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215 Spiced Egg and Spiced Beans

 A serving of the Welcoming Set Meal was basically eaten by Yuan Zhou. Right now, only the price of the set meal was unknown to him.

"System, what's the price of the set meal?" Yuan Zhou asked curiously.

The system displayed, "This set meal is a variety of the seat charge①. The price for each serving will be shown on the price list at noon tomorrow."

"You can't even tell me now?" Yuan Zhou felt rather speechless.

The system didn't answer him this time. It seemed to be reluctant to tell Yuan Zhou.

However, Yuan Zhou wouldn't give up so easily. Soon he opened his mouth again, "If you don't tell me the price, I won't need to pay for this serving, right?"

Before he said that, Yuan Zhou first checked the cash in the drawer and the balance in his bank account. He even confirmed the numerical digits after the decimal point.

With that excuse, Yuan Zhou didn't believe the money-happy system still wouldn't tell him the price. Even if it didn't tell him directly, Yuan Zhou could also work out the price of the set meal in a reverse direction after the money was deducted.

A smile appeared on the face of Yuan Zhou, who was quite complacent about this terrific idea.

The system displayed, "20 RMB for each serving."

As anticipated, the system reported the price to him in order to charge him.

"Humm. With that price, I can afford it," the usual expressionless face was suddenly filled with a happy smile.

It was unknown if the system would hold the grudge and scam him again next time.

Suddenly, Yuan Zhou recovered from the bliss and said, "System, is the price of 20 RMB too cheap?"

Nonetheless, the system didn't have any reaction.

"All right. I might as well prepare to start the business," Yuan Zhou pulled the clothes straight and said carelessly.

After all, he didn't need to absorb any cost for the dish. Yuan Zhou loved the business without cost the most.

Having cleared some parts of the restaurant, Yuan Zhou pulled open the door. At that moment, the customers would soon arrive to drink.

After that time, Fang Heng also became a regular customer of Yuan Zhou's restaurant. He was first a regular customer of drinking liquor and then he started to savor the dishes.

However, he was quite dissatisfied with the rule of not providing dishes while drinking. But who did he think Yuan Zhou was? He was the Compass and his rule was to follow the rules.

Therefore, Fang Heng's protest ended up with a failure in the end.

Nonetheless, that didn't really affect Fang Heng coming to draw the lottery every day and the reward was naturally a pot of Bamboo Liquor worth of 5888 RMB.

Fang Heng only managed to get the reward twice.


On the next early morning, Yuan Zhou ate 4 Duck Oil Sesame Seed Cake without a break along with a bowl of iced soybean milk that he had prepared with the soybeans provided by the system.

Of course, his own breakfast had to be more diversified. While eating the sesame seed cake, he drank a mouthful of the icy soybean milk comfortably.

When he realized the time was almost up, Yuan Zhou began to open the door. As expected, Mu Xiaoyun was waiting at the door tamely. After running in a long distance, she carried a flush on her face, which let the young girl appear more beautiful and lovely.

"Morning, boss," she might have recalled that Yuan Zhou would treat her today, hence Mu Xiaoyun greeted him with embarrassment.

"Come on in," after a nod, Yuan Zhou turned around and went back to the kitchen.

After dishing up the Duck Oil Sesame Seed Oil, Yuan Zhou found Mu Xiaoyun was still standing at the usual place uneasily.

"Come and sit here. You are a customer right now," Yuan Zhou signaled Mu Xiaoyun to sit at the middle of the long table.

"But....." before Mu Xiaoyun finished speaking, she was interrupted by Yuan Zhou.

"There are only five minutes left before the business time starts," Yuan Zhou said seriously.

"Ok. Sorry to bother you, boss," Mu Xiaoyun didn't want to affect the business, hence went up and sat down soon.

"Just eat it," Yuan Zhou set down the sesame seed cake and began to prepare the breakfast.

The breakfast today was naturally the Duck Oil Sesame Seed Cake, with only 95 pieces left.

