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217 Hateful Yuan Zhou

 The longer the eggs were boiled, the stronger the scent became and the sooner lunch time approached.

"Brother Wu, do you know what Boss Yuan is cooking?" A customer who really couldn't resist his curiosity asked.

"I have no idea," Wu Hai said seriously while stroking his mustache.

"Brother Wu, aren't you curious?" The customer obviously knew that Wu Hai had a nice relationship with Yuan Zhou.

"Yes, I am. But I will know the answer in a moment," Wu Hai said primly.

Of course, Wu Hai also felt speechless in the heart. He was originally thinking about the conception of his next painting, but just when he got an inspiration, he was attracted by the fragrance of Yuan Zhou's dish. Instantly, his stomach rose in rebellion and no longer followed his instructions.

Luckily, Wu Hai managed to grasp the inspiration at that very moment; otherwise, he would definitely beat Yuan Zhou to death and let him know it would be fatal if he didn't close the door while cooking at this moment of the day.

He didn't move the brush at all for the painting. Nothing could be more important than eating. And food was always the first necessity for people. Persuaded with these excuses, Wu Hai began to wait in line for lunch deservedly.

The earnest persuasion of Zheng Jiawei five minutes ago was naturally neglected automatically by Wu Hai. Eating mattered the most. Haven't you found those who intended to lose weight all said that they must eat their fill before getting the strength to do that? It was also a reasonable logic that he must eat his fill first and then had the strength to paint.

Fortunately, the business hour was arriving soon.

"Business time starts now. Everybody, you can order dishes now," standing at the door, Mu Xiaoyun said mildly.

"Finally it's the time. I almost starved," Jiang Changxi entered Yuan Zhou's restaurant silently the first and then sighed with emotion after she got seated.

"What do you want to eat today?" Mu Xiaoyun accepted the orders according to the sequence of getting seated every time.

"Young sister, you go to ask others first. I have something to ask Boss Yuan," said Jiang Changxi while looking at Yuan Zhou.

Yuan Zhou took a step back alertly and recalled the red balls in the lottery box. This woman had more than once wanted to cheat, thus Yuan Zhou indicated that he wouldn't be fooled at all.

"Boss Yuan, what delicious dishes are you preparing today?" Jiang Changxi stared at Yuan Zhou with her bright and big eyes, without blinking.

"Spiced Eggs, for the lunch tomorrow," Yuan Zhou made an explanation when he noticed that other customers around were all listening to him carefully.

"What? It's not available today?" Jiang Changxi indicated that she wanted to beat him.

"Humm, it's only available for sale at noon tomorrow," Yuan Zhou said affirmatively.

"Starting from today, the restaurant will charge every customer a seat charge for lunch and dinner. The price is behind you guys," Yuan Zhou slightly raised his voice and said.

"Seat charge? Then what do you provide for that, Boss Yuan?" It's the customer who directly asked questions without looking at the price.

"Same as other dishes provided in the restaurant," Yuan Zhou said unhurriedly.

"20 RMB per serving. This is probably the cheapest price in the restaurant of Boss Yuan," Jiang Changxi looked back at the price list and then said.

"Yeah, that's true. I'm more curious about what the dish is," it was a customer who had much curiosity.

"You'll know after ordering it. But I really can't order the Spiced Egg?" Jiang Changxi was still suffering from an obsession over the Spiced Eggs.

"Absolutely," Yuan Zhou nodded his head seriously.

"Such a hateful Compass!" Jiang Changxi mumbled a few words and then raised her head to order the dishes, "A serving of Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set and Phoenix-Tail Prawns."

"Ok. It's totally 1616 RMB. Payment by credit card is acceptable," Yuan Zhou reported the price to her.

"Alright. It's done." Jiang Changxi made the transfer and paid the bill immediately after she ordered the dishes. She could do nothing more but to wait.

"One moment, please. The dishes are to be served right away," Yuan Zhou nodded the head, indicating that he had received the transfer.

The cooking method of the Clear Broth Noodle Soup was quite familiar to Yuan Zhou. For the cooking method of the Phoenix-Tail Prawns, however, there was something new this time.

"What the fu*k! Did I see something just now?" The customers who were earnestly ordering their dishes were suddenly attracted by the bad words. When they raised the head and looked at Yuan Zhou, they got stupefied collectively.

