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209 Main Mission

 As the father was unable to see, the small boy had to carry the bowl up to receive the beef in case the several pieces fell on the ground unfortunately.

The father placed three pieces of the beef into the boy's bowl and the boy just received them with a smile.

Yuan Zhou had thought there might be a show of the two people modestly declining the beef, but on the contrary, the small boy just received the beef quietly with a smile.

"Dad, you can eat the last piece of the beef for a taste. Uncle Boss cooks the beef pretty good and, moreover, there's a lot," the small boy said that when he saw there was only one piece left in his father's bowl.

"Alright. I will eat the remaining beef," the father agreed with a smile.

While the father and son were eating the noodles quietly, the boy didn't put the beef back into his father's bowl. Although his father couldn't see things, he still had other senses and could perceive things. After careful observation, Yuan Zhou found the beef appeared again in the bottom of the father's bowl when he almost finished the meal. There were exactly 3 pieces, neither more nor less. The beef that had been in the boy's bowl just now, however, was gone.

"So that's it," Yuan Zhou looked at the boss who was chatting smilingly with others at the side and then stood up.

"Take care. Welcome back next time," the boss turned the head and greeted him with some words.

"Ok. Boss, the Beef Noodle Soup is really delicious," Yuan Zhou answered with a nod and said that.

"Of course. Good-bye," the boss received Yuan Zhou's gratitude immodestly.

Having walked out of the restaurant, Yuan Zhou took up the phone and sent a message to Yin Ya through the microblog.

[The Beef Noodle Soup recommended by you is really appetizing. Thank you.] from I'm Boss Yuan.

No answer came from that side. Yin Ya was probably busy with her work.

Yuan Zhou then got a cab and returned to his restaurant soon. As there was only less than half an hour before the business time arrived, he didn't shut the door this time.

Shortly after that, Wu Hai came again and asked with a grudging manner. "Of the three days that you promised me, you only taught me for two days. What about the remaining one day?"

"Say it normally," Yuan Zhou felt uncomfortable with Wu Hai's sorrowful gaze.

"When are you going to teach me for the last day?" Wu Hai appeared a little worried while stroking his small mustache.

"Are you leaving soon?" Yuan Zhou asked with puzzlement.

"Very soon. In just a few days," Wu Hai nodded the head.

"Then this afternoon and the next afternoon can add up to one day," Yuan Zhou checked the time and said that.

"Good," Wu Hai agreed squarely and then started to look at Yuan Zhou up and down.

"Yes?" Yuan Zhou stayed put despite Wu Hai's careful observation.

"Look at this miserable person. Isn't there a serving of the liquor for me tonight? I know there's still one left," Wu Hai said while pointing at the box for the lottery.

"No, you have drawn the lottery once and used up your opportunity," Yuan Zhou refused him squarely.

"Compass!" Wu Hai said indignantly.

Yuan Zhou straightforwardly disregarded his answer as if he hadn't heard him. Not until Wu Hai finished murmuring did he ask, "Have you practiced the vegetable dish?"

"Of course. There's one plate of the dish in the kitchen right now. Do you want to have a taste?" Speaking of his masterpiece, Wu Hai was immediately attracted to another topic.

"Not necessary. You can just carry it downstairs for me to have a look." Once Yuan Zhou thought of the dyestuff, he got an ache in the stomach.

"No problem. You help to check if there's any problem with the dish," after a nod, Wu Hai went back to his art studio to carry the dish downstairs while wearing a pair of slippers that emitted a sound of "Da Da Da".

After Wu Hai had just gone, a man walked into Yuan Zhou's restaurant firmly.

"You are the boss, aren't you? Can I draw the lottery now?" The man said with a fairly clear-cut purpose.

"It's not business hours now," Yuan Zhou raised the head and looked at the man.

After a silence for a second, the man said, "Boss Yuan, you don't seem to have said that only in business hours could the people draw the lottery."

Then, Yuan Zhou became stuck by the question. He indeed had not made any rules like that.

