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183 Encouragement from the System

 With regards to the current reaction of the system, Yuan Zhou only wanted to say, "Where were you last night?"

The system had no intention to defend itself. Instead, it directly released a new mission.

[Side Mission] Get up early in the morning and exercise for one hour every day. The specific way of exercise is up to you."

(Mission tips: As a Master Chef, even if you are a green hand, you can't be beaten by others. Do exercises and run to the sun, young man.)

[Mission Reward] Superb Knife Skills

(Reward tips: With the super knife skills, your mom won't worry about you cutting vegetables.)

"System, does your program crash or get affected by viruses?" Yuan Zhou was greatly shocked by the uninhibited tips of the mission and reward.

With absolute silence, the system didn't have any reaction.

"Can you return to normal next time? I really suspect that you have been affected by the virus," Yuan Zhou said tentatively.

The system, naturally, still had no response.

Yuan Zhou stood in the kitchen and carefully considered for 5 minutes before he came to a surprising conclusion, "System, did you want to make me laugh just now?"

Although this conclusion seemed to be illogical, the great detective Holmes once said, "When you rule out all impossibility, no matter what is left, it must be the truth even if it's impossible."

Yuan Zhou firmly believed that; otherwise, how should he explain the system going mad today?

With regards to the mission, it was naturally in accordance with Yuan Zhou's idea. If he exercised and became stronger, he might be able to teach others a lesson next time.

Besides, it was a must for an excellent Master Chef to own a robust physique.

However, Yuan Zhou had a very important thing to do at that time.

"Dong Dong Dong", he ran upstairs and went to make preparations while customers outside the restaurant were discussing about the panda eye on Yuan Zhou's face.

"Be honest, Wu Hai. Did you do that?" Man Man looked at Wu Hai seriously and asked severely.

"I wish I did it. The problem is this guy has a really weird temper. I couldn't find any opportunity to do that," Wu Hai did not disguise his discontent of Yuan Zhou.

"Then, it must be you," Man Man turned the head and looked at another customer.

With a butch haircut, this person looked much spirited. It was also him who laughed most loudly.

"Of course it's not me. I haven't been here for a long time. But the moment I came again, I saw an interesting scene," the butch haircut man said contentedly with a smile.

"Don't look at me. I didn't do that, either," the customer who had asked Yuan Zhou most questions just now also tried to get rid of the suspicion.

Having turned the head back, Man Man looked at Wu Hai with puzzlement, "It's still you who is the prime suspect."

"A woman's heart can be as sinister as the sting of the hornet, sometimes. Why don't you suspect yourself?" Wu Hai was not likely to admit failure, hence immediate fought back.

"You are the sinister woman, humph," Man Man let out a humph discontentedly.

"Stop quarreling, please. No matter who did it, he has helped to vent our anger. He's a hero," while speaking, the butch haircut man couldn't help laughing.

"He really is. The single panda eye of Boss Yuan is quite artistic. I have inexhaustible inspirations now and am preparing to paint an Irritated Panda, which could definitely reach the summit of my artistic career," while stroking his mustache, Wu Hai said with a cunning smile.

However, all these people forgot one important point. Yuan Zhou cared much about his image. The consequence of laughing at him would be discovered in no time by them.

Yuan Zhou first made a call to Mu Xiaoyun.

"Xiaoyun, don't come today and tomorrow. Come in the morning the day after tomorrow," Yuan Zhou was always frank and straightforward.

"Ok. Boss, don't you feel comfortable? Do you need safflower oil?" Mu Xiaoyun asked meticulously.

"No need. Bye," Yuan Zhou then hung off the phone.

"What's the matter?" Mu Xiaojie, who had got out of bed with splints tied on one of his leg, asked her curiously when he saw his sister not happy after answering the phone.

"Boss Yuan seems to be injured, "there was an expression of concern on the white face of Mu Xiaoyun.

"It doesn't matter. Look at me, I'm still frisky," Mu Xiaojie said indifferently while pointing at his wounded leg.

Then, Mu Xiaoyun was amused by her brother. However, news passed quickly from mouth to mouth. Soon the matter that Boss Yuan was beaten and got a panda eye was known by all the regular customers.

At noon, even those customers who came occasionally arrived to watch Yuan Zhou. With an inconspicuous concern on her face, Yin Ya also came to the restaurant.

After they arrived, however, they found Yuan Zhou's restaurant was tightly shut. There was a conspicuous A4 paper pasted on the door, which brought them with a bad feeling.

[Request for Leave

As my handsome face was unfortunately attacked secretly by bad guys and is not good-looking anymore, the customers' mood while dining here has been severely affected. Therefore, I decided to take a rest until the wounds heal in order to not affect everybody's happy mood during meals.

I give the most sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to everybody during the breakfast.]

The signature was, of course, Yuan Zhou, of which the customers were familiar.

"What, what does that mean?" Wu Hai pulled the collar of a customer nearby and said in disbelief.

"This scamming fellow closed the restaurant again." This person was also rather upset. He paid little attention to Wu Hai's rude manner and merely got rid of Wu Hai's hand, appearing more upset.

"Although the wording was earnest and he seemed to be sincere, this was nevertheless one hell of a scam. How could he have the nerve to say that his appearance will affect customers' mood of dining?" Chen Wei came to watch the bustling scene specifically after he heard of Yuan Zhou's encounter. But now, he clenched his fist with a sound of "Ge Zhi, Ge Zhi".

"Ho Ho. Earnest wording? And the most sincere apology? Where the fu*k is the sincerity? I really want to kill you." Having endured the hardships of a journey, Ling Hong just arrived at Yuan Zhou's restaurant when he encountered such bad news.

"I feel I am unable to have control of my hands now, which are telling me that they want to hit Boss Yuan's face," a regular customer also said with a sneer.

"He did that as if he were quite considerate," another customer said angrily.

While it was noisy at the entrance of Yuan Zhou's restaurant, Yuan Zhou nevertheless was busy with his own thing quietly on the second floor.

He took out a super heavy notebook and wrote something on it. The friction of the pen point and the paper emitted a "Sha Sha" sound.

Furthermore, it seemed this notebook had been used for several times and there were obvious traces of being turned over on the cover.

On the other side, Wu Hai truly didn't have lunch although he wailed at noon that he was gonna starve. After lying in his art studio and doing nothing for a whole afternoon, he rushed downstairs hurriedly in the evening to see if the door was open. In that manner, he appeared to be like the dog, Broth, asking for food by playing cute.

When he saw the door still shut, however, he gradually went back to the art studio, with the mustache on his mouth drooping listlessly.

Wu Hai typically suffered from hypotension. Once he didn't eat regularly, he would suffer from low blood pressure, hypoglycaemia and then a depressed mood. That was why his broker Zheng Jiawei always asked him to eat by any means possible.

Having eaten only breakfast all day long, Wu Hai sat in boredom in front of the drawing board. The only accomplishment was that he left a little more work to Zheng Jiawei, who was to come today to do the cleaning.

"Why am I so restless with anxiety today?" After he crushed up the artwork again, Wu Hai gave up continuing with the work. Instead, he stood up and walked to the window, preparing to let some air in.

Of course, Wu Hai had already gotten used to opening the window in the face of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"What the hell is that?" Once he opened the window, Wu Hai was immediately startled.

He turned the head and looked at the big clock hanging on the wall, which clearly showed 5:36.

"What's the matter? It's really unscientific," it appeared that Wu Hai just couldn't believe it.

At that time, it was exactly Yuan Zhou who appeared downstairs.