As the dish of Phoenix-Tail Prawns wasn't cheap, only a few people ordered it. Therefore, Yuan Zhou hadn't shown the customers his cooking procedure of this dish ever since he obtained his superb knife skills.

It was originally an enjoyment, as natural as the floating clouds and flowing water, to watch Yuan Zhou cooking. Now, it further upgraded to an enjoyment as marvelous as the floating clouds and flowing water.

The anterior procedures were always the same. He easily scooped the exact prawns out with the fishing net. With a slight shake of his wrist, the prawns dropped into the basin as if they had jumped inside voluntarily one after another.

Having finished the brushing and massaging, Yuan Zhou took out the miraculous kitchen knife. With simple movements after a sound of "Hua Hua", Yuan Zhou singled out the intact shrimp line without using his hands. Even the tail of the prawn, which was most difficult to be peeled, was also cleanly processed.

The several movements of the knife just now could simply be captured in TV programs only, being extremely swift and precise and with no redundant actions.

"Tsk-tsk. This is the first time I've seen such superb knife skills in reality," a customer said after a sigh with emotion.

"I thought I bumped into a master chef just now," without blinking the eyes, another customer chimed in.

"He's really a master chef. I thought I did not see clearly just now. Frankly speaking, Boss Yuan's culinary skills are much too excellent," the customers said admiringly.

"Fortunately, I ordered the Phoenix-Tail Prawns," Jiang Changxi said at the side.

Although the customers were all discussing in a low voice, their eyes yet didn't move from Yuan Zhou.

After that, when Yuan Zhou prepared to carve the sculpture of a phoenix inhabiting in the phoenix tree, the customers were again astounded in the heart.

Previously when he did the same procedures, Yuan Zhou used a special carving knife. The movements of his hands were flexible and quick. This time, however, he bluntly used the miraculous kitchen knife. Of course, Yuan Zhou cleaned the knife with the boiling water before sculpting for disinfection and getting rid of the bad smell.

"Sculpting a flower with the kitchen knife? Marvelous! It's the first time I have seen this," Jiang Changxi supported the chin with her two hands and said happily.

"I feel what I have seen before is merely radish sculptures. Only this can be called flower sculptures," a customer said unbelievably when he saw Yuan Zhou carve a sculpture of a phoenix inhabiting in the phoenix tree in one go.

"Boss Yuan has such an unexpected superb craftsmanship. With it, he can even make a sculpture on a piece of tofu," said another customer who knew something about the culinary skills.

"Yeah, you are right. Boss Yuan can even sculpt such a delicate works with a rough thing like the kitchen knife. I'm really convinced of his craftsmanship now," said the customer after he heaved a sigh.

"Didn't you say that you had already been convinced of his craftsmanship?" There were always people who counteracted others' words.

"Can't I say it again?" The customer didn't mind at all. He just said straightforwardly.

"We indeed ought to be convinced," Jiang Changxi said conclusively.

At that time, Yuan Zhou likewise carried her dishes up to her.

"Here are your dishes," the dishes carried up were placed in two trays.

One was the Welcoming Set Meal consisting of a cup of water, two candies and a piece of napkin, with the Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set in its spare place, while the other was the eye-appealing Phoenix-Tail Prawns.

"Is it the set meal provided in the name of seat charge? It turns out to deserve the name well." Never had she expected it to be an ordinary thing. Just a few minutes ago, she thought it to be something special.

"They are the appetizing candy and after-meal candy, which are to be eaten before the meal and after the meal," Yuan Zhou told them the use of the two candies.

"Who would be so stupid to eat candies before the meal? Luckily, I have a cup of water," Jiang Changxi gave a discontented glimpse at Yuan Zhou.

She picked up the appetizing candy with one hand and the cup of water with the other and prepared to swallow the candy in the same way of taking medicines.

"You don't need to eat it like that. Just eat it directly," Yuan Zhou reminded.

"Really?" Only then did she become skeptical. But she didn't think too much as it was merely a candy. There were nevertheless many candies that could be eaten directly.

After the candy was swallowed, it straightforwardly melted and flowed into the stomach before Jiang Changxi drank water. With her eyebrows raised, she surprisingly found the candy was not sweet.

Besides that.....