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219 Distinction between Tea Egg and Spiced Egg

 On that night, Jiang Changxi got into the car along with a wonderful scent of liquor. Just in a little while, the car was filled with the faint smell.

"It is so fragrant. It's the same liquor, isn't it?" Master Bai smelled and then said affirmatively.

"Boss Yuan won't serve a new liquor so quickly. But the current one is just perfect for me," Jiang Changxi liked drinking the liquor very much.

It was as sweet as the pear juice, with the aftertaste lingering in the mouth endlessly. And it wasn't really intoxicating. Even if the person was drunk, he would, nevertheless, still be conscious and wouldn't have a headache the next morning. Moreover, he would also feel extraordinarily refreshed.

"Good wine does deserve to be drunk," Master Bai chimed in with a smile.

"Let me treat you to a cup of the liquor. What do you think?" Jiang Changxi asked conveniently.

"No, thanks. My wife is still waiting for me at home," Master Bai said with a happy expression.

"Is she still waiting for you now?" Jiang Changxi was a little curious.

"Yes. Every time I work at night, she's worried about me," Master Bai explained with a smile.

"She is caring about you," Jiang Changxi also said with a smile.

"Haw-haw. We have been married for so many years," he was naturally happy when he heard Jiang Changxi praising his wife.


A day and night had passed. It was time to uncover the earthen pot where the Spiced Eggs were boiled.

Therefore, the customers that waited in line that day, again, smelled the scent of a special fragrance around them.

"It's supposed to be the Spiced Egg prepared yesterday. Can we eat it today?" When Customer A saw Yuan Zhou uncover the earthen pot, he became fairly curious.

"Yeah, I think so. I'm so eager to taste it." Customer B was intoxicated with the fragrance. He said while smelling the fragrance.

"Ho Ho. Do you know how much the tea egg is?" Another one, C behind B showed a calm manner.

"1888 RMB. I know I can't afford it, but I could have some fantasies," Customer B got frustrated first and then he raised his spirits and said.

"I don't think the price is the same." It was Customer D who was taking a chance with hopes for the price.

"Tell us what makes you think that way," Customer C crossed his arms on the chest and asked D to explain.

"Look. The tea egg is expensive because the tea used by Boss Yuan is expensive. But as far as I know, the spiced egg doesn't require the tea. So I guess it won't be so expensive as the tea egg," when he said the latter part, even he himself became not confident.

After all, dishes in Yuan Zhou's restaurant were all top-notch delicacies. It was really hard to say how much a spiced egg would be.

"Business time starts now. Everyone can order your dishes," the voice of Mu Xiaoyun voided the customers redundant guessing. They could just directly go inside and have a look.

"Let me look at the price of the spiced egg first," the first thing that Customer A did after entering the restaurant was to look at the price list.

"Tell us after you see the price." Other customers waiting behind also wanted to know anxiously. However, since Yuan Zhou's restaurant was so small, they could only wait outside the door for the message.

"No problem," the customers in the restaurant also understood well the mood of others who waited outside.

The first several customers all looked back at the price list after they entered. They all had different reactions when they saw the price.

"Hoo... This price is somewhat acceptable for me to have a taste. I don't think a mere egg can make one swallow his tongue," a customer smelled the remaining little fragrance of the stew ingredients in the restaurant and said bitterly.

He was known to be severely tortured by the fragrance yesterday as he could only smell the fragrance but couldn't eat it. Yesterday evening, he specifically bought a spiced egg to eat. To his surprise, the spiced eggs selling on the market were all inferior tea eggs. Even the fragrance wasn't comparable, let alone the taste.

"What the fu*k. I might as well order a serving of Egg Fried Rice Set to calm down." Having seen the price, a customer sat down quietly and ordered a serving of the set meal before he started to eat.

"488 RMB for an egg. Well, it conforms perfectly to my tasteful personality. Get me an egg," Ling Hong took a glimpse at the price and said calmly.

For others, Mu Xiaoyun just reported the price to them but no one ordered a serving anymore.

The Spiced Eggs had all been boiled beforehand. Before being served, they needed to be boiled again and only then, be eaten. Therefore, Mu Xiaoyun carried the two spiced eggs to the two customers very soon.

