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176 Change in Expression

 Just when the three people were happily eating the steaming hot rabbit meat, the person who declared himself to be a writer uttered.

"Boss Yuan really treats you guys well," at that time, the writer said after drinking a mouthful of the liquor.

"Why do you say so?" Wu Anlu asked curiously.

At the side, the three people were likewise looking at the writer with puzzlement while eating.

This writer, who claimed to be writing speculative fictions, didn't talk much, but when he spoke occasionally, it was all about strange things. Nevertheless, it made sense to some extent.

"This dish of yours had been well prepared and carried to you before we came here," the writer said while observing the reactions of the three people.

Seeing them nod their heads, the writer continued to say.

"From the moment we came in until now, this dish of yours is still slightly giving off steam. Although it's not cold, the rabbit meat should have been cooled down once the time exceeds half an hour," this time, the writer said with a firm tone and also took a look at Yuan Zhou, who was sitting at the inside of the countertop.

"Last time when I came to draw the lottery, a customer who ordered the rabbit meat definitely got a big plate, a very beautiful one." The writer recalled that beautiful big plate all of a sudden and then nodded affirmatively.

"What's the difference between the plate and the bowl?" After swallowing up the rabbit meat first, Dong Zi asked.

"Of course it's different. This bowl of yours has a big body and a small opening, so the heat won't be lost easily and the dish can stay hot for a long time. That way, you guys are able to eat the hot dish right now." The writer brought out the reason bluntly.

For a while, the second floor was lost in silence.

Chen Wei just wanted to take advantage of Yuan Zhou's rules, which was known by Yuan Zhou.

"Boss Yuan, you really are a nice person." Chen Wei was an honest and straightforward man.

"Thank you. I have always believed so as well," with a nod, Yuan Zhou admitted without any hesitation.

Once the words were spoken, the crowd instantly became speechless. Where was the agreed emotion? Now the atmosphere was totally ruined.

"Come on, let's drink," Wu Anlu first interrupted the silence and then took up the wine cup, saying that.

Not knowing he made the crowd silent again, Yuan Zhou continued playing his single game with relief.

After all, Wu Hai described him as a scammer of different means every day. Yet, now there was suddenly a person who, with his discerning eyes, believed Yuan Zhou was such a nice man. Therefore, Yuan Zhou indicated that he approved of Chen Wei's capability.

On the morning of the following day, the former Wechat group of Rescue Center for Boss Yuan, that had changed its name to Cuisine Backup Group, was filled with bustle.

[Big news. Boss Yuan was despised by all the take-out websites.] This news was from the programmer Wu Zhou. It was early morning and this guy secretly logged on Wechat and told everyone about this matter.

[Um. What's the matter?] The first one who replied was the wealthy Ling Hong. As he had been on a business trip recently, he hadn't been to Yuan Zhou's restaurant for a long time.

[Wealthy Ling, Boss Yuan has been checking take-out websites at his door every day recently. But when the take-out websites come to him for cooperation, he nevertheless refused all of them. So...] The way that Wu Zhou called Ling Hong was quite straightforward, just as usual.

[Ha Ha. I have already known he will be scolded.] As soon as Wu Hai saw this message when he woke up, he was naturally happy.

[Why exactly do you guys think Boss Yuan is checking those take-out websites?] Man Man cared about the more essential problem.

[Is it because he wants to do take-out business but couldn't find a suitable one?] Wu Zhou trusted Yuan Zhou's morals and believed he should have some purpose by doing that.

[I don't think so. I would rather believe it is his periodic madness.] Wu Hai spoke conclusively.

[The reason of doing the business can be considered. The problem is his dishes are neither more nor less, which is difficult to deal with.] Ling Hong would prefer to consider problems based on the reality.

[Wealthy Ling, are you gonna invest in this business?" Wu Zhou asked curiously.

[Not actually. I am just helping Boss Yuan to consider that.] Ling Hong spared a moment to have a look at Wu Zhou and then answered.

[I feel we should share this news with Boss Yuan. After all, it's all about him.] At the other side of the phone, Man Man revealed a cunning smile.

