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207 Beef Noodle Soup

 "What does the Miraculous Kitchen Knife mean?" Yuan Zhou asked while binding the knife handle with the ribbon.

The system displayed, "The knife will have unexpected effects if used along with the Master Chef Set."

"I think you are like the one that sells medicine pills, the kind that cures various diseases," Yuan Zhou grumbled expressionlessly.

The system displayed, "The knife is made of rare elements of vanadium and selenium."

"Wait, wait. Isn't it very difficult for the rare element of vanadium to dissolve? Besides, it doesn't have the ductility if there are impurities, does it?" Yuan Zhou indicated that he was fairly knowledgeable and happened to know about this element.

The system, nevertheless, didn't answer Yuan Zhou's question and continued with its own explanation procedures. The system displayed, "The melting point of the vanadium is very high. It is called the refractory metal. It is hard and has ductility but no magnetic property. Furthermore, It is resistant to hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid. Moreover, the anti-corrosion property in gas-salt-water is better than that of stainless steel. It doesn't oxidize in the air."

"Vanadium is a kind of silver gray metal. Any impurities will affect its ductility."

"With the multiple outstanding physical and chemical properties, it has a wide range of applications and has enjoyed a reputation as a metal vitamin. Due to its scarcity, it's usually used in the aerospace industry."

"After the system melted the element into the knife, it added the decomposed selenium into the knife before it solidified, giving it the property of selenium."

"Selenium is an antioxidant. It can prevent aging and tissue hardening caused by the oxidation, and at least slow down its pace of deterioration; it has the functions of activating the immune system and precluding cancer, therefore it's an indispensable trace minerals."

"The selenium contained in the knife could satisfy the requirements of humans. The daily supply is 15 ug for infants within 1 year old, 20 ug for kids from 1-3 years old, 40 ug for kids from 4-6 years old and 50 ug for adults."

"It could be absorbed directly from the knife?" Yuan Zhou picked up the knife of which he had just bound the handle and felt rather curious.

The knife had little difference from ordinary knives. Speaking of luster, it wasn't really very bright. But judging from the blade, it was extraordinarily sharp, giving a silver luster under the light of a lamp.

No one was able to tell if it was made from rare metals, let alone it was also creatively added with the selenium element.

The system displayed, "This system has its own way."

"Ho Ho. All right. Then can I use it now?" Yuan Zhou looked at the intact knife handle contentedly, with a great sense of achievement.

The system displayed, "Host, you can use it freely."

Then Yuan Zhou excitedly took the knife and started to look for the ingredients that could reflect the knife blade.

Having turned around for a circle, he didn't find anything suitable. It was, likewise, not the right time to cook dishes now. Yuan Zhou didn't buy any material for sculpting as he always bought fresh ingredients every day. With a sudden inspiration, Yuan Zhou recalled that giant radish. It seemed that he had only to take the advantage of the system.

"System, I think my knife skills need some polishing. What do you think?" Yuan Zhou held the knife with a serious expression.

If the system had intelligence, it would be quite speechless. The scam was so apparent that Yuan Zhou didn't even try to cover it up.

Without any urging, there appeared a giant radish in the kitchen as expected after quite a while. It was really very big. Even the radish sprouts hung down to the ground and the radish was just a few steps away from supporting the ceiling.

Immediately, Yuan Zhou confirmed one thing. The system basically wouldn't refuse any request concerning the improvement of the culinary skills of the chef, starting from the dishwasher for the first time to the radish now for practicing.

When he had gotten the radish in his hand, Yuan Zhou picked up the Miracle Kitchen Knife and easily cut off the radish sprout with a sound of "Hua".

Yuan Zhou finally felt the difference between this knife and an ordinary knife. This knife weighed much less by half than an ordinary one while the sharpness exceeded the latter one. As the knife handle was bound by himself, it felt rather comfortable.

Yuan Zhou stood on a small stool that was used to pick the Jinling Grass and observed the incision carefully.

The incision was neat without any skewness and completely conformed to his expectation when he had started to cut. The cutting process went on quite smoothly and easily despite the big size of the radish. After Yuan Zhou carefully smelled it, he found there was not any slightest underlying taste of the new knife. No wonder it was the Master Chef Set.

Yuan Zhou nodded with satisfaction. Only then did he wave the knife and start to sculpt the radish.

This time, he was sculpting a phoenix tree that was like a real one rather than a court lady. The radish sprouts were used as ornaments for the green leaves and the root hair at the bottom was clearly seen. Such a small phoenix tree was like a big potted plant that people liked.

"Finally, I could sculpt the tree well," Yuan Zhou let out a breath. Eventually, he could make up for the fault that he had made with the phoenix tree for the first time.

Having straightened out his thinking, Yuan Zhou then tidied the kitchen and went upstairs to wash up and sleep. Of course even with his four inconspicuous abdominal muscles, he still spent quite a while before the big potted plant of a phoenix tree was moved to the courtyard of the pub for decoration.

The Miraculous Kitchen Knife was, indeed, a miracle to whoever used it. So awesome!


The next morning, Yuan Zhou shut the door immediately after the breakfast time ended. He didn't pull his hand cart this time. Instead, he just took two wooden boxes and then left the restaurant, checking the phone while walking.

The page clearly showed the chat history between Yin Ya and him last night. Yuan Zhou flipped the messages carefully and at last found the address that had been sent to him the day earlier.

He walked to the crossing and hailed a taxi, as usual. After reporting the destination to the taxi driver, he began to close the eyes and rest his mind.

Theoretically, Yuan Zhou had already earned sufficient money to buy a car, but he had never thought of that. To this end, Ling Hong once asked him.

"It seems that you either walk or take a taxi when you go out. Why don't you buy a car?" Ling Hong asked him randomly when he was quite bored.

"If I learn to drive, I might as well study some new dishes during that time span," Yuan Zhou said with a show of seriousness.

"That indeed makes sense," Ling Hong was persuaded by Yuan Zhou with this reason.

Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou truly wouldn't go to learn to drive, nor would he buy a car.

"It's totally 27 RMB," the taxi driver parked the car smoothly and told Yuan Zhou the charge after he pressed the taximeter.

"The amount is just right. Please keep the change," Yuan Zhou gave him a handful of changes and then opened the car door to get off.

Standing in front of the noodle restaurant, Yuan Zhou heaved a sigh and then said while looking at the taxi that was pulling away, "Good service provided and bills cleared."

The noodle restaurant was not large, but the glass door was nevertheless wiped very clean. The cash register was at the door, in front of which were several folding tables. At this time, several people were still eating and talking happily inside and the warm atmosphere looked fairly good.

"The noodles should be delicious." Seeing that all the people appeared happy in the restaurant, Yuan Zhou came to the conclusion before he walked into the restaurant.

The boss was a slim and tall middle-aged man. He wore a gray shirt and black pants, with the hands being really clean and a smile on his face. Seeing Yuan Zhou come into the main hall, he said enthusiastically," The menu is on the wall. Please check what you like to eat."

"Ok," Yuan Zhou nodded and looked up at the menu.

There was a piece of red oilpaper pasted on the wall. Written on it were several kinds of homely noodles like Beef Noodle Soup and Noodle Soup with Spare Ribs, etc.

"A bowl of specialty Beef Noodle Soup, with coriander, please."

Having ordered the noodles, Yuan Zhou got seated at a table for four close to the kitchen and took out two wooden boxes from his pocket, preparing to eat the noodles.

Yin Ya's recommendation...