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203 Cleaning

 "What the fu*k. What the hell is this?" the young lovers screamed at the same time.

"Beef briskets. Haven't you seen them before? Fussy fellows," Wu Hai cast a glance at the young lovers with discontent.

"Sweetheart, didn't you say that you had eaten much in the morning and had flatulence? I guess you are not hungry, right?" The man of the lovers regained conscious after being reminded by the pointed fingernails of his girlfriend and then said that in response to her.

"Yes, exactly. I'm sorry, Brother Wu. We are not hungry today. Let's try to savor your dishes next time," with a pair of big and lovable eyes, the girl said sincerely.

Sometimes, women were more touching when they were telling lies.

"Ok. Wu Zhou, you try," Wu Hai first answered them and then turned the head and said to Wu Zhou while looking at him.

"Well, I don't feel good with my stomach and hence especially come here to eat vegetable dishes. I'd prefer to eat vegetables today," Wu Hai fully utilized his wits of his past year and finally thought of an excuse.

"You are scared?" Wu Hai wasn't stupid. While stroking his small mustache, he realized the problem and then said discontentedly.

"No, definitely no. But my girlfriend requested me to eat vegetables. You know, I'm henpecked," Wu Zhou said with an expression of happiness.

"Tsk-tsk. The unexpected flaunt of your love comes all of a sudden," Wu Hai felt rather speechlessly and then he answered.

Having failed in peddling to all people around, Wu Hai finally realized no one would eat his beef briskets today and thus directly put the earthenware pot down at the door disappointedly.

As there was such a pot at the door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant, customers waiting in the line consciously all made way for it.

At that time, the dog Broth that was begging for food everywhere arrived.

With its sharp eyes, Broth aimed at the earthenware pot beside Wu Hai and ran to it quickly. After it smelled the pot, however, it ran away immediately with a faster speed.

"Ha Ha. Even the dog is scared away by your dish," just when Lee Yanyi was about to enter the door, he caught sight of the scene and then laughed happily.

"You think more than needed. It's definitely because someone is calling for it," Wu Hai took up the earthenware pot and prepared to go back home. It seemed that he still needed to have his lunch in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Even the dog doesn't like to eat it," Lee Yanyi sniffed and made the conclusion.

"What do you want to eat, everybody?" The clear and melodious voice of Mu Xiaoyun sounded at Lee Yanyi's ears.

"Translucent Beef Slices and a bowl of white rice," Lee Yanyi only ordered a dish and a food every time so that he could eat all up.

"What a bloody rule is this? It's still not altered. Sooner or later, this restaurant will go bankrupt," seeing that the rule of whoever wasted food being blacklisted still written on the wall, Lee Yanyi started to grumble again.

Mu Xiaoyun had already get used to Lee Yanyi's strange attitude of coming to eat frequently while scolding severely by now. Scolding might be able to help him with the digestion.

Lee Yanyi ate quickly. After chewing carefully and swallowing slowly for twenty minutes, he finished the meal.

His assistant Yan Jia was waiting outside the restaurant for him when he walked out of the door.

"Professor, are we going to the university town right now?" Yan Jia went up and opened the car door for him.

"Humm, let's go there directly," Lee Yanyi got seated in the car and nodded.

The car then pulled away smoothly. After quite a while, Yan Jia asked, "Professor, why do you never write comments for this nameless restaurant?"

"Are you so curious?" Lee Yanyi opened his eyes and took a look at Yan Jia.

"If Professor can tell me, I would like to know," Yan Jia drove the car attentively and answered earnestly.

"Because I don't want to write," Lee Yanyi said squarely.

"But you like to go there for meals very much," Yan Jia's words were full of suspicion.

"The dishes are not bad. After I eat all the new dishes, I will not go there anymore and neither will I write any comments about it." This time, Lee Yanyi didn't say it randomly. Instead, he uttered those words in a quite serious manner.

"I understand now, professor," Yan Jia turned the head and took a glance at his professor. With a sudden inspiration flashing across his mind, he understood what Lee Yanyi meant.

