew when he heard that.

"But it's enough for you to eat." Yuan Zhou said unhurriedly.

"Ok. If so, I ought to leave now." Wu Hai looked at the art studio that had been almost cleared up and suddenly said.

"Humm." Yuan Zhou indicated with a nod that he heard him .

"Time is almost up. I'm leaving to prepare the dinner," Yuan Zhou looked at the watch and said suddenly.

"Ok. Goodbye." Said Wu Hai.

"Humm, see you next time." Yuan Zhou answered with a nod and then walked out of the art studio.

The dinner went on smoothly. Mu Xiaoyun likewise did her work dutifully and appeared quite happy. Not until the dinner time ended did Yuan Zhou get to know the reason.

"Boss, thank you for your care for the last two months." After all the customers left, Mu Xiaoyun suddenly walked to Yuan Zhou and said gratefully.

"You are welcome." Yuan Zhou was a little puzzled about Mu Xiaoyun's words, but these few words weren't wrong.

"There are only three days left before I go to school. So, I want to resign, boss." Mu Xiaoyun lowered her head and said with embarrassment.

Yuan Zhou was slightly shocked for an instant. Then he recalled it was Aug 25th today and was indeed the date to go to school.

"Humm, no problem. When are you leaving?" Yuan Zhou took a look at Mu Xiaoyun who had been waiting for his answer and then said with a normal tone.

"I can wait another two days so Boss you can find somebody else to replace me. Otherwise, you will be busier than ever." Mu Xiaoyun frowned and appeared rather concerned, with her usually lovable look.

"Never mind. Attending school is more important." Looking at the little girl in front of him, Yuan Zhou said with apparent care.

"But your restaurant is also very important." Mu Xiaoyun said firmly.

"Alright. You just work until you feel it's ok. Tomorrow I will post the recruitment form. I still kept the previous one." It was rare for Yuan Zhou to say more words than usual right now.

"Humm, ok. Boss, I want to treat people to a meal." Mu Xiaoyun paused for a while and then said.

"What do you want me to do?" Yuan Zhou knew that Mu Xiaoyun was a sensible girl. By saying that, she surely wasn't asking for a free meal. She should have some special requirements on the taste.

"No, no. Boss, your dishes are the best." Mu Xiaoyun waved her hands continuously, indicating she wasn't suspicious about Yuan Zhou's craftsmanship.

"It doesn't matter. Tell me who you are gonna treat." Yuan Zhou said calmly.

"My family members and my brother." When Mu Xiaoyun spoke of her family members, she revealed a delighted smiling face.

Instantly, Yuan Zhou understood why she came out to work. Her brother might have worked for fun or for other purposes, but Mu Xiaoyun definitely worked in order to treat her family members to eat here.

"Boss, I know you have never revealed the menu for the next day, but I just want to know what dishes will be served tomorrow so that I can make an appointment with my dad, mom and my brother." Mu Xiaoyun made a long speech to explain her purpose as she felt slightly embarrassed about her request.

She never asked about that during normal times. When people in the gourmet backup group asked her about the dishes for tomorrow, she also didn't help, but now she had to ask about that by herself. That made her a little uncomfortable.

"Are you preparing to treat them during the afternoon or in the evening?" Yuan Zhou took a look at the menu.

"Can I treat them in the evening?" Mu Xiaoyun knew the opening hours in the evening were longer, hence asked.

"No problem. All the dishes in the menu are available tomorrow. You just order whatever you like." Yuan Zhou nodded the head affirmatively.

"Thank you, boss. I will have to bother you to prepare. I'm leaving now." Mu Xiaoyun leaped up happily, but soon she realized that this was not good. Therefore, she stood still immediately and left obediently after saying thanks to him.

Not until Mu Xiaoyun walked out of the door did Yuan Zhou sighed with emotion, "September is really a time of departure."

As a result, he had to make preparations now for some dishes that required advance preparations. "There are still twenty minutes left." Yuan Zhou looked at the clock and found there was still some time that he could make good use of before the pub opened .

In the sound of flowing water, Yuan Zhou took out the eggs and made preparations quickly with different materials in both hands. He took the ingredients for Spiced Egg with one hand and the ingredients for Tea Egg with the other.

When the fragrance of the two different ingredients slightly blended, it emitted a strong but elegant taste, which was very pleasant to smell.

Without any customers on site, Yuan Zhou brought his superb culinary skills into play thoroughly. He moved so quickly that people could hardly see it clearly. The knife skills were used like the scene in the animated cartoons. With the miraculous kitchen knife quickly moving up and down, he finished cutting the flavorings required.

The work was barely finished in twenty minutes. Upon entering the restaurant, the customers who came for liquor caught sight of Yuan Zhou covering the pot.

"Boss Yuan, what are you busy with? Is there any dish to go with wine?" This was Dong Dong who cared most about the dishes with wine. This time, he turned up at the restaurant alone.

"I'm just preparing the ingredients." Said Yuan Zhou concisely.

"Is it for the dish with wine?" Asked Dong Dong persistently.

"His meaning is quite obvious. It's that this dish isn't prepared for you." Said Fang Heng. He walked slowly into the restaurant with an aged man.

"What do you know? Boss Yuan is such a nice person and he will definitely prepare the dishes with wine." Dong Dong flattered Yuan Zhou in a way that he believed it was not obvious.

"I don't think Boss Yuan is preparing the dishes with wine, either. Why not tell us what you have prepared?" With an ironic smile, Jiang Changxi looked at Dong Dong who was empty-handed.

"Fine. I didn't bring any, but I can eat yours?" Dong Dong said deservedly.

"Everybody, the pub is open for service now. Please come on in." Yuan Zhou washed his hands before going up to greet them.

Yuan Zhou had basically got everything prepared at this side. Although Mu Xiaoyun had no idea about that, she trusted Yuan Zhou very much. As soon as she went back home, the first thing she did was to make calls.

"Du..Du.. Du..", there passed the sound of the phone waiting to be answered. During the process, Mu Xiaoyun's white and tender face was filled with some expectations as well as helplessness.

"Mum, I will wait for you at the Taoxi Road tomorrow evening. Could you come and have dinner together?" Once the call was answered, Mu Xiaoyun spoke out her own purpose straightforwardly without reservation. All the words that she had thought over previously were just forgotten.

"Yunyun, you are going to school in no time. You should come back now. When am I going to pick you up?" From the other end of the phone passed a gentle and pleasant female voice. However, she didn't answer Mu Xiaoyun's question.

"Mum, you must agree to come to have dinner first." Mu Xiaoyun acted cutely to her mother.

"Is it dinner?" After a long silence, her mother asked.

"Humm, yes, only the dinner. Besides, the boss cooks awfully delicious dishes. You will like to eat them for sure." When Mu Xiaoyun noticed her mother tended to agree, she said happily.

"Alright. I will wait for you at the crossing of Taoxi Road at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. Take care on the way there." With the pleasant voice, her mother instructed her carefully. Only after that did she hang off the phone.

"Don't worry, mum. I can take good care of myself." Mu Xiaoyun said delightedly.

Seeing that her plan was half accomplished, Mu Xiaoyun revealed a smiling face and prepared to overcome the final difficulty. As for her brother Mu Xiaojie, he had long been looking forward to going there, thus she needn't worry about him.