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211 Landmark Restauran

 "Come, let's go inside together." While speaking, Chen Wei entered the restaurant with Dong Dong and Fang Heng.

"Sure," Fang Heng agreed readily. Thus, the three of them walked into the restaurant together.

"Chen Wei, you come again with your brothers," as soon as they entered the restaurant, they encountered Zheng Xian who had once won everyone's wine.

"It's you again?" Chem Wei felt a toothache while looking at her.

"I have a good luck. See? You are also here," Zheng Xian wasn't really angry. She just looked at Chen Wei up and down with a smile.

"I'm not playing games with you today," Chen Wei took a step back alertly and then said firmly.

"That's okay. I don't expect you to play," Zheng Xian accepted and then said.

"Hi, everyone. The business hours of the pub begin now. This way, please," Yuan Zhou interrupted their conversation duly and, consequently, alleviated the embarrassing atmosphere.

Yuan Zhou went up and pushed open the sergestes wall, revealing an arched door. Inside of the door was exactly the small garden of the pub, where the breeze carried along some light fragrance. It was very pleasant.

"Even the door is so exquisite," Zheng Xian said mildly.

"Yeah, so it is. Even an adult man like me feels it's beautiful," Chen Wei likewise nodded.

"It's merely a little small," the tall and strong person Dong Dong entered the door while bending over and then grumbled.

"It's indeed creative and original." As Fang Heng came here for the first time, he was a little surprised. Surroundings were one thing, the quality of the wine was nevertheless also very important; hence, he was looking forward to the taste of the wine even more.

As soon as they passed through the door, a breeze blew towards them from the small garden. The two showy radish sculptures were quite conspicuous in the courtyard.

Under the moonlight, the court lady really looked like a beauty from the moon palace with flesh of ice and bones of jade, appearing quite holy.

The jade white branches of the phoenix tree at the side were as warm as jade. Each of the two sculptures brought out the best in one another.

"This must be the new works of Boss Yuan. It's truly vivid and lively." Zheng Xian went up and carefully observed the radish sculptures, finding such big sculptures surprisingly had no defects at all.

"Thank you for your compliment," Yuan Zhou thanked her with a serious manner.

"Boss Yuan, do you have any plans to sell them?" Zheng Xian liked these kinds of beautiful objects very much.

"No. This way to the second floor," Yuan Zhou shook his head and then pointed to the ground floor of the well-lit pub.

"What a pity!" Zheng Xian was unwilling to accept his answer. However, when she realized Yuan Zhou had never thought of selling it, she gave up.

"Do you think it's worth it to buy merely a big radish that can't be eaten?" Chen Wei couldn't help grumbling when he saw the expression of pity on the face of Zheng Xian.

"Humans have the right to appreciate the beauty. But I have once seen an interesting scene where a monkey picks a wildflower and gulps it down," Zheng Xian took a glance at Chen Wei and then uttered something totally irrelevant.

"I have even seen a seagull catch fish and eat it. What does yours count for?" When Chen Wei didn't say anything, Dong Dong nevertheless showed off his experience with a complacent manner.

"Stupid," having understood what Zheng Xian meant, Chen Wei dragged Dong Dong upstairs.

Zheng Xian said nothing more after a smile. The several people arrived at the second floor smoothly and then got their seats, waiting there for Yuan Zhou to take the wine to them.

"Boss Yuan, this place is so elegant. It's awfully tasteful to drink the bamboo liquor in the bamboo forest," Fang Heng looked around for a circle and then said with a smile.

"Thank you. Here's your liquor," Yuan Zhou carried a pot of liquor and a cup to him.

"You are welcome. Such refreshing and mellow scent." With merely a smell, Fang Heng knew it was good wine, hence straightforwardly praised.

He opened the wine pot and immediately poured out a cup of the liquor impatiently.

The color was like the amber and its transparency and fragrance needn't be mentioned especially. The wine didn't overflow although it filled the cup. Undoubtedly, it was good wine.

"Good wine," Fang Heng couldn't help but praise. Having carried up the cup and gulped the liquor down, he shut his mouth tight and spoke no more in case the fragrance leaked out.