"It's good that you understand. So now drive the car carefully," upon finishing speaking that, Lee Yanyi continued to close his eyes and rest his mind.


On the next morning, Yuan Zhou changed into sportswear and went out jogging.

"Hoo", it was fairly tiring. While jogging, Yuan Zhou tried to breathe according to the method written in the books, but nevertheless felt even more tired.

After jogging for a lap, he especially made a detour to the entrance of his restaurant.

"It truly is different," Yuan Zhou stopped to observe the areas in front of his restaurant and the neighboring Boss Tong's store and then said with puzzlement.

The place in front of Yuan Zhou's restaurant and his pub was clean and neat. It could be clearly seen that this place had been carefully cleaned once. Comparatively, the leftover candy paper, some messy paper scraps and the dirt were scattered in front of Boss Tong's store.

Compared with Yuan Zhou's restaurant, the difference was quite obvious.

"What's going on?" Yuan Zhou wiped the perspiration with one hand and put the other on the waist.

"Hey, Broth. Do you know about the problem?" When he suddenly saw the dog Broth that was lying at the door, he asked naturally.

Broth nevertheless responded to him with an indescribable wink.

"Oh, I forget that you are only a dog and can't speak human language. Sorry," Yuan Zhou then reacted after asking.

He stood there for five minutes and then said, "Someone should have cleaned the area especially." He then decided to get up earlier the next morning to see who cleaned it.

To this kind of matter of helping others secretly, Yuan Zhou wanted to know very much. After all, everyone had curiosity.

The most favorite dishes provided by Yuan Zhou for breakfast were the Duck Oil Sesame Seed Cakes matched with the Lotus Root Starch.

"Only with the Duck Oil Sesame Seed Cake and Lotus Root Starch as the meal could life be considered perfect." The customers sighed with emotion while eating.

However, the breakfast time in Yuan Zhou's restaurant was really too short. Therefore, the remaining time all belonged to the hawkers who were selling foods around Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Granny, give me a steamed seasoned pork bun and a cup of soybean milk."

"Granny, get a steamed vegetable bun and soybean milk for me. Apart from Boss Yuan's dishes, your food is the most delicious," a young girl said sweetly to her.

A granny who carried two insulated barrels had the best business outside Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Everyone would basically come to buy some food for their breakfast.

"Thank you, girl. Take the steamed bun. The soybean milk is still hot, so drink it later," dressed in cotton print clothes, the grey-haired granny said graciously.

"I feel that the taste is only average. Why did you praise her like that?" The girl who had just complimented the granny was asked by her close friend beside her.

"But it's very clean. Didn't you notice her hands? They were very clean. Look at other hawkers. They even had black substances in their fingernails," the girl said while biting the steamed bun.

"You are saying such disgusting things," instantly, her friend didn't want to eat the fried bread stick that was held in her hand.

However, these little interludes didn't really affect the business of the granny. Soon her insulation barrels were empty.

Having returned to the place where she lived, the granny counted the money happily.

"The extra ten steamed buns that I cook are also sold out. The culinary skills of the young boss are undoubtedly good." The granny held a handful of small change in her skinny hand and was quite happy.

The steamed buns and soybean milk had to be fresh; therefore, getting up early was a must. The granny got up at 3:00 in the morning and following the prescribed order, she kneaded the dough and waited for it to rise. During the time of waiting, she took a broom and went out of the door instead of having a rest quietly.

The street at 3:40 in the morning was so silent that even the sanitation workers hadn't started to work. It was still dark.

After walking for fifteen minutes, the granny arrived at Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Under the dim streetlights, she picked up the broom and started to clean the street.

The dog Broth that always stayed alert just lifted itself up and took a look before it continued to lie down and sleep. Apparently, it was not the first time that the granny had come so early.

While waving the broom vigorously with a sound of "Hu Hu", she swept the ground once first and picked up the trash once again to make sure the ground was quite clean. Only after that did the granny take the broom and prepare to go home.