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184 Apology

 Ever since Yuan Zhou was beaten at night that day, he became fully aware of the necessity of exercise. As a to-be Master Chef, he must have a robust physique to handle any kind of challenge.

Yuan Zhou's choice was first to get used to getting up at 5:20 and exercising for one hour. The remaining time would still be sufficient for him to prepare the complicated breakfast.

The form of exercise would naturally be the simplest jogging, which could result in improvement of the endurance and physical strength. As for other functions, he needed some more time, step by step.

"Boss Yuan?" Standing on the second floor, Wu Hai shouted loudly.

"Um, good morning," Yuan Zhou slightly raised the head and said.

"Are you jogging?" Wu Hai was fairly surprised.

But Yuan Zhou didn't stop to answer him after the greeting. He straightforwardly ran away slowly at his normal speed. As for Wu Hai's question, Yuan Zhou didn't actually answer him.

"Damn it," seeing Yuan Zhou running away gradually, Wu Hai felt a little incredulous.

He took out the phone at the first instance, entered the Wechat group and started to send messages.

[Boss Yuan is crazy. He is jogging right now. I just saw him running away from me.], from Hungry Brother Wu.

Only after a long while did someone reply to him.

[You must have gotten the wrong person by mistake. How could Boss Yuan be outside at this time of the day?], from Yin Ya Working Overtime.

[Hi, beauty, you get up so early. But I'm serious. We even greeted each other.], from Hungry Brother Wu.

[Beauty requires a cost. Contrarily, I feel you must be crazy by saying that.], said Yin Ya Working Overtime straightforwardly.

[You don't even believe the truth, do you? Let me send a picture to prove it], from Hungry Brother Wu.

[I'm waiting.], from Yin Ya Working Overtime.

Then the group became silent. It was so early that basically, nobody was up at that time.

Yuan Zhou spent three days freely like that. On the third day, however, the panda eye still didn't disappear. As a result, he could only continue resting.

During the period, Mu Xiaoyun came once specifically to bring some medicines for Yuan Zhou.

The effect of the medicines was not bad. Yuan Zhou then kept it to use later.

The four people, who had beaten Yuan Zhou that night, nevertheless could no longer play dumb anymore. Therefore, the tall man summoned the rest three together.

"Did we beat Boss Yuan too severely? The restaurant has been closed for four days," the tall man said worriedly.

"Fatty, did you strike him too hard?" The short guy looked toward the fat man who first started the fight.

"No, I have a good sense of propriety. There are few flesh wounds on Boss Yuan's body, except the bruise on the face," the fat man frowned with puzzlement.

"Then what's the problem?" the slim guy looked at the other three people and became more puzzled.

"Let's go to apologize to Boss Yuan, otherwise he is not likely to open the door," the tall man thought for a while and said.

"He doesn't even open the door. How do we apologize to him?" The slim guy agreed first.

"I agree with him," then the short man.

"It's not unacceptable, after all we did that to eat," the fat guy grumbled in the end.

"Ok, let's go to knock the door directly," the tall man made the final decision.

After they reached an agreement, they got out of the door together. Of course, the place where they discussed was the fat man's home that was very close to Yuan Zhou's restaurant. If not so close, how could they manage to wait for Yuan Zhou so precisely last time?

It was naturally impossible for them to knock the door specifically for apology in public. Therefore the several people arrived at the back door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant from the back alley.

It was 6:50, ten minutes before 7:00 in the afternoon. They naturally came to discuss that after they got off from work.

"Boss Yuan, Boss Yuan, please open the door," the tall man took a deep breath and shouted loudly.

Meanwhile, the fat guy knocked heavily on the door, with the loud noise of "Dong Dong Dong Dong" echoing without end.

With the sound proof system provided by the system, Yuan Zhou could hardly hear the noises outside, even if people had a plaza dance outside his restaurant. Coincidently, Yuan Zhou was preparing dinner for himself in the kitchen. Therefore, he still captured the slight vibration of the back door.

He frowned and didn't intend to open the door.

Five minutes later, the people outside were still persistently banging on the door and shouting. For fear of affecting the neighborhoods, Yuan Zhou went up and opened the door.

As soon as the door was open, Yuan Zhou changed a serious expression and became alert.

The four people were fairly easy to recognize. Even if it was dark and one can hardly see clearly, Yuan Zhou's five senses had already been superior to ordinary persons and hence he still recognized them easily. These few people actually bit the hook even before Yuan Zhou looked for them to make trouble.

Yuan Zhou's strategy was to take no action. He just frowned and remained solemn, with a serious expression.

"Sorry!" The tall man turned his head and gave the other three a wink. Then, all of them made a bow neatly and then said loudly.

"Oh, for what?" Yuan Zhou crossed his arms against the chest and felt slightly relieved before raising his eyebrows and asking.

"For the fight at night several days ago. Anyhow, it's my fault. Boss Yuan, please open the restaurant. Please," as the tall man was the one who offered the proposal, he took all the responsibility and brought out his fault at one go.

"Humm, got it," Yuan Zhou didn't really want to talk more with them.

"Boss Yuan, please tell us what conditions you have to forgive us," the tall man said hurriedly when he realized that Yuan Zhou wanted to close the door.

"I heard from you that it is because my business time is too short?" Seeing that the several people had some sincerity, Yuan Zhou spoke of something more.

"No, it's good," the slim guy said shamelessly.

"Is it because I'm such a scam?" Yuan Zhou raised his eyebrows and said with an indifferent tone.

"No, Boss Yuan is very nice. We all admire you," the short man also wittily chimed in with them.

"Then it's because my dishes are too little to eat your fill," what Yuan Zhou was saying right now was spoken by these people personally before.

"Of course not. The dishes of Boss Yuan are actually as large as those served outside. It's only that they are too delicious. But the amount is truly not less," the tall guy echoed.

"Humm," Yuan Zhou answered indifferently with a word. It was really not bad to see people eat their words

"What would you think if we apologize to you in front of the public, Boss Yuan? Tomorrow, ok?" The person was very eager to see Yuan Zhou open the restaurant tomorrow.

"Oh," Yuan Zhou didn't really intend to accept their apology.

"I have noticed there is always a long line of customers outside Boss Yuan's restaurant. We can be the greeters, free of charge, and help to maintain order. What do you think?" When the tall man found Yuan Zhou had no intention to accept their proposal, he provided another condition.

"Ok. But I won't do business with you guys in the coming days and also don't ask when you can eat my dishes. If you agree, you come tomorrow," during the fight in the alley, Yuan Zhou wasn't actually beaten much, not to mention the dog Broth also helped him.

Consequently, Yuan Zhou didn't treat them too severely, but forgiveness was certainly not that easy. As for their wish to eat his dishes, he wouldn't accept that.

Yuan Zhou was a mere nobody and certainly, he didn't understand generosity.

"That's awesome. Thank you, Boss Yuan. We'll come early in the morning tomorrow," the tall man said happily.

"Um," Yuan Zhou straightforwardly shut the back door.

"It's finally solved. But when can we eat the tasty dishes? It seems that we have to think of other means," the several people discussed other means by which they could eat dishes in Yuan Zhou's restaurant while walking.

Nevertheless, they thoroughly failed in noticing an inconspicuous white van was parking at the entrance of the alley and right blocking the way.

"Who parked the van here? We can't even get out easily," the fat man who was taking the lead made a complaint and then prepared to lean to one side and pass through.

At that time, the door of the van was quickly opened with a sound of "Zi". From the van came out several well-built fellows, who directly got off the van and pushed all the four people into the van without saying a word.

They covered the mouths of the four people all the way and drove far away quietly.