[That's right. He has a decent reason to know about such good news.] Wu Hai supported this idea first.

[Then this work is hereby given to the small mustache and you.] Man Man made the final decision.

Ling Hong didn't check the phone anymore and began to work attentively. As for Wu Zhou, he also had a look and then revealed a smile.

All of them wanted to see Yuan Zhou's look after he got to know such remarks, hence all agreed.

Following a "Peng" sound, Wu Hai rolled over and got up from the bed.

After quickly washing himself, he got out of the restaurant.

By then, there had been some people lining up at the entrance of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

Luckily, breakfast hours always passed quickly. For the past few days, Yuan Zhou had always been cooking the Baked Egg Cakes, which tasted delectable and, moreover, was convenient. Except for the grandpa and Wu Hai who were fond of Soup Dumplings, all the customers loved this dish.

When it was Wu Hai's turn, he took out the evidence that he had collected while waiting in the line.

"Boss Yuan, I have something related to you. Do you want to know it?" Wu Hai's face was filled with an evil smile.

"Nope," as soon as Yuan Zhou saw Wu Hai's manner, he knew that this guy didn't have any good intentions.

"Boss Yuan, you don't play by the rules every time. It's not good," Wu Hai said seriously.

"Here's your Baked Egg Cake. Next one." Yuan Zhou handed the snack to Wu Hai and immediately asked the next customer.

"Listen to me. I feel that the existing take-out websites won't come to cooperate with you anymore for sure," Wu Hai consciously made room for the customer following him and then said after he walked aside and got seated.

"Um, got it," Yuan Zhou managed to find time to answer him.

"Gee? Aren't you curious about the reason?" Wu Hai never believed that Yuan Zhou had the spirit of introspection, hence felt quite strange to Yuan Zhou's answer.

Yet, Yuan Zhou knew this matter very well as he was the leading role. After he consecutively refused ten take-out websites looking for cooperation, naturally no one would come to him in a short time. It was quite normal.

"No, I'm not curious at all."Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou still answered Wu Hai.

"Sigh. Let me tell you directly. Boss Yuan, your restaurant is deemed by the take-out websites as the most insane store." Wu Hai couldn't help bursting out laughing while speaking.

Yuan Zhou didn't answer him right away this time. When Wu Hai felt that Yuan Zhou hadn't heard him and prepared to say it again, Yuan Zhou spoke. He directly uttered, "I know about that."

"Boss Yuan, you are so calm," When Wu Hai recalled the courteous practice formerly said by Yuan Zhou, he couldn't help laughing out.

It turned out that Yuan Zhou really was the problem while people from take-out websites and Wu Hai were normal.

For the whole day long afterward, every customer, as long as they were from the Cuisine Backup Group, would ask Yuan Zhou about the remarks given by the take-out websites to him.

Yuan Zhou's answer was always that he had known about it. He managed free himself from being a joke.

When there was only half an hour left before the dinner time ended, a man who had some bruises on his face and a rupture on the mouth walked into the restaurant.

"Boss Yuan, a bowl of Egg Fried Rice." The man's wounds probably ached from speaking. As a result, he contorted his face in agony for an instant and then sat down quietly.

"Ok, one moment, please." Without showing any curiosity about the bruise on his face, Yuan Zhou just answered indifferently.

Two and half minutes later, Yuan Zhou carried the dish to him, "Here's your Egg Fried Rice."

"Thank you," the man reached to receive the bowl, revealing some more bruise on his hands.

Having eaten two mouthful of the dish, he said to Yuan Zhou who was standing in front of him after quite a while, "I failed."

"Um, I know," Yuan Zhou nodded and then went back to the kitchen to make dishes for the next customer. This customer had been here for several times and every time he came, there would be bruises on his face.

Besides, he would say, "I failed" or "I made it" every time. Apart from that, they strangely didn't have any other communication.

Ten minutes later, the man finished the meal and then left.

All that was merely an interlude. Although the customers were curious, they were still more interested in watching Yuan Zhou's change in expression.