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206 Miraculous Kitchen Knife

 "Is that so?" Wu Hai said while pointing at the vegetables in the pan silently.

"You should stir-fry them now." There was an air of despair in Yuan Zhou's tone.

"Oh, yeah, stir-fry," Wu Hai took out the drawing tools and began to turn the vegetables over and over while maintaining the messy profile.

"Actually, you needn't emphasize much on the mess. Even Paul Gauguin didn't convey the messy feeling all along, right?" Yuan Zhou had to search in his mind for an abstractionist painter that was known by him

"Ok," Wu Hai began to make the pan presentation while the hot pan was still emitting a sound of "Zi Zi".

While others made the plate presentation, Wu Hai insisted on making the presentation in the pan.

"The vegetables are scorched," Yuan Zhou pointed at the pan and said calmly.

"Never mind. I can finish the presentation before the dish gets scorched next time," Wu Hai was quite confident.

"But when you move the dish into the plate, it will still be messed up," Yuan Zhou really couldn't get why Wu Hai insisted on making the presentation during cooking since it was supposed to be done after cooking.

"It's good-looking right now," Wu Hai spoke out the reason earnestly.

What Yuan Zhou was thinking right now was whether to use his shoes to smack Wu Hai's face and pull out his mustache.

"Let's cook it again," Yuan Zhou pulled himself together and then said while pointing at the leftover vegetables.

"Ok, sure. But are we still going to stir-fry the vegetables?" Wu Hai looked at the vegetarian dish with contempt.

"Humm. You follow my instructions this time and I guarantee the dish will be artistic," Yuan Zhou said affirmatively.

"Really? Did you say artistic?" Wu Hai looked at Yuan Zhou doubtfully.

"Of course. After all, my dishes are not only edible but also very delicious," Yuan Zhou signaled Wu Hai to dump the dry and yellowish vegetables and then wash the pan.

While saying that, Yuan Zhou stressed on the two words of edible and delicious. Wu Hai, nevertheless, just got obsessed with the art and apparently didn't hear the difference.

Except during the business hours of his restaurant, Yuan Zhou stayed in Wu Hai's kitchen for the whole day. He had to watch Wu Hai at intervals in case he added pigment into the pan again. Naturally, Yuan Zhou also asked him a question that he felt curious about.

"Wu Hai, vegetables also have different colors and the pigment can be extracted. Why don't you use that?" Yuan Zhou asked him when Wu Hai wanted to add the pigment and adjust the color once again.

"It's watery and is difficult to take shape. Besides, it's not easy to dye the color in it," as a master of oil painting, Wu Hai naturally liked thick and heavy colors and hence said in an obvious tone.

"Ok, I understand now. Let's continue with the next step," Yuan Zhou gave up asking the question and directly moved to the next step.

This whole day let Yuan Zhou understand one thing. It was better not to accept any disciples later as he had run out of all his patience as well as his self-control. Without them, he would have failed in refraining himself from choking Wu Hai to death.

Why did this seemingly normal young man have such a weird way of thinking? Yuan Zhou indicated that he really couldn't understand.

In the evening, Yuan Zhou received a message from Yin Ya whom he hadn't seen for a long time.

Yes, Yuan Zhou added Yin Ya into his contacts in the microblog while Yin Ya did the same to Yuan Zhou.

[Let me recommend to you a restaurant serving tasty beef noodle soup. Boss Yuan, I feel that you should give it a try. It's really very delicious.] from Yin Ya.

[Send me the address.] from I'm Boss Yuan.

After quite a while, Yin Ya sent her reply back, [Boss Yuan, you came online. Long time no see.]

[Humm. Long time no see.] from I'm Boss Yuan.

[Why is Boss Yuan so polite on the internet? Are you a fake or not?] Yin Ya was taking the tablet computer. She just smiled, but didn't give him the address directly.

[No, why?] Yuan Zhou frowned and got a little puzzled. He had always been awfully courteous.

[All right. I won't joke with you anymore. You have no sense of humor. The address is xxx Road xxx Residential Area.] Yin Ya pouted and then sent the address.

