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177 Selection of Restaurant Flower

 Ever since the last upgrade mission, the system no longer released any missions. Yuan Zhou was also happy to be free like that. He would slowly familiarize himself with the newly-served dishes and then add them to the price list. This was the requirement he had for himself now.

This was different from the former times when he immediately sold out the new dishes once they were served.

Yuan Zhou opened the restaurant every day and once he was free, he would play electronic games, exercise the flexibility of his fingers and train his carving skills. Yuan Zhou's life was greatly enriched by all that. Of course, the happiest moment for him was when he calculated the turnover at night.

As for paying taxes, Yuan Zhou selectively neglected this matter directly due to the system giving him a comforting red packet every time.

Naturally, the current amount of the tax paid was getting larger and larger. Consequently, Yuan Zhou had already enjoyed the preferential policies of paying a large amount of taxes. For example, the express tax-paying line which could let Yuan Zhou pay taxes faster and quicker.

In this regard, Yuan Zhou just expressed, "I am so grateful" and almost knelt down to thank them.

If he weren't saying that while grinding his teeth, these words would be more convincing.

"The turnover increased a little bit again today," looking at the increasing number in his bank account, Yuan Zhou said delightedly.

"I should buy a house," as alike as most of the countrymen, he also wanted to buy houses once he had sufficient money. At this point, real estate companies earned more money than others.

Although the neighboring two stores and the current restaurant all belonged to him, he would like to buy a villa anyhow to show off to others since he had plenty of money now.

Yuan Zhou indicated that he needed to consider this matter very carefully.

"After I have a house, I will have a wife and then children. How many children should we have? Should we have boys or girls? The key problem is if we have children, they would have to go to school. Then do I need to buy another house at the school district?" With a solemn look on his face, Yuan Zhou was thinking about this very serious problem.

Luckily the system never revealed any information under the circumstances that there was no mission. Otherwise, it would remind Yuan Zhou that a girlfriend came before a wife.

As for Wu Hai, he was expected to say, "As a single man, it's better for you to consider how to make good dishes."

While taking the money, Yuan Zhou was lost in a daze. Only after quite a while did he regain the consciousness.

Just at that time, the system revealed some words, not for mocking at Yuan Zhou's ideals, but for a mission.

The system displayed, "A country has a national flower; a city has a municipal flower, and a store has a store flower. Host, please choose one to be the store flower of yours."

"Spider plant, hyacinth, orchid, wintersweet,, lotus flower, peony, fragrans, lotus, cottonrose hibiscus..."

The system listed almost all flowers at one go which couldn't be covered in Yuan Zhou's sight. Luckily that first-sight attraction was quite mysterious. Therefore he chose the flower immediately.

"As the poem indicates that the lotus flower is not contaminated although it was grown in sludge and is not immodest after being washed. This is obviously referring to me. I feel it represents my personality. I choose it," Yuan Zhou said complacently.

Under the condition that the system never ridiculed and there was no customer by his side, Yuan Zhou had abandoned his sense of shame.

The system displayed, "Host, please complete the side mission."

[Side Mission] Please furnish the restaurant with 10 different ornaments related to lotus flowers.

(Mission Tips: As a Master Chef restaurant that took the lotus flower as its restaurant flower, how could it not have ornaments of lotus flower? Go and buy them lavishly now, young man.)

[Mission Reward] Lotus Root Starch

(Reward tips: Eating lotus root starch is also what the celebrity and cultured people do.)

"Can't you just have some reliable tips?" Every time Yuan Zhou couldn't help grumbling about the content of the tips.

Fortunately, the tips didn't tend to affect Yuan Zhou's judgment for the mission.

There happened to be a lack of food for breakfast in the restaurant, especially soup.

He took out the phone and checked the time. As it was quite late now, he couldn't make calls anymore and could only leaf through some information on the shopping website.

There was sufficient time. After Yuan Zhou's persistently search, he finally found some ornaments.

"What an almighty website!" Yuan Zhou then placed everything he had searched for into the shopping cart in silence.

