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192 Receiving the Reward

 Such weird and illogical names of the dishes immediately made Le Yanyi lose any appetite to eat them. However, Lee Yanyi wouldn't eat his words as to the matter that he had promised others.

At 10:00 the next morning, Yan Jia arrived below the apartment building of Lee Yanyi. Lee Yanyi was also clear with his assistant's temperament, thus he started to head down before 10:20.

"Good morning, Professor. There's tea here. You can drink it," Yan Jia got off the car and opened the door for Lee Yanyi and then told him with a smile.

"Got it. Where's this Caihe Restaurant?" Lee Yanyi didn't actually know where the restaurant was. It was Yan Jia who was basically in charge of the acceptance of invitations.

Yan Jia was only responsible for the initial screening. After that, he would let Lee Yanyi decide whether to go or not. This time, the Caihe Restaurant was recommended by his wife.

"Professor, this restaurant is very close to us, at Panda Road. We are arriving in 5 minutes," when they were waiting for the green light, Yan Jia turned the head and said.

"It's really close," Lee Yanyi grumbled.

"Yes," while they were talking, Yan Jia arrived at the destination steadily.

"Professor, it's this restaurant," Yan Jia straightforwardly parked the car at the entrance of the restaurant, where there were specially prepared parking lots.

"Ok, got it," Lee Yanyi didn't show much enthusiasm in the dish tasting now, but he still maintained his usual seriousness after getting off the car.

"This one must be Brother Yanyi. I'm the manager of Caihe Restaurant, Lee Mei. This way, please, this way," there were three people who were standing at the door. Among them, a seemingly capable and experienced woman went up to them first.

Wearing a taut business suit, the woman had a curvy figure and revealed a decent smile.

"Humm," Lee Yanyi nodded solemnly. His look didn't become more relieved just because he was greeted by a beautiful woman.

"This one must be Brother Yanyi's assistant Yan Jia. This way, please," the woman didn't follow Lee Yanyi inside, but let the other two people lead the way for him. She continued to wait for Yan Jia at the door.

She was a smart woman.

"Humm, let's go inside. Don't make the professor wait," Yan Jia said friendly with a gentle smile on his face.

"Don't worry. Brother Yanyi is just a few steps ahead. The woman walked beside Yan Jia and then quickened her steps.

When they were arriving at the entrance, the woman walked in front of him and personally opened the door.

"This lotus fragrance is specially prepared. If you have any dissatisfaction, please tell us so we can improve on it," Lee Mei opened the door.

The interior surrounding was elegant and natural. With the decorations of an artificial hill with gurgling water flowing down, it gave an extraordinarily refined sight.

"Ok, that's enough. I'm not here to eat the environment," Lee Yanyi went ahead and got seated.

He spoke with a natural tone and had completely forgotten how he ridiculed the decorations at the entrance of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Mr. Yanyi is so easy-going. This is the menu of all dishes today. Please check if there's any dish that you don't like," Lee Mei smiled faintly and then handed the menu to him.

The dishes on the menu were the same ones that Yan Jia had sent to him last night. More than thirty dishes almost covered all the specialties. Lee Yanyi roughly scanned it and then put it down.

"Don't serve all other dishes except the appetizer Braised Beef with Celery and Broccoli, a main dish Steamed Tilefish with Lemon and Bamboo Shoots in Spring and finally, the snack, Coffee Yogurt and Hot Watermelon and Pitaya," Lee Yanyi read out three dishes calmly.

"Three dishes are too little. What about serving a full set?" Lee Mei was a little embarrassed, hence said tentatively.

"No need. Three dishes are sufficient for me," Lee Yanyi said with a frown.

"Ok. You go to the kitchen and tell them to prepare the dishes as per Brother Yanyi's requirements," Lee Mei first agreed to the requirements of Lee Yanyi and then turned the head to instruct the attendant who was waiting beside her.

While they were waiting for the dishes, Lee Mei constantly made witty remarks and soon livened up the atmosphere.

