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196 Leguminous Plan

 Yuan Zhou felt the best payback towards Wu Hai was to deal with him as how he dealt with Yuan Zhou. Like right now, he began to take revenge

"I know none of them at all. I'm just a painter and of course have no idea of these things," Wu Hai said boldly.

"Since you don't know anything about cooking and are definitely a layman, it's really an unrealistic idea to directly learn from me how to cook. That is absolutely idiotic nonsense," Yuan Zhou said earnestly with a serious expression on the face.

"Of course, you are likewise the worst apprentice that I have ever seen," Yuan Zhou gave an additional remark unhurriedly.

Yuan Zhou let out a long sigh of relief in the heart and then felt much comfortable. Finally, he had avenged the humiliation from Wu Hai. As for the subsequent humiliation, he would take his time.

"Wait. Your words seemed to be copied from mine indiscriminately," when Wu Hai heard the last sentence, he immediately realized the problem and then said discontentedly.

"It just fit perfectly in the context of our conversation," Yuan Zhou admitted frankly.

"Boss Yuan, you are so narrow-minded," Wu Hai said, without knowing whether to laugh or cry.

"It just perfectly applies to the situation just now," Yuan Zhou continued to speak primly.

"Fine, let's stop it. Just tell me, how do you intend to teach me?" Wu Hai waved his hand and disregarded the argument with a seemingly generous manner.

"Since you know nothing about cooking, you must start from reading books. Of course, the reading time won't be calculated in the three days of teaching," Yuan Zhou said lavishly.

Wu Hai suspiciously took a glimpse at Yuan Zhou while Yuan Zhou just generously accepted his glance. After he saw Yuan Zhou's earnest look as usual, Wu Hai said, "What kind of books?"

"You read these books first," Yuan Zhou took Wu Hai's marker pen and also started to write on the paper. There were totally 13 books, including The Elements of Cooking, Chef Training Text, Detailed Explanation of Knife Skills, Food Sanitation and Safety, Learning Cooking from the Beginning, Public Skills of Household Cooking, etc.

"Do I also need to finish all in three days?" Wu Hai looked at the book list first and then at Yuan Zhou with a manner of belief.

"Humm, three days are sufficient," Yuan Zhou nodded.

"How dare you say you are not narrow-minded? What's the matter with the book of Public Skills of Household Cooking? Another book of Learning Cooking from the Beginning is also about the skills of household cooking. Don't you think I know that?" While stroking his small mustache, Wu Hai showed the whites of his eyes ungracefully and believed firmly in his heart that Yuan Zhou must be taking revenge on him.

"As you have no basics, this book could enable a green hand to understand cooking easily and quickly. You'll understand as long as you read," Yuan Zhou pointed at the last few books about household cooking and said seriously.

"Do you mean it?" Wu Hai was still a little suspicious.

"Many advanced books are out of your reach and would merely help to increase your knowledge. Only these books are helpful to you," Yuan Zhou pointed at the books about cutting techniques and said.

"You seem to be right," Wu Hai had never been in touch with these things before and hence felt them to be formidable when he read the names, even if he understood nothing.

Having carefully checked the book one after another, Wu Hai thought in the heart with puzzlement, "He didn't really want to take revenge on me?"

"It's late. See you three days later. I will notify you about the specific time then," Yuan Zhou looked at the outside and began to drive him out.

"Thank you, Boss Yuan," after Wu Hai felt that he had made it clear, he expressed the gratitude.

"No need. Goodbye," Yuan Zhou pointed at the outside of the restaurant.

"Um, ok. See you then," Wu Hai then left, with the book list being held in his hand.

After Wu Hai left, Yuan Zhou likewise picked up his book list quietly and went upstairs to buy those books from the online bookstore. As for the books of household cooking, he definitely didn't cheat Wu Hai.

After all, a just and kind person like him would never cheat, which is well known by God.

It was indeed because these books were easier to understand and the content was simpler to master that he recommended them to Wu Hai. While Yuan Zhou was buying the books, he thought shamelessly.

