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199 Each Has Its Merits

 After a long observation, Yuan Zhou came to a conclusion. "As expected of my sculpting, it is so perfect."

"System, what's the problem this time?" Yuan Zhou straightforwardly asked.

However, the system still remained silent to his query.

After observing the sculpture of the court lady again for half an hour, Yuan Zhou heaved a sigh helplessly.

"Let me put it outside first. Maybe I can find the problem after a while."

The sculpted radish weighed much less. Yuan Zhou carried up the base of the sculpture carefully and opened the door following a sound of "Hua La".

"Peng", Yuan Zhou then set the sculpture down outside at the door.

He didn't mean to let others praise him by putting it at the door. It was just that the sculpture took up too much space.

"Um, that's it." Looking at the beautiful sculpture of the court lady, Yuan Zhou nodded affirmatively.

He raised the wrist and checked the time. It was 4:30 in the afternoon, the time for starting the preparations for dinner.

Yuan Zhou returned to the kitchen and started to prepare the dishes.

"What's that? A real person?" A man said in surprise suddenly.

"Look carefully. That is a sculpture. Don't touch it," Wu Hai said leisurely while standing behind him.

"Aha. I just wanted to touch it to see if it's real." While saying, the man slowly put down his hand that almost reached the face of the sculpture of the court lady.

"Just look. This guy has done a good job," Wu Hai walked around the sculpture for a lap and then said contentedly while stroking his small mustache.

"Certainly his sculpting is very nice," following Wu Hai,the man also walked around the sculpture and said affirmatively.

"That's because he has obtained a good teacher." Wu Hai was so proud that his small mustache almost tilted up.

"What can you teach Boss Yuan? You don't really know cooking," obviously, the man didn't believe him. He just watched the fake beauty with enjoyment alone.

"Even if I tell you, you won't understand." Wu Hai was reluctant to explain to those who didn't know the situation.

As more and more people came to wait for the meal, more and more noticed this sculpture. With such a big sculpture standing there, they could hardly neglect it.

"Is this Boss Yuan's new work? It's truly alike to Chang'e (a beautiful lady who lives in Guanghan Palace on the moon with a rabbit accompanying her in Chinese mythology). Her face is as beautiful as flowers and her figure as good-looking as the moon," a customer couldn't help going up to look carefully at the face of the court lady and then he sighed with emotion, saying that.

"No, no. The lady should be described as a real beauty with flesh of ice and bones of jade. Look at the transparent and white skin of hers. It's as smooth and flawless as a real person." Facing a beauty, a man would naturally look at her face first.

Yuan Zhou happened to sculpt a great beauty. Speaking of sculptures, of course one created it as beautiful as possible.

"I think the texture of the arms was sculpted extremely well." The grandpa, who hadn't been here for a long time, brought out a magnifying glass from somewhere and looked at the Chinese Han clothing over the body of the court lady carefully.

"That's true. Although the taste is of a radish, the gauze clothing, deep and shallow, layer after layer, is really like the clouds and mist."In front of a sculpture of an ancient court lady with a real person's height, the customers all became cultured and thus paid excessive attention to the wording when they spoke.

"Right, that's it." Those who didn't know how to use elegant words echoed the other's compliments while admiring the sculpture.

"Boss Yuan, you have reached the superb level of craftsmanship," the grandpa stood up and looked at Yuan Zhou who was standing at the door, and then he said admiringly.

"No, not really. I almost get there but I still need a little more effort," Yuan Zhou answered earnestly and primly.

"Boss Yuan is so modest. The current sculpture is almost as excellent as that made by a well-known sculptor." It was a customer who had experienced much of life.

"Excessive modesty equals hypocrisy," Wu Hai grumbled directly.

"Boss Yuan not only cooks well but also sculpts so nicely. But when are you going to make the Duck Oil Sesame Seed Cakes? This is the main point." It was a loyal customer of the snack.

