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181 A Huge Conspiracy

 The middle-aged man said frankly that he wouldn't say flattering words, which immediately made the atmosphere slightly depressing. Seeing that the young man following the middle-aged man had no intention to smooth things over, he could only to endure that.

Fortunately, the entrance of the restaurant was in sight. He changed to a smiling face right away, saying, "Here we are. Yanyi, let's go inside now. I have prepared everything."

"Humm," this time, the middle-aged man acted even more straightforwardly. He just answered with a single word and walked forward by himself.

"This old fellow really has a bad temper," the boss grounded his teeth privately but revealed a mild look on his face and led the way enthusiastically ahead of them

"Hello, Boss. Hello, Mr. Lee. I have got everything ready. Please follow me," Manager Gou walked up for two steps and started to greet them before leading the three of them into the restaurant.

They passed through the main hall into the VIP area. Eventually, they arrived at a room with Green Bamboo Room written on the door.

After a sound of "Zhi Ya", Manager Gou pushed open the door and retreated to one side, making way for them to get in.

"Don't worry, Mr. Lee. Everything in the room has no smell. The dishes are to be served very soon. Please wait a moment," Manager Gou said politely while standing aside.

"Ok. Go and tell Head Chef Zheng to hurry up," the middle-aged man didn't intend to speak while the young man beside him was also just watching with a smile, without saying anything. It was the boss himself who had to speak first.

However, he specifically pointed out whom the head chef was.

"Ok. Boss, Mr. Lee, please wait for a little while," after that, Manager Gou immediately shut the door and left in quick steps, going to the kitchen to inform serving dishes.

"According to your rules, I have instructed my people to serve all the dishes available. Please do savor as many as you can," seated at the side, the boss said with a smile.

"Humm," the middle-aged man still said little and was reluctant to speak more.

Fortunately, a constant stream of attendants started to serve the dishes in no time. The big round table was soon stacked with various cuisines.

As a feast for eyes, these diversified and exquisite dishes were waiting for people to savor them.

The middle-aged man didn't speak. He just picked up the chopsticks and began to taste them.

This person was called Lee Yanyi. He was a quite well-known gourmet reviewer. Different from others, he was famous for his severity and harsh words. The fact that he never received money to give false comments provided him with extraordinary fame in the gourmets circle.

He had also decent prestige in the hearts of the public. Everyone knew that reviewing was not his full-time occupation and he didn't make money from that. Therefore, he gained even more trust as a result. Besides, his remarks were extremely accurate.

Consequently, a great number of restaurants or hotels would invite him to savor their dishes for free.

Every time, they would serve him all the dishes they had, just like this time, wishing that one of the dishes could be rated by him as a delicacy.

That further brought about his more picky character, for example, now.

"Ok, I'm full now," Lee Yanyi savored about half of the dishes before setting down the chopsticks and saying that.

"Ok. Sorry to bother you, Yanyi. Let me see you off," standing at the side, the boss didn't ask about the result and still said enthusiastically.

The boss wasn't really good at enduring. It was just because this was also one of the rules of Lee Yanyi.

"You are welcome," Lee Yanyi didn't become politer after eating the free dishes, but just said a few more words.

Without making any more small talk, the boss stood up and began to see Lee Yanyi off.

On the big round table behind them, exquisite dishes gradually lost the heat and became cool.

After sending Lee Yanyi away, Manager Gou asked, "Boss, how did it go? Is he satisfied?"

"There should be no problems," the boss first carefully thought back for a while and then answered with certainty.

"There are definitely no problems. I didn't see any discontented expression on Mr. Lee's face," Manager Gou nevertheless said confidently.

"Humph. Go to work and clear away the dishes now." When the boss recalled the long face of Lee Yanyi, he felt extremely bad.

When Manager Gou caught sight of the boss's discontent, he didn't dare to ask more and obediently went to work.

Having returned home, Lee Yanyi washed himself and came to the study room to remark on the dishes he had savored today.

[The Peony Lotus Pastry is simply pretending to be cultured and is to the utmost vulgar. Even the literati and poet wouldn't be so affected. With an apparently nice flower, yet the food was oily and was deprived of the intrinsic taste of the ingredients itself. As for other dishes, they are not even as good as the home-made ones. There's nothing to speak of.] from Delicacy Researcher.

The Peony Lotus Pastry mentioned by Lee Yanyi was the signature pastry of Head Chef Zheng. The taste was fragrant and furthermore combined the scent of the two flowers. However, it was bluntly criticized by Lee Yanyi as a vulgar dish, which might make Head Chef Zheng cry upon seeing it.

Of course, what the boss of the Lotus Restaurant would think was unknown. After all, he went out on a limb to invite Lee Yanyi and cared about his remark the most.

Naturally, Lee Yanyi had not no personal feelings about it. He straightforwardly went to bed and had a rest after writing the remarks.

It was another restaurant who was criticized by him.

It was midnight. Even Yuan Zhou's pub was about to be closed. At the other side, however, in a room as bright as day, a group of people, tall, short, slim and fat, gathered together.

The several people were talking in a low voice. It seemed that they were discussing a big event.

The slim guy gradually lost control of his voice excitedly, "I feel that we cannot be ruled by Boss Yuan anymore."

"That's right. I can't eat my fill for breakfast every day. How can I have the energy to lose weight?" Among them, the fattest and seemingly stoutest man was likewise dissatisfied.

"Then what do you guys think of my idea?" a tall guy who seemed to have the leadership asked seriously.

"Let's just do it. Just be careful with his hands," a short guy who appeared to be composed agreed first.

"How's the thing that I assigned you going on?" The tall man with leadership turned his head to the slim person.

"You guys can count on me. I have inquired that Boss Yuan would go to the trash can and feed the mixed fur Maltese shortly after the pub is closed every night," the slim person reported detailed information about Yuan Zhou.

"Do you know the exact time?" The tall man continued to confirm the time.

"Yes, I do. Boss Yuan would appear at the trash can at around 11:20," the slim guy took out a notebook. On it, he wrote the detailed time of Yuan Zhou's activity at night.

"Great. Let's just do as what we have discussed," the tall man made the final decision.

"No problem. I will take the vanguard. Slim, you are in charge of surveying the terrain," the fat guy stuck out his chest at the side, appearing to be ready to shoulder the responsibility.

"I'll support you with coordinated actions," the tall person likewise brought out his position at the side.

"I'm flexible, so I can cover you guys." The short man also chose a suitable position.

"Ok, so now it's settled," in the end, the slim guy said conclusively.

The several people acted carefully, planned rigorously and allocated reasonably. Even the peasant uprisings in ancient times did no better than them.

Soon, the clock hands walked to 11:20 as mentioned by the slim guy. As expected, Yuan Zhou turned up at the trash can while carrying a bowl of broth.

"Tall, Fat and Short, you guys go to ambush hurriedly. Boss Yuan has walked out of the restaurant," while holding a night-vision telescope in one hand and the phone in the other, the slim guy said to the one at the other end of the phone, acting like a spy.

"Roger," from the other end passed the answer of the fat person.

The slim guy then had his mind secure and murmured in the heart, "Humph, humph, humph. Let me show you the great strength of this extreme foodie.

The actor's lines were fairly weird. And of course, the remaining several guys were also like that...