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194 Wu Hai’s Petty Scheme

 Following the sound of "Pi Li Pa La", Yuan Zhou cleared up the stuff for a while until the floor was cleaned up. Since he started working as a chef, Yuan Zhou could no longer recover from the obsessive-compulsive disorder.

"Looks great," Yuan Zhou looked at the clean ground satisfactorily. Only the failed radish was left there now.

"When could this huge thing be cleared away?" Yuan Zhou indicated that he didn't want to see it.

The system displayed, "It will be cleared away 10 minutes later."

Looking at the radish in front of him, Yuan Zhou let out a large sigh with emotion. Even if the system provided him with the knife skills, he still needed to work hard continually by himself. This failed radish was the best evidence to prove that.

"System, could you make the radish into a specimen? But it's better to make it smaller," having considered for quite a while, Yuan Zhou suddenly said.

The system displayed, "Ok, one moment, please."

After saying that, in just the time to turn around, the big radish in the kitchen disappeared like a magic show. Naturally, this kind of "magic show" happened only when there was nobody else.

After that, he prepared to leave with excitement.

With a sound of "Hua La", he shut the door and walked to the street. Then, he suddenly realized one thing.

He raised his hand and checked the time. It was 4:00 p.m. And the weather was fine and sunny.

"Where does Wu Hai live?" Yuan Zhou stood at the door of the restaurant and thought about it seriously.

Afterwards, he took out the phone quietly, preparing to call him to come over here.

After sliding the contacts repeatedly, Yuan Zhou couldn't help grumbling, "What's the phone number of this fellow?"

Yes, Yuan Zhou only knew that Wu Hai lived on the second floor across the way and had also seen him walk down from the upstairs. Yet, he didn't know which room Wu Hai specifically lived in.

With his character, how was it possible for him to knock on doors one after another and ask randomly? As for the phone number, of course he didn't have it.

The reason was simple. He didn't save Wu Hai's phone number for fear that Wu Hai would also ask for his and then disturb his sweet dreams every morning, like a clock.

As he didn't have the phone number and the address, Yuan Zhou had only to turn around and return to his restaurant quietly.

After a sound of "Peng", Yuan Zhou shut the back door. He then stood in the kitchen and talked to himself, "I might as well go to look up some information on the computer."

After that, Yuan Zhou nodded in approval and thought, "It's really a good idea." Then he walked upstairs with a sound of "Duk Duk Duk."

During the opening hours in the evening, Yuan Zhou didn't actually mention the matter that he needed Wu Hai's help.

It was Yuan Zhou's own principle that he didn't talk about other affairs within his business hours.

The next morning, Yuan Zhou prepared Soup Dumplings.

"How rare! Boss Yuan surprisingly made Soup Dumplings again." A customer who liked to eat the dish sighed with emotion at the side.

"That's true. The piping hot soup and the delicious meat stuffing were simply a blessing to those who prefer to eat meat. Serve me one, please," Ling Hong got seated and immediately started to order the dishes.

"One serving of Soup Dumplings and Lotus Root Starch," Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches happily.

"One moment, please," Yuan Zhou then returned to the kitchen and carried the dishes out to them.

When he set down the dishes on Wu Hai's table, Yuan Zhou said to him all of a sudden, "Wu Hai, please stay for a while after your finish the breakfast. I have something to talk to you."

"Pardon? What do you mean?" Wu Hai had expectantly picked up the chopsticks and prepared to eat. But when he heard Yuan Zhou's words, he raised his head in surprise.

"Eat first, otherwise it's going to be cold," Yuan Zhou said with a solemn expression.

"Yeah, yeah, right. Let me eat first and talk to you later," when Wu Hai recalled the tasty dishes on the table, he suddenly had no other thoughts and immediately picked up the chopsticks to eat.

He lightly bit through the dough skin of a Soup Dumpling and took in the soup with a slurp. Instantly, the steaming hot soup flooded into his mouth with a hint of delicious texture.

The fresh and sweet taste carried some faint scent. Furthermore, it wasn't greasy at all. Wu Hai felt as if he had drunk a mouthful of the gravy soup. A bit of spiciness contained therein slightly stimulated his tongue and enabled him to savor the delicacy even more clearly.

With the elastic dough skin, the soft pork stuffing and the vinegar taste, Wu Hai ate up the entire soup dumpling with only one bite.