It was the first time for Mu Xiaoyun to eat Yuan Zhou's dishes ever since she worked here. Immediately, she understood clearly why the customers were all fond of eating here.

"Boss, it's sooooo delicious," with a mouthful of the sesame seed cake, Mu Xiaoyun complimented repeatedly, speaking with a lisp. Now she finally understood why so many people came and waited in line.

"Humm," Yuan Zhou indicated that he had heard her with a nod. Then he continued to prepare the breakfast.

By then, there had been customers waiting in line outside the restaurant.

The first several people were all from the Gourmet Backup Group. The group was filled with Mu Xiaoyun's messages with the content that Boss Yuan would treat her to the Duck Oil Sesame Seed Cake. Therefore, they didn't feel surprised about it.

Others who weren't in the Gourmet Group nevertheless felt puzzled. There happened to be one right now.

"Look, somebody is eating inside. But isn't it not the opening hours?" A customer waiting after tens of people asked with puzzlement.

"That's true. There are still three minutes left. Compass never breaks his own rules," this customer seemed to have a deep understanding about Yuan Zhou's rules.

"But someone is indeed eating inside. Wait, wait. Is it Xiaoyun?" This customer stretched out his neck and eventually saw Mu Xiaoyun who was eating in the restaurant.

"Has Xiaoyun saved enough money?" The customers were slightly curious.

With the friendly thought of sharing the big surprise with others, the person who was ahead of them and happened to know the truth said, "No, Boss Yuan is treating. He is treating Xiaoyun to the sesame seed cake."

"Ho Ho. I'm awake today," the customer revealed an expression of "Don't joke with me".

Last time, few people knew about Yuan Zhou treating others in his spare time. This time, however, was different. After Mu Xiaoyun's excited advertisement in the Gourmet group, all group members got to know about that.

The influence was nevertheless more substantial.

"I feel it should be a clear and sunny day today and it's not likely to rain," a customer knowing well of Yuan Zhou's rules looked up at the cloudless sky seriously.

"Xiaoyun has definitely saved enough money, as a sesame seed cake is not so expensive," this customer must have a stomach of a foodie. When he spoke of the words of sesame seed cake, he couldn't help but swallow some saliva.

"It is said by Mu Xiaoyun herself that Boss Yuan is treating her to that," a customer from the gourmet group said affirmatively with a smile on his face.

"What the fu*k?" The customer who had just talked about the weather suddenly made a sound to himself.

Another customer beside him seemed to understand, saying, "It must be the sound of your worldview breaking apart."

"You are right. Actually I think I have a good-looking face, too. Will Boss Yuan possibly treat me to one?" The customer suddenly stroked his own face and then said confidently.

"Even Yin Ya has never succeeded," a customer tried to frustrate him.

"Then I believe Boss Yuan definitely has a good reason to treat Xiaoyun," the customer said with a resolute and decisive tone.

"He truly has. It's said that Boss Yuan has obtained the qualification to be listed on the gourmet map because Xiaoyun endeavors much to publicize for him earnestly," a customer from the gourmet group affirmed the statement that there was a reason and then explained to them.

"That makes sense now. After all, Boss Yuan is exactly the Compass." The customer let out a sigh of relief.

All the discussions during the breakfast in the street were unknown to Yuan Zhou. Anyhow, he always believed that he was a magnanimous and charming man.

With a good mood, Yuan Zhou decided to serve a new dish, the Spiced Egg.

As the Spiced Egg was boiled and prepared with the stew ingredients and the earthen pot, the flavor seemed to be unique. And the ingredients were excellent due to their freshness. Nonetheless, as the time was limited and he needed to make preparations beforehand, the dish was only available to be eaten at noon tomorrow.

Therefore, they could only smell the taste today without any chance to eat it. It was simply a torment for those foodies. After all, the stew ingredients were originally very fragrant and became much yummier with Yuan Zhou's secret recipe.


① The seat charge is the money (usu. a small amount) charged for the basic service to each of the customers when they dine in the restaurant. In this chapter, it means every customer has to pay the seat charge for the welcoming set meal.