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200 Kitchen Monster

 "Line up, line up," once Yuan Zhou said that, all the people started to form a line. Food was the first necessity of the people; therefore, eating is the most important.

"I'm going to eat," while saying that, Wu Hai went to the second position in the line consciously.

Seeing Cao Zhaoyun lining far behind him, he can't help grinning and appeared extraordinarily amused with his small mustache.

Cao Zhaoyun, nevertheless, had a good temperament. He didn't really get angry and just ignored Wu Hai.

"So, young man, do you recognize which part Boss Yuan has mended?" The grandpa stood a few persons behind Wu Hai and asked him jokingly.

"No, I didn't. I am just a painter and don't know much about sculpting," Wu Hai answered carelessly.

"It seems the young man's insight is not good either," the grandpa said with a smile.

"Yes, it's true. I don't have a good insight, but luckily I live close by and move quickly," Wu Hai suddenly said proudly.

"This aged man doesn't live far as well," the grandpa indicated that he also lived nearby.

While the customers were joking, five minutes soon passed. People in the front of the line swarmed into the main hall and started to eat.

At 8:30 in the evening, the amateur boxer came again with injuries. Recently, he had always wiped the bloodstains on his body before coming to have a meal. After all, the dishes wouldn't taste good if the blood dripped into them.

"You come again. That means you had a match today. Did you win?" The acquainted customer asked in a natural tone.

"No, I was defeated." The man was a little depressed.

"Never mind. Anyhow, it's not the first time and you'll get used to that." The comforting words of this customer were even worse than not saying anything.

"Don't listen to him. You'll win next time." Someone didn't feel good with the words and thus said encouragingly.

"That's ok. Boss Yuan, one serving of Egg Fried Rice," the man smiled and said carelessly.

"One moment," Yuan Zhou agreed with a nod.

In a boxing match, no matter whether the contestants won or lost, they got paid. Yet, there would be more for the winner and less for the loser. At this time, he would come here to eat the Egg Fried Rice.

Before the night pub commenced business at night, Yuan Zhou moved the sculpture of the court lady back into the small courtyard of the pub. After all, the sculpted radish flowers that he had placed at the entrance disappeared after only a few hours, let alone staying until the next day.


Early next morning, Mu Xiaoyun started the work of the day happily. She had been quite delighted recently and presumably had some happy events.

However, she could no longer smile soon and, moreover, revealed a speechless expression on her face.

Yuan Zhou's restaurant had always enjoyed a good reputation, thus even in the morning, many customers waited to have breakfast. This time, there in the restaurant appeared a young man dressed carelessly and casually. He wore a peaked cap on the head and even had a shining ear stud on one of his ears, revealing a rather hip-hop style.

As soon as he entered, he looked at the price list and murmured, "Soup Dumplings, 66 RMB per steamer; Duck Oil Sesame Seed Oil, 68 RMB for each; Steamed Assorted Vegetable Bun, 78 RMB for each and a bowl of Lotus Root Starch, 80 RMB. Since the dishes are so expensive, one must be foolish to order any of them."

Once he uttered that, Mu Xiaoyun got irritated instantly. Just as she intended to say something, the man nevertheless made her astounded at the next moment, "Please, serve me all of the dishes, one serving for each."

Mu Xiaoyun then choked on the words and didn't recover for quite a while.

"Well, what do you mean, sir?" Mu Xiaoyun asked with great uncertainty.

"I say, please provide one serving of all the dishes that I reported just now," wearing the peaked cap in the reverse direction, the man said impatiently although he looked to be a delicate and pretty man.

"Didn't you say the dishes were expensive just now?" Mu Xiaoyun was unable to understand him now.

"Money is a son of a bi*ch. I will earn more after spending it all," the man sat down and said deservedly.

"I'm sorry. We only provide Steamed Assorted Vegetable Buns and Lotus Root Starch this morning," Mu Xiaoyun pulled herself together and answered him.

"Ok. One serving for each," the man didn't really care about that, but he still murmured that the restaurant was a scam. It was truly weird of him to scold while eating. Could that make his appetite better?