"Brother Ling, here's your Spiced Egg," Mu Xiaoyun first carried the egg to Ling Hong, who was closer to her.

Then she carried the other egg to the customer, "Sir, here's your Spiced Egg."

"Again, it's not peeled," Ling Hong asked Yuan Zhou while pointing at the eggshell.

"Food made by one's own hands tastes better," Yuan Zhou answered back with the usual words.

"Damm it. I have to personally move my hands just for an egg," Ling Hong muttered discontentedly, but his actions were not slow. As was known, he didn't move his hands even when he went to the bathroom.

Nevertheless, the other customer who got the spiced egg, Hong Xia, just remained silent at the side. He rolled up his sleeves, revealing the watch on the wrist, and started to peel off the eggshell.

The eggshell was broken and connected with the film inside. As long as one opened a small hole, he could peel the whole shell off easily.

However, Hong Xia and Ling Hong had never done such work before, thus they all appeared to be clumsy while peeling the eggs. Comparatively, it was Ling Hong who did better and peeled the egg more quickly as he had often eaten the tea egg.

Hong Xia apparently worked in the office.He did well in typing but not in peeling eggs. Not until Ling Hong ate up the entire egg did he peel the eggshell off.

"Peeling the eggs is also a knowledge to master. No wonder Da Vinci took so long to draw an egg." Looking at the plump egg fall in the clean plate, Hong Xia was satisfied inexpressibly.

The patterns on the egg white were different from each other this time, which was due to the force from Yuan Zhou when he knocked the eggs.

"The patterns turn out to be different, as expected." Taking his half-eaten egg, Ling Hong compared it with the one of Hong Xia.

"They're truly different. Mine is like the mountain forests while yours is like the sky," Hong Xia checked them carefully.

"Boss Yuan is probably the only one that makes patterns on the egg white," while speaking, Ling Hong started to eat the egg.

Hong Xia, nevertheless, cared more about the taste of the spiced egg. With the patterns, the peeled egg was like a work of art. Although it smelled like the Spiced Beans to some extent, they had many differences.

With a sound of "Awwoo", Hong Xia bit a big piece off and then found there were different grades of colors inside the egg white. The place closer to the shell was bright and reddish brown while the place closer to the yolk was fine and smooth as well as white and tender.

Chewing it carefully, Hong Xia discovered that there was also some toughness in the tenderness of the egg white. The more he chewed, the more fragrant the egg became. Furthermore, the taste of lilacs came out slowly in his mouth. The underlying bad smell of the egg was completely removed by the dried orange peel and, moreover, there was an extra hint of orange in the taste.

After it was swallowed up by Hong Xia, the bland taste of aniseed spread throughout his mouth slowly.

"Let me try the egg yolk," looking at the plump egg yolk,. Hong Xia couldn't help biting a small piece off.

For this kind of well-cooked eggs, the egg yolk usually tended to make people choke and was not easy to be swallowed. As Yuan Zhou had a superb craftsmanship, however, Hong Xia still gulped a piece down confidently.

Soon, he discovered the egg yolk didn't cause him to choke. Instead, it was fresh and delicious, tender and smooth, as well as fragrant and tasty.

"It's really a piece of good egg," Hong Xia said subconsciously.

"How do you like it? Does it have a good taste?" Having eaten up his egg earlier, Ling Hong tilted his head and asked him.

"It's very nice and really deserves waiting for a whole day," Hong Xia recollected the aftertaste carefully. After saying that, he took up the cup and drank a mouthful of the water.

There were far more than 5 types of fragrance blending in his mouth. The layers of the fragrance he could apparently perceive were more than 5.

"This is truly the Spiced Egg," Hong Xia gulped down the saliva with satisfaction.

"Indeed. It's totally different from the Tea Egg. I love this taste more as it has rich layers and, moreover, is fragrant," Ling Hong admitted himself to be a rough man. He would rather leave the Tea Eggs to those cultured people.

"I haven't yet eaten Boss Yuan's tea egg before. But since this Spiced Egg is so yummy, the Tea Egg is definitely not worse than it," Hong Xia said affirmatively.

Spiced Egg and Tea Egg were originally two different dishes. Even the species of the chicken was different, let alone the taste.