[Ok, thank you.] After thinking for a while, Yuan Zhou expressed his gratitude.

[You are welcome. I'm gonna sleep. Good night.] Yin Ya answered him with a good night and put away the tablet before going to sleep.

Yuan Zhou, likewise, answered her the same way and was still thinking of the matter of his politeness.

"Is it because I have acted too aloof?" Yuan Zhou stood up and looked at himself in the mirror.

He suddenly lifted up the hem," Oh, I finally got abdominal muscles."

Seeing the profile of the growing abdominal muscles, Yuan Zhou was thinking how to let others know that he had abdominal muscles now. Anyhow, he was considered to be a good-looking man who cooked well and had abdominal muscles; therefore he should have no problem to get a girlfriend.

However, Yuan Zhou found the abdominal muscles couldn't be exposed to the public. It seemed that he can only wait for those girls to find his intrinsic advantages by themselves. Yuan Zhou was fairly confident about that.

The system displayed, "Host, the reward hasn't been received yet."

Suddenly, the system uttered something in Yuan Zhou's mind after remaining silent for long.

"Is the reward the one for the snack?" Yuan Zhou asked with puzzlement.

The system displayed, "No. The Master Chef Set has been released. This reward yet has a time limit."

[2nd Side Mission] Make an artwork out of sculpting with a full score (completed)

(Mission Tips: As a to-be Master Chef, sculpting with a kitchen knife is a piece of cake. I think highly of you, young man. Move, move.)

[Mission Reward] A piece of the Master Chef Set (Available to be received: please receive the reward within 96 hours)

(Reward Tips: if you can gather all the pieces of the Master Chef Set, you might be able to summon a grand prize.)

"It really has a time limit," Yuan Zhou tapped open the mission and found it was indeed so.

The system displayed, "Host, you can receive it now."

"Receive," Yuan Zhou had traded a part of his culinary skills for this reward. Of course, he would receive it.

The system displayed, "The reward has been released."

Yuan Zhou stood up and went downstairs. His slippers emitted a slight sound of "Dong Dong Dong" while stepping on the stairway.

When he came into the kitchen, an extra kitchen knife had appeared on the knife shelf as expected. As it was quite conspicuous, one could hardly neglect it.

"Is this the mischievous side of the system?" Yuan Zhou pointed at the bow ribbon at the knife handle and felt rather helpless.

The system displayed, "The ribbon can be used to bind the knife handle. Host, you have to finish the work by yourself."

"It's truly the perfect explanation," Yuan Zhou was already used to being speechless by the system's scams. He felt strange even when the system offered him the reward a few days earlier with no reason.

Compared to the system, Wu Hai was merely a little strange.

"Fu*k. I must have been terribly affected by Wu Hai and surprisingly thought of the pigment meal." Yuan Zhou shook his head and tried to forget the horrible meal as soon as possible.

Yuan Zhou went up and untied the bowknot, which was in deep purple color and stain resistant.

"Is this ribbon so good that I have to bind it myself?" Yuan Zhou looked at the wooden knife handle and asked curiously.

The system displayed, "A good knife is a standard equipment of the Master Chef. And the knife handle could influence the sense of touch of the chef towards the knife."

"But I don't know how to bind it. Please provide me with a method," Yuan Zhou took the ribbon helplessly, not knowing how to bind the knife handle.

The system then straightforwardly provided him with quite a few methods, all appearing to be simple and easy to be learned.

"Ok," Yuan Zhou chose the simplest one and then began to bind it according to the method.

The system displayed, "This variety of the ribbon is the gauze type, a kind of ultra-slim silk fabric. With its tactility being like a cold jade, it won't be affected by the temperature of the skin and thus has functions of maintaining the skin moisture and slowing the process of aging."

"Isn't it just a piece of cloth? Fortunately it's not too much," while binding the knife handle, Yuan Zhou sighed with emotion. He didn't even have time to experiment with the new knife.

"Can you explain the meaning of the Miraculous Kitchen Knife now?" Looking at the ordinary kitchen knife, Yuan Zhou asked with curiosity.

The system displayed, "..."