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174 Understanding

 Disputes arose among the members of the group over how Yuan Zhou could instantly distinguish if a person ate spicy dishes.

One party believed it was merely a coincidence and Yuan Zhou had seen the people before by chance. Although the man with the full beard had confirmed that he came here for the very first time, Yuan Zhou probably had encountered him somewhere else.

The other party believed that Yuan Zhou definitely had some special skills to distinguish. After all, Yuan Zhou's culinary skills were known to all and it was, likewise, not surprising for him to have such skills.

The two parties disputed ceaselessly. For Wu Zhou, he naturally felt that Yuan Zhou should have some special ways to distinguish them.

At the end of the dispute, they all agreed that Wu Zhou should ask Yuan Zhou flatly.

Having stayed seated there and thought for a while, Wu Zhou stood up while taking his phone and then stopped Yuan Zhou loudly, "Boss Yuan, please wait a moment."

"What's up?" Yuan Zhou turned the head and asked Wu Zhou, looking at him.

"Why do you know this person and that person do not eat spicy dishes but another person will eat them?" Wu Zhou pointed at the several customers who had just entered the restaurant and then asked.

After considering for a second, Yuan Zhou said affirmatively, "I am guessing."

The answer of Yuan Zhou was obviously kidding around with Wu Zhou.

"That can't be true. Boss Yuan, I also want to know why," the person, who had just arrived and accidentally ordered the bland dishes instead of his favorite spicy dishes, likewise asked curiously.

"Yeah, yeah. I also want to know." Then, all customers in the restaurant felt curious.

"Because I'm a chef," Yuan Zhou looked around and said calmly.

"Er...." The customers choked with the answer.

What the hell? They would rather believe that he had guessed. How could a chef directly tell if the customer liked eating spicy dishes or not, especially when he came for the first time and hadn't ever told Yuan Zhou about his favorite taste?"

Did he have a special skill for distinguishing that?

When he found the customers accepted his explanation and no longer asked, Yuan Zhou returned to the kitchen contentedly and began to do his own work.

Regarding whether or not they were satisfied with Yuan Zhou's explanation, it could be clearly seen from their expression of "Are you fu*king with me?"

One morning, Wu Hai walked down from the upstairs with a pair of slippers making "Pa Da, Pa Da" sound. As usual, he wore a pair of floral short pants and a singlet, appearing to be like a retired man.

There had already been customers waiting outside Yuan Zhou's restaurant. He walked to the end of the line and waited in line.

He put his hands in the pocket and felt so bored that even his mustache hung down spiritlessly. At that time, he suddenly opened his mouth, "Hey, you come here."

With a natural tone, Wu Hai shouted to a young man at the door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

The young man was Li Yi, who was dressed in a decent and well-fitting black suit and hence appeared to be tall and straight as well as bright and spirited. Right now, he was looking inside of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Are you talking to me?" Hearing somebody shouting, Li Yi turned around the head in puzzlement. When he saw Wu Hai looking at him, he then asked curiously as he didn't know this person.

"Whom else do you think I'm talking to?" Wu Hai had always been impatient to others.

"What's the matter?" Li Yi's temper wasn't really bad. He came up with a mild smile on his face.

"Formerly, you always came from that direction, but why did you circle here this time? Are you jogging for exercise?" Wu Hai asked straightforwardly.

"Yes, jogging for exercise," Li Yi nodded while smiling. After finishing speaking, he passed by Wu Hai and then left.

And likewise, Wu Hai didn't ask anymore.

Li Yi's company was in the other direction of Yuan Zhou's restaurant. So was his home. Recently, he got used to jogging in the reverse direction of his company and home until he arrived at Yuan Zhou's restaurant and jogged around it before going back to his company.

The major business of his company was medical care, which required very professional knowledge. He worked in the company as a team leader of a department there. Unless the three staff under him made mistakes, he seldom lost his temper. Normally, he treated them quite well.

One day, Li Yi was seated at his desk and leafing through a job report with a frown. He unconsciously knocked on the desk making the slight noise of "Du Du Du", appearing very anxious.

"What's wrong with Brother Yi. He doesn't seem to be happy," a senior staff member who worked with Li Yi for quite a few years, asked curiously.

"Is the job report yours?" another one asked a girl beside him.

"Yes, the report was made yesterday by all of us. There shouldn't be any problem," the girl answered with uncertainty.

"Then there's indeed no problem. It's just that we don't know what's wrong with Brother Yi," another colleague said.

"But I don't feel Brother Yi is unhappy. Obviously, he isn't any different," the girl craned her neck and took a look at Li Yi.

"You don't understand. After working with him longer, you'll know," the senior staff didn't actually explain to her. He just turned the head and did his own work after speaking.

The girl paid much attention to the words of the senior staff. She worked with great care all long day long, for fear of making any mistakes. Until they got off work in the evening, however, Li Yi still remained the same, neither losing his temper nor getting picky about anything.

"What the hell is it? He definitely lied," the girl walked out of the company in quick steps while making complaints. For the whole day, she had been deeply depressed and didn't feel good.

Li Yi, nevertheless, passed by Yuan Zhou's restaurant again after getting off work. A sign of "Under Renovation" was still hanging on the door. He took a glance at it and then turned around and left with a normal look.

Two days later when Yuan Zhou's restaurant was opened for business, Li Yi passed by again in the early morning. He looked at the inside of the restaurant and then left.

After the renovation, the restaurant was opened.

Having arrived at his company, Li Yi greeted everybody as usual.

In a short moment, the senior staff who had worked with Li Yi for several years said mysteriously," Brother Yi is in a good mood today."

"I don't trust you anymore. Last time, you said Brother Yi was unhappy and hence made me worry all day long," the girl said with a disbelieving expression.

"Little girls know nothing," the senior staff answered, pretending to be serious.

"But I don't feel that Brother Yi was happy, either." Another one of the three had just been summoned into Li Yi's office and scolded due to the mistakes in the files.

This was nevertheless the most favorable evidence. Then, the two of them both felt that the speculations of the senior staff were totally baseless.

When the senior staff found the other two didn't believe his words, he felt bored and then left.

Wu Hai was ruder when he bumped into Li Yi again. He didn't even say "Hey" before going up and questioning him.

At that time, Li Yi was standing not far away from Yuan Zhou's restaurant and looking at the inside.

"What are you looking at? Do you want to eat?" Wu Hai walked close to Li Yi and then said.

"No, I'm just looking at it," Li Yi said with a smile. He didn't deny the fact that he was looking at Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"I believe with your economic conditions, let's not say to eat every day, eating occasionally shouldn't be a problem," Wu Hai said after looking up and down at Li Yi for a while.

"Thank you, but I just want to have a look." Although he was smiling, his eyes were serious.

"Why do you only look at it? That's just a visual enjoyment. Only a meal can solve all the curiosity," Not really understanding Li Yi's thoughts, Wu Hai frankly brought out his own opinion.

Li Yi waved his hand, saying, "Really, no need. It's good to just watch it from outside."

"Is it because you have handed your payroll card to your girlfriend?" Wu Hai guessed again.

This time, Li Yi didn't answer Wu Hai. Instead, he turned around and left with a smile. As he had to go to work in the morning, he had to hurry to his company to clock in.

Today, the mood of Li Yi wasn't bad either.

For some things, one need not eat it to personally know it was a good thing.

Sometimes, it was also a comfort to look at something when he passed by every day, not to mention that this thing was Yuan Zhou's restaurant. For sure, it could bring a smile to people's hearts.