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213 Welcoming Set Meal

 "So it's really yours. Well, this situation is a little tough." Director Wang revealed a manner of regret.

"What's the matter, Sister Wang?" While they were talking at the door, they attracted the attention of the whole office. Not long after, a seemingly younger woman stood up and asked.

"Have you already nullified those votes for Yuan Zhou's restaurant?" Director Wang went up and asked her as soon as she saw the woman.

"The votes of the first two days have all been nullified. Only those of this morning are left. I will do it right away," the young woman had thought Director Wang blamed her for doing the work slowly and then said affirmatively.

"That's a mistake. Those votes for Yuan Zhou's restaurant are actually all for this Boss Yuan. It's him who brings about the prosperous business in this street," Director Wang said at once.

"But I have already processed all the previous votes," the young woman said with a manner of anxiety.

"Then please recover the wasted votes as many as you can," Director Wang said decisively.

Yuan Zhou just stood at the side and waited for them to deal with that.

"Let me try how many I can recover," the young woman considered for a while.

"Boss Yuan, I'm so sorry. With the current condition, you are not likely to be chosen, but I promise to get you onto the gourmet map next year," as a matter of fact, Director Wang still thought highly of Yuan Zhou's restaurant. If it was another people, she would definitely not talk to him so politely and moreover promised him. What does it have anything to do with her since he wrote the store name wrongly by himself?

"Never mind. I still want to have a try. Who is the first for now?" Yuan Zhou felt he wouldn't necessarily lose even now.

"The first one for now is the fast food restaurant," Director Wang flipped his notebook and then said.

"How many votes are there for him?" Yuan Zhou asked.

"Right now the number is 812," Director Wang showed an ashamed expression.

"Then how many is mine?" Yuan Zhou looked at the young woman and asked.

"Roughly, there are about 100 votes," the young woman answered conveniently.

"It should be enough. I'm leaving now," Yuan Zhou nodded his head and parted ways with them.

On the way back, Yuan Zhou was always thinking how to let those people go and vote. In a moment, he saw Mu Xiaoyun.

Then he got a good idea and directly went up to Mu Xiaoyun.


"Boss, why are you here?" Mu Xiaoyun just came out to buy something. Never did she expect to bump into Yuan Zhou and thus was a little surprised.

"I came over to the administrative office to check the voting," Yuan Zhou said honestly.

"What's the result? Boss, are we the first?" Mu Xiaoyun was so excited that her face turned red.

"No, we have the least votes," Yuan Zhou said with a plain tone.

"That's impossible. We have always so good business," Mu Xiaoyun looked at Yuan Zhou again and again, hoping Yuan Zhou was merely joking with her.

"Yes, it's true. We are the last," Yuan Zhou said affirmatively.

"How did that happen?" Mu Xiaoyun stayed put and stopped walking forward.

"Boss, let me go to the office to see what happened," although Yuan Zhou had just walked out of the office, she still intended to go there in person to check if those staff had made a mistake.

She knew many customers had gone to vote for Yuan Zhou. How was it possible that somebody could create better dishes than Yuan Zhou?

Since Mu Xiaoyun went to check the result, Yuan Zhou was a little relieved. The system had never told him the consequence of the unfinished mission but Yuan Zhou didn't want to try that.

After Mu Xiaoyun went to the office and got to know the reason, she felt rather speechless and had to send the information in the Wechat group. Consequently, she made a splash in the group leading all the members to become speechless.

Yuan Zhou was immediately questioned at noon during lunch time.

"Boss Yuan, tell us why is this restaurant called Master Chef Restaurant?" Man Man looked at Yuan Zhou with suspicion.

"Humm, it's always been this name," Yuan Zhou said with certainty.

"Ho Ho. You don't even have a shop sign. How can you say that?" Man Man really couldn't help grumbling.

"I will have a shop sign later," towards the matter of having no shop sign and being cheated by the system, Yuan Zhou indicated that he was also helpless.

"All right. Luckily, I organized some other people to vote for you. Otherwise, you can guess what will happen," Man Man snorted twice to express her dissatisfaction.

"Thank you," Yuan Zhou said with a very sincere tone.

"It's so rare. Boss Yuan surprisingly gave thanks." Man Man stared at Yuan Zhou directly.

"You are welcome," Yuan Zhou had originally intended to answer his own question, but Man Man managed to get in a reply first. Only after Man Man finished talking did he say it.

"Yuan Zhou is, as expected, still a Compass," said Man Man who felt rather speechless.

"Yes," Yuan Zhou admitted with a nod. He felt the designation of Compass sounded better than the PI whose pronunciation for the first two characters was the same as Yuan Zhou's name in Chinese.

While Man Man was chatting with Yuan Zhou, other customers likewise understood that it was Boss Yuan himself who screwed this matter up.

"It seems that we have to go to the street administrative office again," a regular customer said.

"Yeah, we have to. Without a shop sign, I have thought the name was just Yuan Zhou's restaurant," another customer followed.

"Forget it. Let's go to vote again after the meal," an acquainted customer said that while ordering dishes.

After that, Mu Xiaoyun started to explain to every customer that went there for meals that the Master Chef Restaurant was the name of Boss Yuan's restaurant, carefully and dutifully.

During the spare time, Yuan Zhou began to enquire the system.

"System, did you do this on purpose? If not for someone accidentally finding the problem and telling me, I will have definitely failed in completing the mission," having been scammed for several times, Yuan Zhou asked with discontent.

The system displayed, "Host, please take this as a warning and endeavor to complete the mission."

"Fu*k the warning. This is definitely an open scam," If the system was a physical being, Yuan Zhou really couldn't guarantee if he would beat it half dead.

Every time Yuan Zhou said that the system was a scam, it just disappeared straightforwardly.

"Scam piece of... ," Yuan Zhou uttered in a low voice.

Such harmless bad words meant nothing to the system. As to whether the missions would become more deceptive, Yuan Zhou would have to rely on his luck for that.

The deadline for the voting for the activity of gourmet map was 6:00 p.m. on the day when the administrative office closed. Since they knew Master Chef Restaurant was the name of Yuan Zhou's restaurant, however, those customers went there again to vote one after another.

It was fairly wonderful to come for the delicacies and go for a stroll to the street administrative office after they finished the meal, which could help them with the digestion.

"One for Master Chef Restaurant," the young woman counted the number while reporting the vote.

"Still the Master Chef Restaurant," it was clearly seen that the young woman had already been numb.

When she saw people come to vote for Master Chef Restaurant on the last day at the very beginning, she could yet accept it despite a little surprise. However, during the remaining time, the young woman truly felt that there was a cramp on her hand due to the continuous work at the keyboard of the computer.

Luckily, 6:00 p.m. was the time to get off work. The woman let out a breath of relief. After she counted the number, Yuan Zhou really was the first. There was no suspense at all now.

Even with the help of Director Wang, the young woman still busied about for a whole day before finishing recording the votes at last. Naturally, they would calculate the votes again if somebody else came to vote. Otherwise, it would be more tiring. Only then did the staff in the office feel lucky.

"Boss Yuan has surprisingly such overwhelming public appeal. The votes for him in a single day are much more than those for others in three days," Director Wang looked at the votes for Yuan Zhou that outnumbered those for others and revealed a smile on her face.

"There are even lots of wasted votes for him that haven't been included," being busy with making a chart, the young woman said without raising her head.

"So it is. His craftsmanship is really terrific," Director Wang sighed with emotion and then said.

Once the result came out, Yuan Zhou received the message. This message receiver worked faster than any other communication equipment.

The system displayed, "The main mission has been accomplished. The reward is hereby released and is available to be received."