When he realized nobody really believed in him, Yuan Zhou yet wasn't worried. Anyway, he was also trying to find out the loophole and then receive the reward with a full score. His perfectionism was triggered.

"I don't think Boss Yuan is modest. It's true." The man in a suit appeared again in a crease-free suit.

"It's you again. You seem to be everywhere," Wu Hai turned the head immediately when he heard the familiar voice and then he grumbled with a speechless manner.

"Sorry. I also like Boss Yuan's craftsmanship," the man in a suit said without any embarrassment.

"Wait. You come here just for saying that. Who are you?" Wu Hai uttered discontentedly.

He was so ridiculous. This sculpture was carved by Yuan Zhou after he offered the instructions. Any doubt of Yuan Zhou's sculpting craftsmanship was apparently doubting his ability to instruct others, although no one really knew that Yuan Zhou had learned the composition from him.

"My name is Cao Zhaoyuan. I'm in the precise electronic instruments industry. Hello, Great Painter Wu," Cao Zhaoyuan, namely the man in a suit, smiled to Wu Hai politely and then said.

"A person of numerical controller." Since this person greeted him with courtesy, it would be rude of Wu Hai to look for trouble. He then nodded randomly and grumbled sourly.

"The distance between the two eyes is still 0.1mm away from the golden ratio and the size of the nose is bigger than the golden ratio by 0.2cm. As for the cherry lips, it's plump and with the best golden ratio," pointing at the pretty court lady, Cao Zhaoyuan spoke his opinions frankly and straightforwardly.

At last, he added, "The two points are very easy to be seen."

However, others beside him all looked at Cao Zhaoyun with a dumbfounded expression, saying in their hearts, "Are you fu*king with me? Why don't you find something else that cannot be discovered easily and show me? MDZZ."

How was it possible to discover the difference of 0.1mm with the eyes? Humans were not likely able to do that.

While the crowd was suspecting that Cao Zhaoyuan did that intentionally, Yuan Zhou stared at the sculpture for half a minute and then said, "Humm, it seems to be true now. Wait, let me mend the problems."

"Boss Yuan, do you really believe in him?" The customers asked disbelievingly.

"It's indeed the problem," Yuan Zhou nodded and affirmed Cao Zhaoyuan's words.

With heavy steps of "Dong Dong Dong", Yuan Zhou walked into the kitchen and took out a kitchen knife before he stood in front of the sculpture of the court lady and waved it.

"What did I see? This is carved with a kitchen knife?" The customers waiting for the meal around indicated their disbelief one after another. Such an exquisite and delicate sculpture was, surprisingly, sculpted with a big kitchen knife.

"I must record it." Someone took out the phone and started to record.

While waving the kitchen knife, Yuan Zhou also discovered errors that weren't easily found and corrected it conveniently.

Usually, Yuan Zhou was definitely not worse than Cao Zhaoyuan with his strengthened five senses. Maybe this was the best explanation of onlookers seeing more than the players. Once reminded by Cao Zhaoyuan, Yuan Zhou found his own problems.

Five minutes later, Yuan Zhou took back the kitchen knife and looked at his work contentedly.

"Though I don't know where you corrected, it indeed looks more comfortable." The grandpa walked around the sculpture of the court lady and looked carefully at it.

"You are old. Naturally, you can't find it." Wu Hai looked at it carefully at the side.

"Ok, why don't you try to find some," the grandpa was happy to give this opportunity.

"Cao Zhaoyun, tell us where the problem that's hard to be found is," Wu Hai didn't find any after watching for quite a while, complaining in his heart that because this Boss Yuan moved the knife so fast, he completely couldn't see it.

Hearing Wu Hai's asking, Cao Zhaoyuan raised the head and took a look at Yuan Zhou. Smiling to one another, he then said, "I can't say."

"Damm it, you don't let him tell us," Wu Hai immediately saw the two peoples' wink and hence said discontentedly.

"The business hours will commence in 5 minutes," Yuan Zhou took no notice of Wu Hai and went back to the kitchen after saying that.