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201 Kitchen Monster Continuation

 "Are you sure about letting me cook first?" Wu Hai looked at Yuan Zhou with a suspicious look.

"Humm, no problem," Yuan Zhou indicated that it was no problem to watch a novice cook dishes. Although, he himself was no more than a novice in the evaluation of the Master Chef.

"Ok, you decide," Wu Hai shrugged carelessly.

"Yes, let's go," Yuan Zhou nodded and urged him with a word.

When they arrived at the second floor, Wu Hai went up and opened the door. As usual, Yuan Zhou said, "Of dirty, disorderly and bad taste, your room fulfills two criteria."

"The rough sketches of all the paintings cannot be discarded casually," Wu Hai still knew about shame.

Besides, the rough sketch of the painters indeed couldn't be discarded casually, especially for a well-known painter.

"Ho Ho," Yuan Zhou answered with two meaningful words and revealed an expression of "You try to comprehend by yourself".

"Zheng Jiawei will clear them away in a moment," Wu Hai recalled Zheng Jiawei and said naturally.

"You have got a really good broker," Yuan Zhou said admiringly when he thought of the almighty broker of Wu Hai.

"Humm, he's really nice." Only when he talked to others did Wu Hai speak highly of Zheng Jiawei.

Since Yuan Zhou started to learn the composition, he had been to Wu Hai's art studio for three times. When he came for the first time, he discovered his hesitation of the previous time when he had intended to look for Wu Hai was completely unnecessary, because the entire second floor was Wu Hai's home.

Wu Hai had rented the entire floor as his home and art studio. Rich people were always so capricious.

As for the remaining time, he just spent it on studying the composition in his restaurant. Since he seldom went to other people's places, it was likewise the first time that he had seen Wu Hai's kitchen.

A large kitchen was left in the two rooms that were connected. Inside the kitchen was a full set of brand-new kitchenware with the metallic surface glittering, appearing rather clean. However, everything was basically new and totally unused except for a cup on top of the kitchen range.

"You have never used them once?" Yuan Zhou felt at least they were supposed to be used once, even if just for instant noodles.

"Your restaurant was opened not long after I moved here. Therefore, I don't need them anymore," Wu Hai answered straightforwardly.

"Well, what about the remaining time?" Yuan Zhou asked vaguely, generally indicating there was also some time when he had to shut the door and sleep.

"When your restaurant is closed, I naturally stay hungry. What do you otherwise think?" The grudges of Wu Hai instantly emitted into the air.

"He's really a loyal and devoted fan, isn't he?" Yuan Zhou thought in the heart.

"You can clear your kitchen first and do the cooking in a while," Yuan Zhou stood up straight and said while pointing at the kitchen.

"You want to change the subject," Wu Hai made the conclusion and didn't intend to move.

"If you don't wipe them clean, you can eat the dishes cooked by yourself," seeing Wu Hai just standing there straight, Yuan Zhou said bluntly.

"I'm good at painting while Jiawei is good at this work," stroking his small mustache, Wu Hai said frankly.

"As you please," Yuan Zhou wouldn't force him to clear away the kitchen. After all, he was also not good at washing the bowls.

"I'm coming in." With the sound of a rotating lock passing from the door, Zheng Jiawei entered while carrying a heap of ingredients.

"You eventually come back. Please just clean the kitchen and leave the ingredients to me," Wu Hai said naturally.

"I have prepared the ingredients for the dishes of Stewed Beef Brisket with Tomato, Stir-fried Chicken Nuggets with Green Pepper, Sautéed Sliced Pork with Pepper and Chili and last the Stir-fried Cabbage as well as the dessert dish of the watermelon fruit mix and the radishes that you require."

He first greeted Yuan Zhou smilingly and then went to the kitchen with the ingredients. While he was taking them out, he said that.

"Humm, wash the kitchen first," Wu Hai was eager to have a try on Yuan Zhou's teaching.

"It's too early for the lunch if you start to cook at this time of the day," Zheng Jiawei took a look at the time.

"No, it won't happen. I will do the cooking," Wu Hai originally meant that he cooked slowly.

"Are you saying you will cook?" Zheng Jiawei opened his eyes wide and extended a feminine orchid finger before saying in disbelief while pointing at Wu Hai.

