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210 A Simple Mission

 "Wait, you say a main mission. Can I level up after completing it?" Yuan Zhou interrupted the system and asked directly.

The system displayed, "Yes."

With the increase of the grade, the benefits were noticeable, including for example more money and, of course, more dishes, which was also Yuan Zhou's concern.

The system displayed, "The main mission is hereby released."

[Main Mission] Join the urban gourmet map

(Mission tips: If you want to conquer the stomachs of all people around the world, how can you not win over a simple street? Young man, go to defeat all the stores in this street and conquer the whole street. Certainly, you can't lose the pride of a chef and are not allowed to publicize your restaurant by yourself.)

[Mission reward] Welcoming Set Meal

(Reward tips: As a Master Chef Restaurant, how could you not have something for entertaining the customers?)

Concerning the rule that he can't publicize by himself, Yuan Zhou had already been used to it. What he felt suspicious was the other aspect.

"I don't think I really understand this mission. What shall I do to join the gourmet map?" Yuan Zhou asked with a dubious tone.

Meanwhile, he started to carefully recall what he already knew. The result was naturally nothing.

The system displayed, "Host, you can check by yourself."

"Again, you tell me nothing. All right, then what exactly is the bloody reward?" To such a veteran like Yuan Zhou, he would merely go with the flow for the mission, but the reward nevertheless had to be made clear beforehand.

The system displayed, "This is the necessary item to entertain the customers. It will be released by the system automatically at that time."

"Pretending to be mysterious," Yuan Zhou was awfully speechless towards the rigidity of the system.

But suddenly he thought of one thing, "System, I still have two chairs that are locked."

The system displayed, "Host is still unqualified to unlock them by now."

"Which level should I reach to unlock them?" Looking at the restaurant with only 10 seats, Yuan Zhou felt slightly speechless.

The system displayed, "Host has to work hard to get promoted."

"Actually, I can buy some tables and chairs by myself, with the condition that you cannot take them away," Yuan Zhou stroked his forehead and suggested sincerely.

The system displayed, "Host doesn't have the permission to add the seats by himself temporarily."

"Ok. Is there any time limit on the mission?" Yuan Zhou sprawled over the azure stone countertop, not caring about his appearance at all.

The system displayed, "No."

"Except for the unknown requirements, the mission does not seem really difficult," Yuan Zhou said thoughtfully.

The system nevertheless no longer replied Yuan Zhou.

"Is Boss Yuan there?" From outside the restaurant passed a vigorous female voice.

"Yes, come on in, please," Yuan Zhou straightened his back instantly and adjusted his expression. In the twinkling of an eye, the usual aloof appearance was then revealed.

"It's good you are here. There's a good event. Boss Yuan, are you interested in joining in?" It was Director Wang who collected the administrative fee last time. She carried a consistent expression of kindness and friendliness on her face, a characteristic feature of the aunts from the neighborhood committee.

"Please tell me," Yuan Zhou instantly brought the mission of the system to his mind and then asked expectantly.

"The Chengdu gourmet map is going to be modified this year. Every residential district can nominate a candidate for further determination," Director Wang said with a smile.

"Did you recommend my restaurant?" Yuan Zhou just asked calmly with a long face.

"It's not up to me. There are so many restaurants and eateries in the street. But we are preparing to hold a voting activity that will last for three days. Do you have interest in joining in?" Director Wang waved her hand and then told in details why she was here.

"Of course I have the interest. Thank you for your notification, Director Wang." Since the mission couldn't be accomplished straightforwardly, Yuan Zhou was a little disappointed. However, there was definitely no suspense since he could also win by the means of voting. Therefore, it was acceptable for him.

"You are welcome. Your business is so prosperous every day so you'll probably be chosen. It is likewise the pride of our street," Director Wang smiled and conveniently praised Yuan Zhou.

