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185 Lotus Root Starch

 The four people were quickly captured into the van with lightning speed. At first, they struggled violently with a "Wu Wu Wu" sound being emitted from their mouths, attempting to look for help or escape.

However, the several big fellows didn't cover their faces all the way. Except for the solemn expression on their swarthy faces, they didn't have any other reaction. However hard they struggled, the big fellows' hands were like the iron hoops firmly holding the several people, making them unable to move or worse, make any sound.

Gradually they accepted the situation and started to guess about the various possibilities they were going to face in a while.

Luckily, the van didn't go on for long. In about twenty minutes, the van directly went into a large courtyard. Having entered the front courtyard, the big fellows got off the van and brought the four people out of the van without uttering any word.

In the spacious courtyard stood dozens of people. Several girls seemed to be the leader. While standing in the middle, Jiang Changxi was wearing a red one-piece dress with a silt at the side up to the thigh, revealing her white skin. Her wavy hair was tied in a bun formally and a checkered shawl was unfolding over her shoulders. Her entire person looked aggressively beautiful.

Beside her was Yin Ya, who was even more beautiful. Her graceful body was wrapped in the overskirt and her face was covered with an extraordinarily serious expression.

Another girl was Man Man. She appeared to be warm and friendly. However, there was no smile on her small face, but only an especially earnest manner.

The others besides the three girls were, in sequence, Wu Hai, Ling Hong, Wu Zhou and the grandpa as well as those who they had met in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Release them," Jiang Changxi waved her hand and said coolly. Her tone was devoid of her usual teasing manner.

The well-built fellows escorted them to the four chairs in the front quietly and then went back to Chen Wei's back, just standing there.

The four guys, however, were breathing heavily, like fish that had just got ashore.

"Ah, it's you guys," the tall guy first calmed down and got the strength to speak.

"Right, it's us. Don't be so eager to speak now," Jiang Changxi straightforwardly said with a strict manner of interrogation.

"What you guys did at night three days ago needn't be mentioned in details again, right?" She questioned them severely.

"We already knew the reason of why you guys beat up Boss Yuan. But it's absolutely ridiculous and extremely foolish," Jiang Changxi spoke relentlessly.

"That is Intentional Assault. According to the 234th clause of Criminal Law, those who were accused of Intended Assault Crime would be sentenced to three years' imprisonment, criminal detention or public surveillance," Yin Ya reported out the several guys' crimes calmly at the side.

"No, no. We just wanted to frighten Boss Yuan to open the restaurant longer. Don't you also want it?" The slim guy said emotionally. He didn't think he was at fault at all.

"Ho Ho," after a cold smile, Man Man said, "According to your logic, if Boss Yuan doesn't make dishes for you, you can beat him with a sneak attack; if the teacher leaves more homework, you can beat your teacher; if the doctor can't cure you, you can beat the doctor; If your parents don't give you money, then you can also beat your parents, right?"

"Pa Pa Pa", Man Man clapped and continued, "Such logic is really moving. I wonder how you guys grew up with that logic."

"If I don't feel good about you guys right now, then I can also maim you, right? After all, you made me annoyed with you," Ling Hong interjected from behind.

"But I'm a humanitarian. So don't worry, I will be responsible for your medical costs," on Ling Hong's handsome face, a faint smile was revealed. One could not tell if what he said was real or not.

"Of course I can also pay for the disability pension, like a sort of donation," Wu Hai stroked his small mustache and appeared as if he were thinking about the feasibility of the idea.

Chen Wei and the well-built fellows behind him, nevertheless, showed their robust muscles, indicating that the idea was totally possible.

Only then did the four guys stop finding excuses and complaining.

It was quite difficult to think of others while putting oneself in another's condition, except when they also encountered the same dilemma.

Now, they really did encounter the same situation. It was they themselves who were kidnapped here and trampled upon by others with the reason that they didn't feel good about them.

Only then did they realize what they had stupidly done that day. Just because Yuan Zhou cooked well, they beat him for the sake of their own selfish desires.

"Sorry, we get your point now." They were all adults and hence had the courage to admit mistakes. All the four guys stood up and sincerely apologized for their wrong deeds.

"Tsk... it's really not funny. You guys unexpectedly realized your faults so soon," Jiang Chang ridiculed them regrettably.

"Are you sure you have realized your fault?" Man Man did not believe them.

"I can help to send for a good lawyer for Boss Yuan," Yin Yi revealed a pretty but icy face.

"We have truly realized that it's all our faults. We'll make a sincere apology to him," the four guys looked at each other and said with one voice.

"That's so awesome! I have never expected you guys to beat Boss Yuan. Tsk-tsk, you guys are really so capable as to beat others." Stroking his small mustache, Wu Hai looked at the few people in disgust.

"Let me tell you. It was I who gave the order to catch you fellows here. I think you should have known the reason. Call me if you want to find me," Ling Hong took out a name card of his and straightforwardly put it in front of the tall man.

With indifference all over his face, he appeared rather unperturbed.

"Although I couldn't accept the way you dealt with this matter, I still want to thank you," the tall man didn't refuse. He picked up the name card and yet said that.

"Then can Boss Yuan accept the specific way of yours?" Yin Yi still felt angry and thus said behind her companions.

"We'll go and apologize to him," after hesitating for a little while, the tall man said with a firm tone.

"Is that all? I haven't used my way yet." Jiang Changxi watched the four people leave regrettably.

"What? Do you really intend to meet violence with violence?" Chen Wei said disapprovingly.

"Humm," Jiang Changxi let out humph, neither admitting nor denying.

"If you do so, it'll do no good to Boss Yuan. After all, we did that in his name," Chen Wei said with a frown.

"Just trust me. I will definitely handle this matter properly," Jiang Changxi turned her head and glanced at Chen Wei. After that, she quickened her footsteps and left.

All these people were the regular customers who had quite different reasons to like Yuan Zhou's restaurant. For the actions this time, Wu Hai proposed, Ling Hong implemented, Jiang Changxi controlled the scene and the other two girls Yin Ya and Man Man preached.

Girls were good at handling such things, after all they wouldn't think of using any heavy handed methods.

Yuan Zhou nevertheless didn't know someone else helped him to vent his anger. He only thought that he would not accept the reluctant apologies of the four people. However, it seemed that there was quite a lot of good news today.

For example, the Han Chinese Clothing he ordered from the online shopping by express service arrived.

This was the last object required by the mission.

The menu had already been painted. With the complete painting of fish swimming among the lotus flowers painted on the wall, the names of the dishes and the price appeared conspicuously and were not easily missed.

Other decorations had also been well placed. The blossoming pink lotus flowers were revealing their beauty and charm while other lotus flower pattern bulbs were also decorating the bamboo forests.

At that time, the reminder of the system came.

[Side Mission] Please furnish the restaurant with 10 different ornaments related to lotus flowers. (Completed)

(Mission Tips: As a Master Chef restaurant that took the lotus flower as its restaurant flower, how could it not have ornaments of lotus flowers? Go and buy them lavishly now, young man.)

[Mission Reward] Lotus Root Starch (Available to be received)