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195 Counterattack Arriving So Quickly

 Yuan Zhou held his breath and earnestly listened to Wu Hai's chatter until he finished.

"I have never thought that you would be so wordy," Yuan Zhou heaved a sigh and said helplessly.

"I'm wordy? It's because you understand nothing," Wu Hai said bluntly.

"Um. Now, how can I learn it? How would you arrange the time?" Yuan Zhou automatically neglected Wu Hai's ridicule.

"Puff," Ling Hong couldn't help giggling.

"What are you laughing at? Do you understand?" Wu Hai got irritated even before Yuan Zhou said anything.

"Never mind. You guys continue. Of course I don't understand..." In the face of the earnest manner from Wu Hai, Ling Hong straightforwardly covered his own mouth and took one step back.

"Good that you know your limitations. Leave this majesty alone now," Wu Hai suddenly uttered a word that made Ling Hong unable to cry and laugh.

"Ok, I'm leaving." While saying that, Ling Hong walked out of the restaurant in quick steps. Since he had already known why Yuan Zhou was looking for Wu Hai, he surely wouldn't stay there longer.

Then a burst of laughter passed from outside, obviously from Ling Hong.

"A person with a psychological disorder," Yuan Zhou uttered.

"What disease?" Wu Hai was an old-fashioned elderly teen who seldom used the internet.

"Nothing. You continue," Yuan Zhou said with a serious tone.

"Continue what? You know nothing. How can I teach you?" Wu Hai took a look at Yuan Zhou spitefully.

"But you just agreed," the way Yuan Zhou spoke was simple and straightforward. He didn't reveal any intentions of urging him.

"I never say I won't teach you," Wu Hai glanced at Yuan Zhou and suddenly took out a marker pen from the pocket of his short pants.

"Do you have a white paper? Not the kind that you used for writing your request for leave," Wu Hai specifically instructed. After all, he would probably be unable to eat well whenever he saw those kinds of A4 paper now.

He was simply allergic to that paper.

"You have a really big pocket," Yuan Zhou first looked at Wu Hai's pockets curiously before he took out a notebook from the cabinet below.

"Your cabinet is more miraculous. There's even a notebook like this," Wu Hai looked at the Winnie the Pooh pattern on the cover with a manner of dislike

"What do you want this for?" Yuan Zhou tried to change the subject to cover something. He wouldn't tell Wu Hai that his hobby was to watch the animated cartoons of animals, which didn't agree with his usual aloof and proud manner.

"I will give you a book list so you can go to buy them by yourself. Only after you read them all can I teach you. You should be able to finish reading them within three days," Wu Hai answered, with his head lowered

With the marker pen emitting a continuous sound of "Shua Shua" on the notebook, Wu Hai wrote two pages in all before he stopped.

Although the handwriting with the marker pen was a little bigger, there were still 11 books written on the two pages. It was not an easy job to read all of them in three days. It seemed that Wu Hai had calculated the time according to his reading speed.

"That's all. Go buy them," Wu Hai said bluntly and affirmatively.

Yuan Zhou received the book list and felt slightly dumbfounded. Other books like Rodin on Art, Philosophy of Art, Da Vinci's Theory of Painting, On the Art of Eternity were anyhow understandable. Yet, what the hell was with the books, Kindergarten Fine Arts Education and Kindergarten Art Handmade Text? Besides, there were five other similar books. Of course, not only for kindergarten stage, but also primary school and junior middle school.

"What books are they?" Yuan Zhou pointed at the several books and asked seriously.

"They can help you to understand the basics of painting. You cannot expect to learn to fly directly before you know how to walk, right?" Wu Hai took a look at him and said calmly.

"I'm an adult," Yuan Zhou tried to refrain himself from the desire to turn around and get a knife before saying reasonably. Of course it would be more convincing if he wasn't holding a carving knife in his hand.

"What? You don't believe me?" Wu Hai frowned and then said with a solemn expression.

As for whether or not he felt delighted inside, it was only he himself who knew that.