When the bamboo liquor entered the throat, a blast of refreshing fragrance rushed into his throat first and then directly into his stomach. Only then did the taste of the liquor rise up. It was incomparably refreshing with a hint of spiciness and smoothness, like the sweet and throat-soothing pear juice being swallowed slowly into his stomach.

Not until all the taste of the liquor was fully absorbed did Fang Heng open the mouth to reminisce the aftertaste and say, "It's undoubtedly old wine. The taste is sweet and fragrant as well. As expected of bamboo liquor."

"How do you like it? Is it delicious?" Chen Wei carried up the wine cup and said proudly.

"It is indeed good wine that comes once in a blue moon. Great," Fang Heng nodded and was convinced of that. Even the ten-year-old wine tied at the waist couldn't be compared with this one for half of the taste. Fortunately, he didn't take it out to show off.

"Boss Yuan has really a good craftsmanship," looking at Yuan Zhou who was sitting in the distance, Fang Heng said with a sigh.

"Truly so," Chen Wei chimed in with him while sipping the tasty wine.

"It's so boring to drink liquor only. Let's play a game, shall we?" Zheng Xian took up the wine pot and said with a smiling face.

"Don't count me in," Chen Wei refused squarely with a loud voice.

"I want to have a try," Fang Heng revealed an expression of interest.

"Well, you are done then," a look of sympathy appeared on the solemn face of Chen Wei.

Last time, Chen Wei lost the game utterly. In the end, all his remaining liquor was basically drunk by Zheng Xian and he almost cried due to the loss. This time, he would never be fooled again no matter what she said. However, Chen Wei had a feeling of both sympathy and glee when he saw Fang Heng intend to play. It seemed that another person would be fooled again.

"How is it possible? An invitation from a beauty to play a game is not a problem for me," Fang Heng regarded himself as a man of noble character and naturally acted decently.

"This gentleman is so courteous. Let's just play a simple game. Whoever loses the game has to spare half a cup of the liquor to the winner, ok?" Zheng Xian asked softly with a cup being held in her hand.

"No problem. You tell me the rules," Fang Heng made a gesture of "Go ahead".

"In ancient times, it's basically the celebrities who love to drink the bamboo liquor. This time, let's also follow suit and poetize for the wine. Of course, the time to think should be less than 10 seconds," Zheng Xian rolled her eyes and proposed randomly.

"Tsk-task. Again, it's the same trick," Chen Wei, and his brother Dong Dong, just drank the liquor quietly at the side.

"Ok. Let's start with me and you follow. 'Among the flowers was a pot of liquor while I drink alone without any company'," Fang Heng uttered a poem with readiness.

The following plot was undoubtedly easy to guess. No matter how many verses Fang Heng uttered, Zheng Xian would follow quickly, without even one second to think. Even Fang Heng who had believed he himself to be literate was likewise defeated. And naturally, his remaining liquor was taken over by Zheng Xian. Only then did Fang Heng get to know why Chen Wei had refused the proposal at the beginning.

Yuan Zhou's pub at night was harmonious as such.

Nowadays, Yuan Zhou's small restaurant was quite well-known in the neighborhood. Even those who had never been here also knew about this place.

For example, the elite who was making a call, "I'm at the Taoxi Road. Pardon, you don't know? It's where Yuan Zhou's small restaurant is seated. The restaurant serves delicious dishes."

The person at the other end of the phone probably thought they would have the meal in Yuan Zhou's small restaurant and hence became quite thrilled. The excited voice was clearly heard even on this side of the phone, "You gotta go there to treat me a meal. Don't worry. I will be there in 10 minutes."

"That's really a terrific idea. But unfortunately, it is not there. It's the restaurant next door. Hurry up," the elite refused squarely. What a joke! Even he himself hadn't been there yet.

The other person didn't seem to give up the hope and was still striving for the target. However, the elite just kept saying "No, no, no" to refuse.

Judging in this way, Yuan Zhou was right. Whoever got the most votes won out. It was apparently very easy to accomplish the mission given by the system?

However, was the system likely to release such a simple mission?