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214 Standard Set Meal

 The message was sent by the system when the dinner hours had just ended and Mu Xiaoyun was still there in the restaurant. Therefore, Yuan Zhou waited patiently to receive the reward later.

"Boss, I'm hundred percent sure that we can win," after Mu Xiaoyun saw all customers off, she said confidently.

"Well, thank you very much," Yuan Zhou nodded the head.

"You are welcome. It's just what I ought to do, boss," Mu Xiaoyun felt, on the contrary, a little embarrassed when she saw Yuan Zhou so courteous.

"This is what you deserve. Tomorrow morning, I will leave a Duck Oil Sesame Seed Cake for you. Come five minutes earlier than usual," Yuan Zhou wasn't asking her. He was just telling her his decision.

"No need. I want to eat the cakes with my brother later," Mu Xiaoyun waved her hand and refused.

"It's on me this time. So five minutes earlier than usual tomorrow," after saying that, Yuan Zhou walked out of the kitchen, as if to see her off.

"Thank you, boss," Mu Xiaoyun had intended to refuse again but when she saw Yuan Zhou's earnest manner, the refusal became "thank you".

"Humm, take care on the way back," Yuan Zhou nodded the head and shut the door following a sound of "Hua La" after Mu Xiaoyun walked out of the restaurant.

Since the customers for the liquor hadn't arrived, Yuan Zhou had half an hour to prepare.

After Mu Xiaoyun worked in the restaurant for so long, Yuan Zhou found that she wanted to taste every dish, but loved the Duck Oil Sesame Seed Oil most. He got to know that due to the noticeable sound emitted when she swallowed her saliva. Therefore, Yuan Zhou decided to treat Mu Xiaoyun to a piece of the Duck Oil Sesame Seed Oil. Naturally, he would pay for that.

This mission was only completed with the significant help of Mu Xiaoyun who publicized diligently. This remuneration was already planned earlier by Yuan Zhou. He wasn't a person who liked to be in debt.

When all the customers left and the door was shut, he was left alone. Only then did he tap open the mission.

[Main Mission] Join the urban gourmet map (completed)

(Mission tips: If you want to conquer the stomachs of all people around the world, how can you not win over a simple street? Young man, go to defeat all the stores in this street and conquer the whole street. Certainly, you can't lose the pride of a chef and are not allowed to publicize your restaurant by yourself.)

[Mission reward] Welcoming Set Meal (available to be received)

(Reward tips: As a Master Chef Restaurant, how could you not have something for entertaining the customers?)

"Receive," Yuan Zhou read silently.

He was also fairly curious about the welcoming set meal.

After a while, he seemed to find no changes at all around him.

"Strange. Where did the reward go?" Yuan Zhou began to walk around in the kitchen.

For such trifles, Yuan Zhou would never ask the system. It was fun to look for things, under the precondition that the things were within the small scope that he knew about.

After walking around for a circle, Yuan Zhou found an extra label, which had "Welcoming Set Meal" characters written, on one of the cabinets.

"Wow, it's over here," Yuan Zhou took a look at the cabinet.

He opened the door of the cabinet that appeared fairly big and then the stuff inside came into view.

"Is this the Welcoming Set Meal?" On Yuan Zhou's face was an expression of surprise and suspicion.

Inside the cabinet were plates. On the big grass-green plates, a seemingly ordinary glass cup, a piece of neatly-stacked napkins, and two small round balls wrapped in wafer paper were placed.

Yuan Zhou thought in his mind that they should be candies.

"Is this the so-called Welcoming Set Meal?" Yuan Zhou felt the system must be joking with him.

The system displayed, "Host, the dishes could be placed on the vacant space of the plates. For the Welcoming Set Meal, it's one serving for each customer and is not available for breakfast. Moreover, it can't be sold separately."

"Again, it's in the form similar to the Egg Fried Rice Set?" Yuan Zhou nodded his head thoughtfully.

The system displayed, "The price has been formulated and will be available tomorrow."

"All right. Ironically, you said formerly that no water would be provided, yet, now provides one cup for each customer. Is the water the same as what I drink?" Yuan Zhou took out a set of the Welcoming Set Meal and picked up the glass water to take a look.

The system displayed, "It's different."

"The water is the clean rainwater directly bottled on a rainy day in Tasmania. Seated 240km away to the south of Victoria State and separated by the Bass Strait from the mainland, this place is the only island state of the Australian Federation. The scenery there is beautiful and the water is clear and clean..."

"Hold on. I feel as if I am reading the introduction of a scenery if you read that way. Isn't the rainwater very dirty? I only want to know that," looking at a series of adjectives to describe the scenery, Yuan Zhou stopped the system hurriedly.

After pausing for a while, the system continued displaying, "The conditions there are wilder. Another reason is that the local authority took severe measures to protect the scenery. The airport of Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania State, might be called a miniature airport. It allowed only domestic flights in and out, but no fresh fruits and fishes can be brought into the island. Otherwise, these items would be confiscated and the people would be penalized. The ecological environment of the island was quite good, therefore it was likewise called the End of the World where nature dominated everything.

"The rainwater is taken from the upper air and is free from bacteria and dust. It's safe to drink and has a natural texture."

"It's truly like the introduction of the scenery," Yuan Zhou grumbled. However, the place seemed attractive to him.

"I might go there and have a look when I have time," Yuan Zhou thought in the heart. He was not really a moneygrubber. People earned money to spend. Although the numerical digits in his bank account had always been rising, he didn't seem to spend much.

Right now, he was quite curious about the taste of the water.

He picked up the cup and drank up all the water following a sound of "Gu Dong Gu Dong".

"Hoo. Very nice, but not as good as mine," after drinking, Yuan Zhou recollected the aftertaste for a while and then said.

Of course the water was not so good as that for Yuan Zhou himself, as the two different liquids were not on the same level. Although the welcoming set meal also had powerful backing, such a cup of water about 200ml was really not cheap, about 8 RMB.

After all, a whole bottle of the water about 750ml would be USD 5.00.

The water naturally cannot compare with that especially provided by the system for Yuan Zhou to supplement his dissipated energy.

"What's this?" after Yuan Zhou drank the water, he started to study the stuff wrapped in the wafer paper.

The system displayed, "The white one is the appetizing candy while the ginger one is the after-meal candy."

"None of the dishes in my restaurant are pungent. What's more, do they really need to whet their appetite to eat my dishes?" Yuan Zhou indicated that he was puzzled. Nonetheless, he directly peeled the candy out and ate it without ceasing the movement of his hands.

The system displayed, "The candy paper is also edible."

When he saw the instructions of the system, Yuan Zhou stuffed the candy paper back into his mouth, and then he finally understood why it was called appetizing candy.

After eating the candy along with the candy paper, he realized it wasn't sweet at all and actually had a hint of tart flavor despite the name of candy. Once it entered the mouth, the candy directly melted and flowed from the throat into the stomach. Instantly, a current of air leaped up, leaving an empty stomach.

"So it is like that," Yuan Zhou understood instantly.

The candy seemed to have eliminated the gas from inside the body, making the body and soul comfortable and relaxed and moreover increasing one's appetite, which enabled people to enjoy a much purer delicacy.

"I still don't know the taste of the after-meal candy," Yuan Zhou picked up another candy wrapped in the ginger wafer paper and stuffed it into his mouth along with the candy paper.

Same to the other one, this candy carried a texture of the nectar of a particular floret that he had eaten in his childhood. It had only a little freshness and sweetness of the plant. After melting in the mouth, it didn't have any other taste.

"They really deserve their names. System, how much is the set meal?" Yuan Zhou asked curiously.

The system displayed, "..."