Indeed. Since Yuan Zhou's restaurant was opened, it brought about a good flow of people and more customer visits. That was also a moderate contribution to the street. Therefore, Director Wang thought highly of Yuan Zhou, who in her opinion was a man of ideas and craftsmanship and, furthermore, was young.

"Humm, I will continue to work hard," Yuan Zhou guaranteed seriously.

"Don't be so serious. Ok, let me register your information," Director Wang took out a chart and handed it to Yuan Zhou.

"Ok. So you write or I fill in the blanks by myself?" Yuan Zhou looked at the chart and asked.

"Let me write. That way, the handwriting is the same and the information is easier to record. Tell me the name of your restaurant," Director Wang picked up the pen and waited for Yuan Zhou to tell her.

"The name is Master Chef Restaurant," after Yuan Zhou told her the name, Director Wang wrote it immediately.

"Good. Now I'm leaving for the next one," when she finished, she put down the pen and left smilingly.

"It seems to be the turning point of the mission. However, it's really a simple mission," Yuan Zhou let out a sigh of relief and carried a conspicuous smile on his face.

Nevertheless, he still needed to work hard. While thinking of that, Yuan Zhou took out the phone and began to make calls, preparing to print some Direct Mail advertisement paper. Of course he wouldn't publicize his restaurant by himself. It was just to tell the customers about the activity, not for the publicity of his restaurant.

While making the calls, Yuan Zhou thought that proudly.

While Yuan Zhou was busy with accomplishing his mission at the side, Fang Heng was also earnestly preparing to come and savor Yuan Zhou's Bamboo Liquor. For that, he especially took a wine pot inside of which 150ml of ten-year-old wine was filled. He intended to make a comparison between his wine and Yuan Zhou's. Naturally, the dishes with wine were also required.

"Prepare a little spiced corned beef, vinegar peanuts, and some pickled kelps for me to take away," Fang Heng stopped an attendant and told him the dishes before waiting in the main hall.

Right now, the business of the Fang Family Pub was fairly good. It merely lacked the visit of some drunkards and the heated atmosphere of drinking.

"Boss, they are all well packed and the amount is for two people." The attendant went up and handed Fang Heng a packed paper bag, inside of which several brown coarse porcelain bowls were laid neatly.

"Humm, that's good," Fang Heng looked at the bag and nodded. Then, he took the stuff and walked out.

On the way, the ten-year-old wine sloshed lightly against the wine pot and emitted a clear and melodious sound of "Pa Pa".

It was not far from Fang Family Pub to Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Fang Heng didn't drive there, but took a taxi as he would be drinking the wine later. Traffic rules had to be strictly followed.

It took no more than 20 minutes to get the street cross by taxi. When he paid for the fare and got off, it was 20:45, "The time is just right."

Fang Heng nodded with satisfaction. While taking the dishes with one hand, he touched the wine pot with the other and then walked to Yuan Zhou's restaurant in big strides.

On the way there, he happened to encounter some regular customers of his own pub. They also seemed to head for Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Boss Fang, why are you here at this period of the day?" His regular customers were several people including Chen Wei, who greeted him when he saw Fang Heng.

"I also come to try the good wine, for improvements of mine," Fang Heng said frankly. On his face was honesty and straightforwardness.

"Boss Fang is so broad-minded. But frankly speaking, Boss Yuan's wine was truly wonderful. I can't even describe it in words," Chen Wei said while laughing when he captured no reluctance on Fang Heng's face.

"There's always a mountain higher still. Never too old to learn," Fang Heng also answered with a smile.

"Let's drink some wine together in a moment. But you can't grab my wine," Chen Wei and Fang Heng had drunk together for a few times, thus he began to joke with Fang Heng.

"Don't worry, I won't. I'm not addicted to drinking. I'm here just to savor the wine," Fang Heng said indifferently.

"That'll be perfect," Chen Wei and Fang Heng talked and joked all way long. Just in a little while, they walked to Yuan Zhou's restaurant.