"So delicious," Wu Hai gulped down the final lingering taste in his mouth and then said.

The taste of the Lotus Root Starch was mild with a slight hint of sweetness, which was tasty and refreshing. It was truly happy to be served with such warm food in the morning.

Then, Wu Hai completely recovered himself right away and realized that Yuan Zhou had something to talk to him about.

"Boss Yuan, why are you looking for me?" Wu Hai was fairly curious.

What a joke. When would Yuan Zhou ever say something like that to him? Usually, it was only Wu Hai who went to talk to Yuan Zhou. Of course, that normally happened during meal times when he had to eat.

"It's still business hours. I will talk to you later," Yuan Zhou turned the head and said, but he didn't answer Wu Hai's query.

"You can tell me a little bit so that I know what to answer later," Wu Hai felt if Yuan Zhou had just told him earlier, he wouldn't need to ask about it anymore now.

This time, Yuan Zhou directly ignored him. Only after a while did he answer, "I will have to trouble you to wait for a moment."

Yuan Zhou answered earnestly with courtesy; therefore, Wu Hai stopped asking and just nodded, "Ok, I will wait for you."

There was only a one-hour business time during the morning. Wu Hai then began to study the furnishings in the restaurant.

Lotus flowers were painted on the wall. Even the flower vase on the long table was likewise painted with the lotus flower pattern.

"Why are there suddenly so many things related to lotus flowers?" Wu Hai said with puzzlement.

"This is the restaurant flower of Boss Yuan," Ling Hong suddenly answered him from the side.

"Why are you still here?" Wu Hai continued to count the lotus flowers.

"I want to see why Boss Yuan is looking you?" Ling Hong shrugged and said. He had been free recently.

"Why not have a guess?" Wu Hai stood up and said mysteriously while stroking his mustache.

"You don't even know if I'm right or wrong?"Ling Hong wasn't a person who was easily cheated.

"We'll know in a while," Seeing Ling Hong not bite the hook, Wu Hai looked at the time and said indifferently.

"The breakfast hours end now. Please come earlier next time," the habitual words from Yuan Zhou indicated the opening hours for breakfast had ended. After he parted with Mu Xiaoyun, the restaurant was vacant.

"Please tell me what you made me stay for?" Wu Hai said first ahead of Yuan Zhou. Ling Hong, nevertheless, crossed his arms over the chest and just waited to watch the scene.

"You are a painter. Do you know picture composition?" Yuan Zhou pondered for a while and decided to ask him tactfully.

"So you want to learn the composition skills?" Wu Hai saw through his intention. Painters were usually smart.

"Um. Do you have time?" Having thought for a while, Yuan Zhou nodded and said with a reserved manner.

"Boss Yuan is so frank. Yes, I have time, but not much, only twenty minutes every day," Wu Hai considered for a while and then said while stroking his small mustache.

"No, I am tactful. It's you who have guessed it." Yuan Zhou frowned.

Then, Wu Hai didn't know how to reply. He paused a moment and then said, "Forget about it. I have some requirements."

Speaking of the requirements, Wu Hai revealed a standard cunning smile.

"What requirements?" Yuan Zhou revealed an alert manner.

"Let's talk about it later. Have you learned any basic knowledge for picture composition?" Wu Hai took a glance at Ling Hong and apparently intended to make a deal with Yuan Zhou privately, hence turned to ask something else.

"Nope," Yuan Zhou said frankly.

"You should know something about the basic proportions and structures of a figure or scenery, shouldn't you?" Wu Hai asked some most basic questions.

"No, I don't. I'm a chef," Yuan Zhou further explained to him his occupation.

"You don't know none of the basic skills and, yet, want to learn the composition from me in one step. You are definitely asking for the moon," Wu Hai straightforwardly neglected the last sentence of Yuan Zhou and questioned him loudly and discontentedly.

"You are simply the worst student that I have ever encountered," having failed in venting, Wu Hai added.

Yuan Zhou was made quite speechless by Wu Hai. With his character, he wouldn't ask much if he learned from Wu Hai, but this fellow had really a bad temper.

Standing at the side, Ling Hong watched the whole scene. When he saw Yuan Zhou being criticized like a pupil, he couldn't help bursting into a laugh.