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182 Consequence

 In the pitch-dark alley, only Yuan Zhou's footsteps emitted a sound of "Da Da". Even the moon hid behind the clouds and thus made the back alley darker.

However, such darkness was very normal to Yuan Zhou, who often came and went in this alley. Thus, he just walked forward habitually.

As Yuan Zhou lived at the middle part of the alley, he could normally return to his restaurant in 5 minutes. But when he had just walked halfway, a dark figure suddenly popped out in the way.

He blocked the way straightforwardly. With a frown, Yuan Zhou felt something was wrong. He looked back and as expected found two men, one tall and the other short, blocked the route of retreat.

"What do you want?" Yuan Zhou carefully thought back for a while and felt he was not likely to be hated out of jealousy, as he was an extremely nice youth that had always adhered to virtues and moral integrity.

Was it because he was much too handsome, or because his appearance was much too showy?

"Beat him. Don't hit his hands and do beat him gently," the tall man specifically held his nose to disguise his genuine voice and then said.

"Don't worry," the fat guy blocking the way answered and then immediately approached Yuan Zhou.

"Wait." Yuan Zhou made a gesture of "Stop".

"Hold on. Let's see what Boss Yuan wants to say," the tall man said loudly.

Then the fat and short guys stopped obediently and waited for Yuan Zhou to speak.

Yuan Zhou first crouched and set the bowl down on the ground. This was provided by the system. God knows whether or not he needed to compensate it if he broke it. It was better to set it down on the ground.

Meanwhile, he said in his mind, "System, your host seems to be in lethal danger. Can you revive the dead?"

The system displayed, "Host, please don't propose any unrealistic illusions."

"Since you can't, why don't you prepare to give me something so that I tide over this crisis?" Although Yuan Zhou appeared to be calm, he was actually quite worried in his heart.

However, the system thoroughly went quiet this time.

"It seems that I can only rely on me." Yuan Zhou thought silently and then stood up.

"Boss Yuan treasures the bowl so much," the tall man said ironically.

"Thanks. I have been always doing that. Now that you called me Boss Yuan, you supposedly know me. So what do you guys want today?" Yuan Zhou stood up with his back straightened and said coldly.

"Ho Ho," hearing Yuan Zhou ask about that, the tall man didn't actually prepare to answer him.

"Bro, it's not early anymore," beside the tall man, the fat guy made a squawky "Si Si" sound. His voice was like that of a night owl.

The several people who appeared to be self-righteous had made adequate preparations.

"Do remember, don't wound his hands. Be careful," after the tall man finished speaking, he turned his back on them and didn't watch them anymore.

"Hey, hey. Are you guys serious? Wait, wait. We can negotiate about anything," Yuan Zhou became worried with that up-coming fight.

Yuan Zhou had the system backing up his culinary skills, but he was truly not a top martial artist. Under the condition that two versus one, it was basically impossible for him to defeat the other two people.

Nonetheless, the opponents had scruples and moreover, a helper of Yuan Zhou had arrived.

"Wu Wu Wu...", the dog Broth ran to the front of Yuan Zhou and remained alert, with the hair on the back all standing up. None of them knew when the dog came out from the end of the alley.

As a result, the two parties were well-matched in strength.

Subsequently, a fierce fight took place in the alley. The final consequence was naturally that the three guys fled from the biting of the dog that went berserk. As for Yuan Zhou, he basically had no wounds, if the panda eye was not included.

"Fie. Why did all the guys punch my face? It hurts so much," Yuan Zhou spitted out some slobber blended with blood and said discontentedly.

"Woof, woof...", Broth was still barking dutifully.

"Ok, stop, you can stop now," Yuan Zhou crouched and said to the dog.

"Wu..." Broth uttered a moan and calmed down slowly.

"Thank you. Finally, I didn't feed you with the broth in vain," Yuan Zhou reached out his hand and prepared to stroke the dog. But he stopped halfway and didn't manage to touch it.

While looking at Yuan Zhou quietly, Broth suddenly turned around and left. Finally, he vanished from Yuan Zhou's sight.

"Well, ok. I'm also leaving. Thank you," Yuan Zhou stood up and said to himself. While saying, he stroked around his eyes gently.

Having encountered such an accident at night, Yuan Zhou still opened the restaurant persistently on the next morning. Nevertheless, the breakfast was neither the Duck Oil Sesame Seed Cakes that were expected by most customers nor the Soup Dumplings. Instead, it was the simple Clear Broth Noodle Soup.

Yuan Zhou's appearance, however, first startled Mu Xiaoyun who arrived early in the morning and then the customers who followed her into the restaurant.

"Boss, what's wrong with your eye?" Mu Xiaoyun opened her mouth slightly in surprise, with her eyes widely open.

"Nothing," Yuan Zhou's answer was concise and comprehensive.

"But your eye has turned blue," Mu Xiaoyun said worriedly.

"I fell over on the ground, but there's no problem now," Yuan Zhou said straightforwardly in case Mu Xiaoyun asked again.

"So your eye got hurt after you fell down?" Mu Xiaoyun felt it to be unbelievable.

"Um, it's not early. There's only Clear Broth Noodle Soup this morning," Yuan Zhou signaled to her that customers were waiting outside in the main hall.

"Ok, boss," Mu Xiaoyun answered obediently.

However, Yuan Zhou had never expected it was just the beginning of his nightmare.

Yuan Zhou didn't really get many wounds last night. Those few people didn't specifically want to do anything severe to Yuan Zhou either, but just vented their resentments. After they were chased by Broth and became hasty, they punched Yuan Zhou's eye by accident. As a result, Yuan Zhou carried a conspicuous panda eye now.

"Boss Yuan, who beat you?" Wu Hai was unable to hold himself back first. He said slowly while holding his laughter.

"Same question. It's impossible that you can hurt your face even if you fell down," another customer who often came for meals deprived Yuan Zhou of his excuse beforehand.

"That's true. The panda eye of Boss Yuan is fairly unusual," the regular customers had no time to attend to the Duck Oil Sesame Seed Cakes today.

"Who is so wicked to beat only one eye like that? Look, how weird it is to have one eye like that and the other as normal," after staring at Yuan Zhou for quite a while, Man Man suddenly said primly.

"Yeah, absolutely. This is much too wicked," Wu Hai continued to mock at Yuan Zhou while holding his laughing.

Yuan Zhou, nevertheless, had a solemn face all along and didn't respond to any of them. He appeared to be indifferent and calm.

However, it was too naive of him to think their curiosity would diminish if he didn't respond.

"Sigh. Boss Yuan, let me see if there's problem with your hands," suddenly, a customer who was trying to hold back the laugh said in surprise.

"Right, let us see," Wu Hai likewise chimed in with them.

"Opening hours will end in no time," Yuan Zhou said expressionlessly.

"Don't worry, we'll surely leave early today. After all, Boss Yuan got wounded and doesn't feel good," Wu Hai showed a caring manner.

Others who waited behind in the line also agreed with Wu Hai's words.

Everyone instructed Yuan Zhou to carefully rest well before they left one after another. If they didn't specifically mention it was due to falling down, it would seem like concern for him.

As soon as they got out of Yuan Zhou's restaurant, the customers all laughed loudly.

"Ha Ha Ha Ha"

Their voice was so high that Yuan Zhou couldn't just ignore them before he shut the door.

The only person who could be considered to care about him, Mu Xiaoyun, however, left with a worried expression.

"Is the wound so conspicuous?" Yuan Zhou touched the corner of his eye and felt more speechless.

Then, the system that had played dead yesterday night suddenly had a reaction and, furthermore, provided Yuan Zhou with something that he was in urgent need of.