Having bought all the required books, Yuan Zhou stretched himself and began to consider increasing another dish.

Yuan Zhou was so busy in recent days that he forgot to ask the system about one thing.

"System, you said the escalation in level would result in a reward of matching snacks. Then why are there only four unique Qinhuai snacks? What about the other four unique and the matching snack?" Yuan Zhou asked in the heart.

The system displayed, "The matching snacks have been rewarded."

"I know. I mean other snacks," Yuan Zhou felt fairly speechless and asked again.

The system displayed, "I didn't mention the quantity of snacks to be rewarded."

"Great. It truly conforms to your temperament," Yuan Zhou said goodbye to the system. It was more reliable to think about his new dishes.

Of Eight Unique Qinhuai snacks, four had been rewarded, but not in sequence. However, there was a snack suitable for eating with wine. Although it was unavailable during the pub time at night, he was quite interested in trying it.

It was the dish of Spiced Beans.

People used soy beans to make spiced beans in some places. However, the dish prepared by Yuan Zhou was made with faba beans.

Following a sound of "Dong Dong Dong", Yuan Zhou walked down the stairway in quick steps and came into the kitchen, looking for the ingredients of spiced beans.

After he strolled around in the kitchen, he found the ingredient of faba beans in a small square. He dragged the metal pulling ring on the square and directly drew it out with a sound of "Zi". Then a long box appeared in front of Yuan Zhou.

The frontal surface of the box was wood while the lateral sides and the back surface were something like glass, which looked clear and transparent. The faba beans inside were all laid out neatly, with the intact crust which appeared to be tender blue and bright. They were very beautiful, like the verdant agates.

"What kind of faba beans are they?" Yuan Zhou took the long box and looked carefully at the faba beans, but didn't touch them with the hands.

The system displayed, "This breed is the improved Huangyuan Horse Teeth, which has a long history and a remarkable ability to adapt to different environments. The particles are big and plump; the shape is like the tooth of a horse; the color is like an emerald. The content of vitamins is also fairly high. Apart from the highest content of phosphorus and potassium among all vitamins, it also contains multiple mineral substances of protein, carbohydrate, crude fire, phospholipid, choline, niacin, calcium and iron, etc."

"In the traditional Chinese medicines, this particular bean is sweet with a hint of bitterness and is good for the spleen and stomach. It has functions of curing the diseases of unhealthy spleen, stomach, and edema, etc. "

"The system selects the optimal breed and plants it for a full year according to its growth characteristics. Of no more than 7 bean pods on each plant, only the faba beans that have the plumpest shape and grow the best in the middle of the bean pods are taken. The remaining ones will be used as the organic fertilizer, which is to be used after the scientific compounding."

"It feels that every time I ask about one thing, I will be surprised with it. System, you are most awesome," Yuan Zhou carefully checked the introduction and stroked his forehead, indicating that he had a headache.

After relieving for quite a while, Yuan Zhou suddenly said, "The delicious taste of the faba beans lies right in its freshness and the best way to eat it is to eat it simultaneously while picking. What do you think of that, system?"

The system displayed, "A total of ten minutes have just passed from being picked to right now. After the box is opened, you have only ten minutes left to cook it."

"Good. It's so advanced and so awesome," Yuan Zhou felt it lucky that the box was tightly closed and he hadn't opened it. Otherwise, it was simply sinful to waste a box of such top-notch ingredients."

The most important thing of the spiced beans was, of course, making the five spice powder. Every chef had his own understanding of making the five spice powder. What Yuan Zhou mastered was just the most appropriate way of making it. It would be much too fragrant if one more part was added and much too bland if there was one part missing. Right now, he didn't have other means to improve it, but just made the best of it at the moment and would improve and make it better later on.

The condiments in the small box on the table were increasing and every grid was clearly marked with the names of the condiments.

After opening the box, Yuan Zhou took out the condiments of fructus amomi, sygium aromaticum, amomum kravanh, cassiabarktree and resurrection lily rhizome, etc. and started to make the five spice powder...