"Ok. Do it," Yuan Zhou took out the lottery box and put it in front of the man.

"Thank you. Then I'll try my fortune now," the man said with courtesy and revealed a manner of "Friendliness brings wealth."

After that, he reached out his hand into the box and started to draw the lottery. While the table tennis balls were making a continuous sound of "Hua La", the man drew out his hand in a little while and then a red ball appeared on his slender and clean palm.

"The last pot of the bamboo liquor now belongs to you. Come on time tonight, otherwise, I won't wait for you," said Yuan Zhou after he took back the box and ball.

"Thank you. I will come over here on time," the man first listened to Yuan Zhou carefully and then said.

"Humm. Please order dishes when business time arrives. There are still 15 minutes left," when Yuan Zhou saw the man still not leave, he told him.

"Don't worry, Boss Yuan. I'm not ordering dishes and will leave now," the man looked carefully at the other side of the Sergestes Wall Landscape and then said.

"See you," Yuan Zhou nodded.

Subsequently, the man turned around and walked out. At that time, Wu Hai happened to come downstairs while carrying the vegetable dish and then he murmured suspiciously, "It's surprisingly Fang Heng."

But soon he understood after thinking for a second. It was really not easy for him to endure until now, for which Wu Hai admired him very much, not knowing how the business of his pub was now. In Wu Hai's mind, however, it would surely be affected, but not too much. After all, the customers admitted into Yuan Zhou's pub were far less than those who wanted to drink there.

That was the truth. Otherwise, as the boss of Fang Family Pub, Fang Heng would have gone crazy by now. How was it possible that he spoke with Yuan Zhou so calmly?

"Good wine really deserves a try. I seem to have a good luck today, don't I?" Fang Heng thought while walking.

"Boss Yuan, look. The name of the dish is Full Moon and Grassland. Isn't it felicitous?" Having abandoned the thoughts about Fang Heng, Wu Hai carried the vegetable dish that was well laid out and then handed it to Yuan Zhou.

"Did you give the name?" Yuan Zhou chewed the several words carefully for a while before he understood the twisted name.

"Humm, every painting of mine should have a distinct name." The way that Wu Hai spoke was quite normal.

Not until Yuan Zhou finally saw the painting work did he have an intuitive feeling.

Wu Hai's artistic was definitely undisputed; therefore, the plate presentation was really interesting. Although it looked quite beautiful, Yuan Zhou severely suspected that it wasn't eatable.

As Yuan Zhou had always been asking him to stir-fry the vegetable dishes, Wu Hai followed his instructions this time and didn't add any dyestuff or anything weird into the dish. However, he placed a cabbage head in the middle of the dish, making it just stand upright there. Around it were pieces of cabbage leaves that were not curled. While all of them were placed neatly in the plate, the dish indeed looked like a grass field to some extent.

But couldn't he at least blanch the cabbage head first? In this regard, Yuan Zhou indicated that he was unable to bear it.

"Can you just cook the moon first next time?" Yuan Zhou pointed at the cabbage head in the middle.

"I feel that the current color is more natural," Wu Hai had his own considerations.

"Will you eat it?" Yuan Zhou then asked a most practical question.

"Of course not," Wu Hai always took what he felt for granted.

Due to his obsessive-compulsive disorder, Yuan Zhou simply couldn't endure the dish design. The cooked vegetables, surprisingly, were matched with an uncooked cabbage head, which was originally not a vegetable that could be eaten fresh. Apart from that, the leaves were strangely placed like that. As a result, even the cooked vegetables were not likely to be eaten as they would become cold soon.

"What if you go to other places?" Yuan Zhou directly came to the point.

"All right. I got it," Wu Hai hesitated for a second first and decided to change a plate presentation that was edible. Then he returned to his art studio while carrying the plate.

"Hu", while letting out a breath, Yuan Zhou muttered, "It seems this fellow can only eat vegetables like a rabbit when he goes out for now."

Just as he barely finished saying that, the system appeared and revealed its existence.

The system displayed, "A main mission is hereby enabled..."