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 Originally thinking that items called candy were all sweet, Jiang Changxi, on the contrary, found she was wrong after she swallowed this one. Despite the name of appetizing candy, it wasn't really sweet. At least it wasn't so strong as other candies.

In her childhood, she could even eat up half a bottle of jam on an empty stomach, not to mention the candies. Now as she was getting older, she was unable to eat such sweet things.

Not only was the appetizing candy not sweet, but also it had a hint of tart flavor, which went along the mouth cavity into the stomach.

Instantly, she felt greatly refreshed as if some foul air were swept away. After that, the hunger immediately rose up from the stomach.

A miracle drug.

"It's really appetizing." Looking at the dishes in front of her, Jiang Changxi suddenly got an impulse to order another serving of the welcoming set meal. However, it was no more than an impulse.

The purpose of the appetizing candy was merely to arouse the appetite rather than let people eat more.

"Gu Dong". Since she was holding the cup in her hand, Jiang Changxi directly drank up a mouthful of the water.

"How do you like the water?" Yuan Zhou had already gone back to the kitchen to prepare the dishes. It was a customer who waited to eat at the side that asked the question.

Looking at the satisfied expression on the face of Jiang Changxi while eating, he couldn't help asking curiously.

"Just so-so. Well, not bad," Jiang Changxi really felt the water was quite ordinary but definitely tasted better than the mineral water. With her position, Jiang Changxi naturally wouldn't drink that.

"Gee? Is it only ordinary? I don't believe that," the customer said in surprise.

When had Yuan Zhou ever served ordinary things? The customer obviously didn't believe her words.

"Tasmanian Rain. It must be the source of this water. This specific batch probably isn't sold to foreign countries. The taste is better than those sold on the market," Jiang Changxi drank another mouthful of the water and came out with some English words before saying.

"If it's forbidden to sell to foreign countries, then how does Boss Yuan buy the water?" The customers asked with curiosity.

"A regional protection policy. This is what it means," Jiang Changxi said with an experienced manner.

"Understood. It's the kind that wasn't available outside that region but local people could buy it." It seemed that the customer had ever bumped into such similar things before.

"You are right," Jiang Changxi nodded the head.

"Then it should be quite good. Why do you say it's only average?" The customer said discontentedly.

The regional protection policy usually aimed at the best stuff and restricted them from being sold outside the region. This is understood by the customers. However, if Yuan Zhou had got the most authentic water, why did Jiang Changxi say it's only average?

"I thought it would be like Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani or Kona Nigari Water," Jiang Changxi said honestly.

"Have you ever drunk it?" A customer asked curiously.

"No, never. The Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani is 360 thousand RMB per bottle. I can't afford it," Jiang Changxi shrugged and indicated that she expected to drink the water just because she hadn't drunk it before.

"Here are your dishes," at that time, Yuan Zhou happened to carry her dishes up.

Hearing Jiang Changxi's words, he straightforwardly uttered, "For the first mineral water, they are actually selling the valuable bottle rather than the water itself, as the bottle is made from the pure gold. Furthermore, they add 5 mg of gold powder to the water. As for the second one, it's sold only in Japan."

While speaking, Yuan Zhou felt lucky that he had already leafed through all the information about those well-known mineral waters worldwide.

"Why do you always show off your distinct personality?" Jiang Changxi said. She felt rather speechless at Yuan Zhou.

"The water is best suitable for drinking during the meal. It's the best," Yuan Zhou said primly, not revealing any manner of showing off anything.

"We all know that our Boss Yuan is the most generous person," Jiang Changxi made eyes at Yuan Zhou and teased him.

In response to Jiang Changxi, Yuan Zhou immediately turned around and walked away. God knew if this woman wanted to drink his liquor for free. There were always bad guys who wanted to cheat his money. Then he walked to the kitchen with quick steps as the business was fairly busy at noon.

Jiang Changxi ate very quickly at noon. In only 20 minutes, she finished her lunch and then prepared to draw the lottery eagerly.

When she saw the after-meal candy on the table, however, she directly gulped it down based on the principle of not wasting anything. Of course, it was also because the appetizing candy wasn't sweet.

