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212 Loophole

 On the next early morning, the advertising material store sent the DM advertising pamphlets ordered by Yuan Zhou to his restaurant.

"Hello, boss. These are the advertising pamphlets that you have ordered," wearing a peaked cap, the staff of the store took out a thick stack.

"Sorry to bother you," Yuan Zhou nodded the head and received them.

"That's all right. It's a total of 150 RMB," the staff pointed at the pamphlets and then said.

"One moment, please," carrying the materials, Yuan Zhou walked back to the kitchen and then took out 150 RMB from the drawer and handed them to the staff.

"Thank you. I'm leaving now. Bye," the staff of the store received the money and left the restaurant after checking the authenticity of the notes.

Yuan Zhou picked up an advertising pamphlet and checked it carefully. It was designed elegantly, therefore Yuan Zhou nodded the head contentedly, "Nice work."

The business time for lunch arrived after a while and the customers waiting outside started to enter the restaurant one after another.

"Boss Yuan, a serving of Translucent Beef Slices and a bowl of white rice." The customer who entered the first ordered his dishes immediately.

Other customers behind him also started to order their dishes. It was a scene of bustle and prosperity in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

People were hungry during lunchtime at noon and hence busied themselves enjoying the delicacies. Therefore, no one noticed the advertising pamphlets that Yuan Zhou had put at a conspicuous place. It was Mu Xiaoyun who noticed them first.

"Boss, what's this?" Mu Xiaoyun took up a pamphlet.

"An activity," Yuan Zhou said concisely.

"Award Contest for Gourmet Map?" Taking the pamphlet, Mu Xiaoyun read out the conspicuous characters on it.

"Boss, are we going to take part in the contest?" Mu Xiaoyun looked at Yuan Zhou excitedly.

It was known that the gourmet map of Chengdu was reputable all over the country. Almost everyone that came for tourism would have one in the hand as a guide. Despite the uncertainty if the restaurant would be chosen, it was nevertheless a semi-official grand advertisement with the major advantage of it being free of charge.

Yuan Zhou neither nodded the head to admit nor denied Mu Xiaoyun's question. After all, the system mercilessly didn't allow him to publicize himself.

There was a saying that "The one who understands you most is usually the one who hates you the most, rather than the one who loves you.

Though Ling Hong didn't hate Yuan Zhou, he didn't like him, either. If it wasn't that Yuan Zhou really cooked well, he would have already beaten up this expressionless guy. Therefore, once he saw Yuan Zhou's reaction, he knew this guy was pretending to be deep again.

"No need to ask him. You boss has surely taken part in that contest. Otherwise, where did the pamphlet come from?" Ling Hong took a sip of the watermelon juice and said comfortably.

"Gee? That's great. No wonder that my boss cooks so well but the restaurant isn't on the gourmet map. So that's the reason," Mu Xiaoyun was suddenly enlightened and then said.

"Well, so they choose by voting. Boss Yuan, do you need my vote?" Ling Hong began to ask Yuan Zhou with great interest.

"It's a fair contest," Yuan Zhou said primly.

"No one denies that. If you say yes, I will vote for you. If not, I think the neighboring noodle restaurant is also nice," Ling Hong tried to force Yuan Zhou to say yes.

"If you believe the noodle restaurant cooks better, you naturally can choose them," Yuan Zhou nevertheless revealed a manner of calmness and indifference.

In his heart, however, he had already sculpted Ling Hong into a flower with his gorgeous knife skills. However, he would never make the thought appear on his face.

"Boss Yuan is still so dishonest. Although you say no, you nevertheless act the opposite. You won't be able to get a girlfriend that way," Ling Hong shook his head and sighed, directly pointing out Yuan Zhou's pain of having no girlfriend.

"I don't need to chase after girls by myself. Girls will chase after me. Besides, I have never seen you with any," Yuan Zhou said with great confidence.

"I have many girlfriends. Which one do you want to see?" Ling Hong answered uncaringly.

"I have no interest in that," Yuan Zhou refused him flatly.