"Yes. I haven't cooked by myself for a long time," Wu Hai said affirmatively.

"Then I will leave after I do the cleaning," Zheng Jiawei had never uttered words so decisively.

"Who's gonna clear away the leftovers after cooking?" Wu Hai hadn't thought of cleaning the leftovers by himself. As for Yuan Zhou, he definitely wouldn't help him. There was no need to ask.

"I will come in the evening to clear them away," Zheng Jiawei said firmly.

Moreover, he did not speak much this time. Instead, he just started to clean the kitchen earnestly with an extraordinarily fast speed.

Within an hour, he made the kitchen as clean and neat as a brand-new one.

"It's settled. You can use it now. I'm leaving," before Zheng Jiawei left, he looked at Yuan Zhou with a sympathetic expression.

Yuan Zhou was a little puzzled. With his sensitive instinct, however, he still believed Wu Hai definitely had problems, hence was alarmed.

"Is he like a kitchen killer?" Yuan Zhou guessed randomly.

"The processing of the ingredients will still be left to me?" Wu Hai turned the head and asked Yuan Zhou who had been standing at the door.

"Humm, you do that. You can start now," Yuan Zhou held his hands against his chest and stood at the door. Of course, the tips of his toes were obliquely heading towards the door.

He acted that way as if Wu Hai were going to bomb the kitchen.

"Ok," Wu Hai nodded and took out the ingredients to wash.

Everything went normally at the start. With the water flowing with a sound of "Hua Hua", the vegetables and other ingredients were washed clean one after another and put on the countertop to stand by.

"Nice work. You can put them in the pan now," after a careful observation, Yuan Zhou found that Wu Hai had done a good job.

"Humm," Wu Hai answered. After that, he lit the fire and prepared to put the ingredients into the pan.

Only then did Yuan Zhou discover that there were no flavorings at all on the countertop of the kitchen as well as edible oil.

"Peng", Wu Hai pulled open a cabinet and took out a large sprinkling can from inside and then started to pour it into the pan.

"What does that mean?" Yuan Zhou was really confused.

Not until when he poured the liquid out did Yuan Zhou discover it was the edible oil, which flowed out of the shower head into the pan. Yuan Zhou became a little speechless.

Subsequently, Wu Hai picked up a big painting brush and started to brush in the pan.

"What are you doing?" Yuan Zhou couldn't help asking.

"I'm making the edible oil fully cover the bottom," on Wu Hai's face was an expression of earnest.

"You continue," Yuan Zhou pressed his forehead and started to have an ominous sentiment.

Immediately after that, Wu Hai began to place the beef pieces all over the pan. Yes, it was the word of "place". Pieces of the beef were all where they were supposed to be.

The next step was to place the star anises. When Wu Hai added the cooking wine during the process, he also used a smaller sprinkling can. This way, it was quite clear which part required and which part didn't require the cooking wine.

Now Yuan Zhou finally knew why all the cooking pots were pans in Wu Hai's home. He was matter-of-factly painting rather than cooking the dishes.

However, it would be nonsense if he could make the dishes delicious that way.

Therefore, the sympathetic wink of Zheng Jiawei was now understandable. The kitchen killer could no longer apply to Wu Hai now. It should be more of a kitchen monster.

When it was getting close to the noon, Yuan Zhou organized his words and then said, "Let's go so far today. I need to go back and prepare for lunch."

"What about the remaining ingredients?" Wu Hai asked while looking at them on the top of the kitchen range.

"I will teach you step by step in the afternoon," Yuan Zhou took a look at the beef briskets that seemed to be a piece of art and said decisively.

"Ok," Wu Hai agreed squarely.

After that, Yuan Zhou returned to his restaurant. In the kitchen, he thought of the fierce manner of Wu Hai when he cooked. No matter whether it was required or not, Wu Hai would take out bottles of coloring materials and poured them into the pan while muttering something like "The color on this side is too light, and I need to add some red color." or "The brown color on that side is too light." etc.

That whole pan of the colorful Stewed Beef Brisket with Tomato greatly tested Yuan Zhou's tolerance. Who knew how he had weathered the several hours in Wu Hai's kitchen.

Luckily, someone interrupted Yuan Zhou's recollection at that time.

"Is Boss Yuan here?"....