When she discovered Lee Yanyi's expression became a little relaxed, Lee Mei asked euphemistically, "Brother Yanyi, are there any dish that you dislike?"

"No, none," Lee Yanyi answered affirmatively.

"Then I can serve all of them to you. Please give me face and savor them," Lee Mei said smilingly.

"I can't finish so many dishes myself," Lee Yanyi answered casually. As soon as he stopped talking, he felt a little surprised. Since he had said that, however, he didn't correct himself and just waited for the dishes frankly.

Yan Jia, at the side, instantly gave a look at his professor in surprise.

After all, he was quite clear with the rules of his professor. Every time they went out for dish tasting, the professor would order all dish on the menu and savor them one by one. Then he would give his grading. This time, the professor surprisingly said that it would be a waste to serve so many dishes. It was really weird.

As a qualified assistant, Yan Jia yet didn't say anything, merely standing beside him quietly.

It was Lee Mei who was most surprised as she had already enquired about Lee Yanyi's preferences. Although it didn't conform to his usual habit now, she said nothing and just secretly instructed the chefs to make the best of their state.

After Lee Yanyi ate up the dishes served, his assistant immediately became dumbfounded. Did that mean the dishes were very delicious? He unexpectedly ate them all of them. It was known that he only ate only one or two gulps for each dish.

After the meal, Lee Yanyi went back home with a stuffed stomach. While stroking the chin and pondering, Lee Yanyi was also a little puzzled. Why did he have the strange thought that the dishes shouldn't be served if he couldn't finish the current ones?

Until evening came,

Only when he went to Yuan Zhou's restaurant for dinner did he realize the problem.

"This fellow has surprisingly changed the dining habits of this aged man. He's so hateful," Lee Yanyi grumbled indignantly. When he saw Yuan Zhou, he scowled at him to express his dissatisfaction.

As for Yuan Zhou, he just reacted like "Something is wrong with this old guy." As he had already got used to Lee Yanyi's scolding after eating each time, he just muttered in the heart and went to prepare the dishes.

Lee Yanyi had never cared about how he was judged by others, therefore he scolded again as usual after he finished the dinner.

One week later, he was invited by another wild vegetable restaurant to savor the dishes and still reacted the same as last time when he saw the menu.

"Are you feeding a pig with so many dishes? Just serve me two specialties out of all the dishes," Lee Yanyi said with a tone of disgust.

Having done the same for two or three times, Lee Yanyi was basically known by the gourmet circle that his habits had changed.

As a result, when they invited him again, they would do their best to serve their own specialties, wishing that they could get favorable comments from him.

Yuan Zhou, nevertheless, was continually playing with the kitchen knife provided by the system, like a kid who had gotten his anticipated toys.

Yes, the side mission of Yuan Zhou was finally completed.

[Side Mission] Get up early in the morning and exercise for one hour every day. The specific way of exercise is up to you. (Completed)

(Mission tips: As a Master Chef, even if you are a green hand, you can't be beaten by others. Do exercises and run to the sun, young man.)

[Mission Reward] Superb Knife Skills (Received)

(Reward tips: With the super knife skills, your mom won't worry about you cutting vegetables.)

The system displayed, "A practice kitchen knife is hereby provided. Host, you can practice your knife skills with it."

"You are so humanistic this time. Are there any other requirements?" Yuan Zhou asked alertly.

The system had scammed him for so many times that he was quite experienced now.

The system displayed, "No extra requirement."

"That's great." Only then did Yuan Zhou pick up the kitchen knife on the countertop and play with it in his hand.

Chinese cuisine should be the only one that required the least kinds of knives. Basically, one single kitchen knife could handle all the ingredients, unlike French cuisine for which every dish requires a different knife.

Now that Yuan Zhou had obtained this knife along with the reward, he started playing with the knife while pondering about something.

He practiced over and over, from the initial state of being unfamiliar to the subsequent proficiency. Then, he directly let out a sigh with emotion," I could even go to perform acrobatics with the knife and the skill."

Yuan Zhou was fairly proud of that. He had used the knife to its utmost perfection.

At that time, the system suddenly released a serial mission...