When the breakfast time ended, Wu Hai was told to stay alone again.

"I'm going to start teaching you cooking today. Have you finished the books?" Yuan Zhou asked in an obvious manner.

"Bullsh*t, of course. Shall we start here?" Wu Hai looked at the clean kitchen behind Yuan Zhou and said, itching for a try.

"No, let's go to your house. You are supposed to have a kitchen, right?" Yuan Zhou took a look at Wu Hai suspiciously.

"Yes. But I don't have the ingredients," Wu Hai looked again at Yuan Zhou's kitchen unwillingly and tried to persuade Yuan Zhou with this excuse.

"Never mind. You can go and buy them," Yuan Zhou said with an inconsiderate tone.

"Can't we use the ingredients in your kitchen?" Wu Hai had to take the second best choice. It would be wonderful if he could get Yuan Zhou's ingredients, as they were definitely quite good.

"No, we can't. You have to prepare by yourself," Yuan Zhou coldly refused Wu Hai's proposal.

"Ok. I will let someone send the ingredients to my home," Wu Hai shrugged and then took out the phone, starting to call his broker.

While watching Wu Hai carefully, Yuan Zhou concluded in the heart, "This guy harbors malicious intentions. He undoubtedly wants to cheat me out of my ingredients and then won't come to eat anymore to lessen my income."

Seeing Wu Hai turn his head, Yuan Zhou appeared more serious.

"It's all about learning to cook. Why are you so serious?" Wu Hai suddenly turned the head and got frightened when he saw Yuan Zhou standing right behind him with an expression of being owed for millions of RMB.

"Culinary skills have to be treated earnestly," Yuan Zhou said with solemnity. What he thought in the heart, however, was to let Wu Hai practice hard. Of course, it was not for revenge as he was originally an earnest and charming man.

"Zheng Jiawei said he would come in a moment and bring the ingredients for some home dishes. Are they enough?" Wu Hai asked straightforwardly.

"As far as your culinary skills are concerned, it's hard to say," Yuan Zhou started to give him a blow to his heart.

"Then why did you say that?" Wu Hai said angrily.

"We can go to your kitchen now. You can practice first," Yuan Zhou proposed on his own to start.

"Are you going to teach me like that based on your promise to teach me for three days?" Wu Hai asked curiously.

"If you are dissatisfied, I can teach you on a full-time basis," Yuan Zhou walked following him and supplemented after thinking for a while, "But I will tell others clearly that I'm going to teach you to cook."

"What the fu*k. It's a scam. If you do that, something serious will happen," Wu Hai immediately turned his head and said discontentedly.

"No, not me. You said it yourself," Yuan Zhou said with a show of seriousness.

"I'm just asking. You might as well teach me when you have time like right now," Wu Hai indicated that Yuan Zhou was much too evil-minded.

"Humm, I also think it's better this way," with a nod, Yuan Zhou agreed to Wu Hai's words.

"Good my ass," Wu Hai said discontentedly.

"That way, you can compare the dishes cooked by me and those cooked by you and feel the differences," Yuan Zhou said quite wittily.

"So do you mean you won't demonstrate the cooking process personally?" Only after quite a while did Wu Hai recover from Yuan Zhou's contempt.

"No need. You can get the right answer from the comparison," Yuan Zhou waved his hand and said boldly.

"What are you preparing to teach me?" Wu Hai asked while he was leading Yuan Zhou going upstairs.

"I will cook several dishes shortly and then you choose some of them that you are good at. After that, I will offer you guidance throughout the process," Yuan Zhou thought for a while and felt that teaching was supposed to be like that.

As he had superb culinary skills and felt he himself was quite capable to teach others, Yuan Zhou copied the teaching method of the former 3-star hotel where he worked. Such a method could only take effect when it was used by Yuan Zhou as his five senses were fairly sensitive. A candidate of the Master Chef was nothing to laugh about. Naturally, there was no problem for him to see the merits and demerits of the dish and then pointed them out.