"Ok, all right. Anyhow, there would be benefits if you can be chosen. My vote goes to you," Ling Hong picked up a pamphlet and walked out of the restaurant while waving his hand.

"Don't worry, Boss Yuan. Our votes are also for you," the customers surrounding also took up the pamphlets and then start to pledge after they had finished their meals.

"Thank you," Yuan Zhou thanked them after a nod.

"Don't mention it, Boss Yuan. If only you can let me eat two Soup Dumplings or Steamed Assorted Vegetable Buns for one meal one day," the customers said with a smile.

"Humm, we can talk about that later," Yuan Zhou didn't refuse them directly.

"And the Duck Oil Sesame Seed Cake," said a customer who had profound love for the snack.

Although one serving for each dish couldn't fill their stomach at noon and in the evening, they could at least order some other dishes, which were also delicious to the extreme."

After the current ten customers finished their meal, there came another ten. As a result, Yuan Zhou felt more assured.

Because Mu Xiaoyun became a publicist voluntarily.

"Uncle, this restaurant is going to take part in this activity. Please remember to vote for us," Mu Xiaoyun took the pamphlets and immediately went to publicize the restaurant when the customers finished ordering their dishes.

There were also customers who liked joking.

"Boss Yuan, are you going to join the activity?" a customer asked curiously.

Yuan Zhou's reaction was... NO REACTION. After all, he could neither say yes nor say no, thus he might as well prepare the dishes attentively.

"Xiaoyun, see? Your boss isn't saying he will attend the activity? How do you know that?" The customer bent down to joke with Mu Xiaoyun when they found no response from Yuan Zhou.

However, Mu Xiaoyun was also a clever and smart girl. She rolled her eyes and then got close to that customer. Then she said with a show of seriousness, "My boss is ashamed of saying that, so I am helping him to tell you."

"Ha Ha. Xiaoyun, you are so lovely. For the sake of you, I decide to vote for your restaurant," the customers laughed and then said readily.

These were merely tiny interludes. What attracted the vote most was actually the awfully delicious dishes and the disgusting rules of Yuan Zhou's restaurant. After all, any of the customers was likely not to get their turn even after they waited for long for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Once the restaurant was chosen, there would be more people suffering with them, which let them cheer up.

Time passed quickly. In a twinkle of an eye, the deadline for voting arrived.

In these several days, many people said they would go to vote consciously, but they all appeared a little strange when they came back.

At the middle of the breakfast time, Man Man asked Yuan Zhou straightforwardly, "Boss Yuan, didn't you take part in this activity? We all didn't find the name of your restaurant."

"Did your dessert shop also join in the activity?" Yuan Zhou was a little surprised but he still asked back, without showing his feelings.

"Of course. Director Wang wrote my store name on the chart," Man Man nodded her head affirmatively.

Then Yuan Zhou got puzzled. Without saying anything, he prepared to go to the administrative office where the voting took place directly to have a look.

As soon as the breakfast time ended, he set out.

The administrative office was not far from here. It took only ten minutes to get there on foot, thus Yuan Zhou diligently walked there instead of taking a cab.

He bumped into Director Wang once he entered the office.

"Boss Yuan, I'm about to go and look for you. Didn't you tell others that you took part in the activity? Why is there nobody who votes for you," Director Wang spoke a long sentence quickly with concern.

Director Wang had originally been optimistic about Yuan Zhou's restaurant as it indeed deserved the reputation. Even when the activity almost ended, however, not a single person voted for Master Chef Restaurant.

"Yes, I told them. Are there any other exceptions?" Yuan Zhou frowned.

"Oh, yeah. Your words have really reminded me. Those who came to vote all mentioned that they would vote for Yuan Zhou's restaurant. But there's no restaurant with this name on the street, so we have to count them as wasted votes," When Director Wang looked at Yuan Zhou's expression after she explained, she immediately understood.

"That restaurant is yours?" It turned out that Director Wang truly didn't know the full name of Yuan Zhou.

"Yes. Can you add those wasted votes on my name?" Yuan Zhou nodded the head and said seriously.