For women, shopping was a pleasure and online shopping was likewise a means to reduce stress. Therefore, they would carefully compare the commodities and choose one that was to their utmost satisfaction in the end. That had actually nothing to do with money itself.

On the contrary, Yuan Zhou was buying things more straightforwardly and purposefully. He searched for ornaments related to lotus flowers on the shopping website and then a great number of the ornaments popped out instantly.

However, only small and delicate ornaments were suitable for his restaurant and furthermore, they must live up to his taste.

After becoming wealthy, Yuan Zhou's taste was to buy the most expensive ones since he couldn't distinguish the difference.

It was a long-neck flower vase painted with lotus flowers, which would be placed on the countertop.

"Do clothes that I wear while working count? I think they are also an important part of my restaurant," Yuan Zhou, on a whim, asked.

The system displayed, "Yes."

"Good," Yuan Zhou let out a sigh of relief.

He immediately found a store of Han Chinese Clothing on the website and ordered two sets of the clothes, the particular kind with lotus flower patterns, naturally on express service.

By then, he had bought two ornaments. Plus another two for tomorrow, he would have 4 in all. Then there were 6 ornaments left that he should buy. Consequently, Yuan Zhou started to rack his brains to contemplate this matter.

"Many objects are not actually required by the restaurant. Otherwise, ordinary things like the dinnerware could easily help to complete the mission," while pondering, Yuan Zhou also muttered to himself. It was not Yuan Zhou's style not to use it after the purchase. What's more, dinnerware sold outside was apparently inferior to those provided by the system.

In a moment, Yuan Zhou found another one, a lotus flower knot. As it was small and exquisite, and didn't take up too much space, he could hang it on the wall.

What Yuan Zhou was searching for was all about home decoration objects. "This one is also not bad." After a short moment, Yuan Zhou caught the sight of a decorative table lamp, which was pretty and delicate and could emit faint light without being glaring.

He straightforwardly bought 8 lamps generously, preparing to insert them between the bamboo forests in his pub.

Of course, a physical book of Lotus Loving Essay was also considered to be very nice. Thus, Yuan Zhou chose it without hesitation.

"Only three ornaments left now," Yuan Zhou stood up and walked for two steps. As he couldn't think of anything more right now, Yuan Zhou decided to take a rest.

While walking around, he suddenly recalled the mixed fur Maltese Broth guarding the back door.

"System, can I change the dog's name to Lotus Flower now?"Yuan Zhou suddenly asked.

The system, however, didn't even reply him with a "Ho Ho".

"Can I replace the flower pot that you have provided with a new one?" Yuan Zhou intended to take advantage of the flowers in his restaurant.

The system displayed, "No, you can't. If you do so, the plant will wilt easily."

"Is the flowerpot another kind of advanced technology?" Yuan Zhou felt speechless and grumbled.

Nonetheless, Yuan Zhou was likewise inspired by the system. He then bought a bunch of stickers on the shopping website and prepared to paste them on the flower pot.

Then, only two ornaments were left undone.

"I think I can change to a new quilt cover with lotus flower patterns," looking at his own bed, Yuan Zhou said decisively.

The system displayed, "Host, please pay attention to the requirements of the mission."

"Ok," Yuan Zhou hadn't really expected that the mission could be completed in that way and was just asking casually.

Having thought of something suddenly, Yuan Zhou immediately went to the shopping website again to place an order for a towel of lotus flower patterns, which should also be considered as a decoration, for customers' use though. It could be clearly seen that this idea worked.

Now, there was only one left.

"Does another flower vase with a different shape count?" When Yuan Zhou caught sight of a lotus-pod shaped vase, he asked with great curiosity.

The system displayed, "The same type can't be used twice."

Yuan Zhou went through to the next page and began to look for something else.

A flower vase, two sets of clothes, a painting for the price list, a pot of real flower, a lotus flower knot, a lotus flower table lamp, stickers, a book, a custom-made towel and last, the decorative shop sign of the restaurant.

After all the ten ornaments were all bought, Yuan Zhou went to bed securely. Now he was only waiting to receive them to complete the mission...