"The taste is different, but still, it's nice," Jiang Changxi compressed her lips and felt only a refreshing taste in her mouth at the moment. The taste of the Phoenix-Tail Prawns and Clear Broth Noodle Soup nevertheless stayed deeper in her heart for the aftertaste and digestion.

The after-meal candy was as bland as usual, with a hint of sweet and sour taste. Once it entered the mouth, it completely melted. It was very convenient to eat and besides, had no icky taste after eating it.

"Boss Yuan, the lucky draw, I want to draw the lottery," Jiang Changxi was satisfied with the taste of the after-meal candy and said more excitedly.

"Xiaoyun, give the box to her," Yuan Zhou didn't answer her but just instructed Mu Xiaoyun.

"Ok, boss," Mu Xiaoyun took up the cardboard box cannily and came to Jiang Changxi.

"Elder sister, there are still two red balls inside now," with a smiling expression, Mu Xiaoyun handed the box to Jiang Changxi.

"Great. Then just wait for my good luck," Jiang Changxi was a "three lost" woman. Even if she was called elder sister by Mu Xiaoyun, she just answered readily, not showing any embarrassment at all.

Wearing a bright yellow one-piece dress and a white shirt outside, Jiang Changxi appeared to be refreshing and natural. While taking a leather handbag with one hand, she reached out the other hand into the box and touched all the balls, preparing to get a red ball.

"Come on," Mu Xiaoyun encouraged her at the side.

Following a sound of "Hua La", Jiang Changxi selected a ball at the deepest corner, grabbed it and took it out.

The hand of Jiang Changxi was white and slender, thus it couldn't fully cover the ball. Mu Xiaoyun caught sight of it first.

"It's the red ball. You made it," Mu Xiaoyun said excitedly.

"Didn't I tell you? This lady always has a good luck," Jiang Changxi said proudly.

"Haw-haw. Boss Yuan, the money has been transferred to your account. A pot of liquor at night belongs to me now," Jiang Changxi said happily.

"Come over here on time at night. Late arrivals won't be admitted in." After a nod, Yuan Zhou came out with the usual words.

Jiang Changxi's answer, nevertheless, was waving the hand while walking out, indicating that she had heard him.

Having walked outside the restaurant, Jiang Changxi took up her phone, "Master Bai, where are you now?"

From the other end of the phone passed a male voice, saying he would arrive in no time. After answering him, Jiang Changxi went up for a few steps and stood there waiting for the cab.

In a little while, a green cab pulled over beside her.

"Get in the car, Little Jiang," the driver stretched out his head out of the car and spoke to Jiang Changxi.

"Ok," she got on the car and shut the car door cleanly with a sound of "Peng".

"Are you here for the meal again?" Master Bai asked smilingly.

Master Bai was a plain-looking middle-aged man who was dressed in a blue uniform of a cab company. With a beer belly, he appeared like a pregnant woman at the fifth or sixth month.

"Yeah. I have to come here again to drink liquor at night. Please pick me up at 12:00," Jiang Changxi nodded her head and said happily.

"So you got the red ball again?"Master Bai spoke to her while driving the car carefully.

"Of course. I always have a good luck," Jiang Changxi said with a quite complacent manner.

"Yeah, absolutely. The liquor of that restaurant is really nice," It reminded Master Bai of the scent of the liquor that came from her body when he came to pick Jiang Changxi up at night last time. With a simple smell, he got to know it was a top-notch good wine.

"What about treating you to a cup of the liquor tonight, Master Bai?" Jiang Changxi knew that Master Bai was also fond of drinking.

"No, thanks. Maybe next time," Master Bai refused flatly with a big smile.

"Ok, next time," Jiang Changxi didn't insist on her request.

"Here we are. 25 RMB in all," Master Bai parked the car at an office building and then told her.

"No problem. Just remember to come to pick me up at 8:00 in the evening. Thank you, Master Bai," Jiang Changxi didn't forget to remind him.

Master Bai made a gesture of "Ok" and pulled away to drive other customers...