"Tell me your requirements," Yuan Zhou took a deep breath and said calmly.

"Speaking of which, I'm also a well-known young artist and have a decent social status. Now that I agree to teach you, I will definitely charge you a little bit. Only that way can I live up to my social status," Wu Hai deliberated for a moment and built himself up first.

"The main point is how much are you charging?" Yuan Zhou wasn't short of money at all.

"What should I ask for money for? I don't mean that," Wu Hai said coldly.

With his social status, he could easily earn millions of RMB with any of his artwork. When he got wonderful inspirations occasionally, the artwork would be worth more than tens of millions of RMB.

"Then what do you exactly want?" Yuan Zhou asked.

"The only thing equivalent to my painting craftsmanship is your culinary skills. Let's do this. I teach you painting and you teach me cooking. Only then can the balance between us two be maintained," Wu Hai revealed a manner that Yuan Zhou had taken advantage of him.

In the heart, however, he was perturbed.

Even if Yuan Zhou didn't come to find him to learn painting voluntarily, he would still make the request sooner or later. Therefore, it fitted in exactly with his wishes, but he just couldn't reveal his intentions to others.

"I won't accept it," Yuan Zhou refused flatly.

Although his culinary skills were directly passed on to him by the system, just like the internal strength and movements of martial arts which could directly be used, one still needed abundant practice before being able to cook proficiently and perfectly. A grand master of course had no problem teaching others, but a grand master who cooked only dozens of dishes was nevertheless rare.

"Why?" Wu Hai was slightly astounded, however, this result was already in his expectations.

"What I want to learn is only the composition," Yuan Zhou pointed it out plainly that the trade was completely unfair and unreasonable.

"But the composition is the basic of painting. Without the composition, you can paint nothing well. It's a very fair trade," Wu Hai took advantage of Yuan Zhou's innocence and hence said that, pretending to be serious.

"What do you learn to cook dishes for?" With a frown, Yuan Zhou didn't contradict him.

"I will be out for a few days. As the art exhibition is going to start, I won't come back in at least one month," Wu Hai heaved a sigh and said with a quite helpless tone.

"Really?" Yuan Zhou was a little surprised. It was the first time that he had heard Wu Hai would have an art exhibition.

"Yes. But you don't sell take-out dishes, otherwise, I would rather buy a helicopter so that I can eat your food even in Beijing," Wu Hai stroked his small mustache as if he were considering the feasibility of this idea.

"Take-out dishes are not allowed," Yuan Zhou point-blank broke the expectations of Wu Hai and thus successfully obtained his contempt.

"Just tell me directly if you want to trade or not. Although I don't know what you learn the composition for, I am considered to be the best one in the field of painting among my peers," Wu hai was fairly confident.

He was like Yuan Zhou in that sense. They were both confident.

"Ok. But you have to totally follow my instructions and I can only teach you for three days," Yuan Zhou stroked his forehead and agreed when he saw the seemingly indifferent but actually very nervous manner on Wu Hai's face.

"No problem. You call the shots on teaching culinary skills," Wu Hai let out a sigh of relief privately and agreed readily.

"So let's talk about the matter of learning to cook dishes. Do you have any cooking basis?" Yuan Zhou said flatly.

"No, but I can cook the instant noodles. Does that count?" Wu Hai thought about his craftsmanship for a while. It seemed that he could only cook the instant noodles.

"How much do you know about the basic heat control, knife skills, seasoning, making starch paste moderate and uniform, correctly recognizing and mastering the oil temperature, concise and timely feed in, slicing technique, spoon technique, flour paste coating and meat processing?" Without any joking manner on his solemn face, Yuan Zhou directly uttered a long list of nouns slowly and clearly to ensure that he could be clearly heard by Wu Hai.

"Why do I feel that your words are a little familiar? Is it a misconception?" Wu Hai looked upward at Yuan Zhou and murmured in a low voice.

Although Yuan Zhou remained serious on his face, there was nevertheless a little person in his heart who roared into the air and raised his head, looking at the sky. Who in the world could escape from the God's punishment?