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173 Matter of Taste

 "Boss Yuan, give me a serving of Silk Twined Rabbit," Chen Wei shouted loudly in case Yuan Zhou couldn't hear him.

"There are only 5 minutes left before business hours ends." Yuan Zhou now knew the purpose of Chen Wei's shout along with the questions that he had asked previously.

"Yeah, so I can still order the dish." a smile emerged on the face of Chen Wei.

"You want to eat it with the liquor?" Yuan Zhou revealed Chen Wei's purpose without reserve.

"I didn't break Boss Yuan's rules," with a grin, Chen Wei directly showed his white teeth.

"Tsk-tsk, it's so dazzling," suddenly, Yuan Zhou said in disgust.

"Boss Yuan, what's happened to you just now?" Chen Wei said in disbelief.

It was known that although Yuan Zhou had a surname of Compass and stubbornly stuck to his rules, he nevertheless always showed enough politeness to the customers. Such obvious disgust had never happened.

"It's your misconception. A serving of Silk Twined Rabbit, right?" Yuan Zhou said primly.

"Really? But I indeed saw Boss Yuan you..." he was then interrupted by Yuan Zhou before he finished speaking.

"There are only 4 minutes left now. The business hours will end very soon," Yuan Zhou's tone was calm and composed.

"Yes, right. One serving of Silk Twined Rabbit," immediately, Chen Wei changed the topic and confirmed the dish he ordered. For him, only the good liquor and nice dishes mattered.

"Ok. Please come at the same period of the day on the day after tomorrow. Payment first, please," Yuan Zhou then answered.

"Ok, at once. I'll make the transfer," Chen Wei had already gotten Yuan Zhou's online bank account previously.

"Thank you, goodbye," Yuan Zhou checked the notification message on his phone and then started to drive other customers out decisively.

"Wait, I haven't ordered my dish," at that time, Wu Hai, who thought himself as quick-witted, also reacted and immediately uttered.

"Sorry, dish ordering is not available now." Yuan Zhou pointed at the time, indicating the business hours had ended.

"This cunning Chen Wei didn't tell us about the good thing," Wu Hai was so angry that even the two tufts of his mustache tilted up. He was quite dissatisfied.

"Business hours have ended. Please come earlier next time." After Yuan Zhou uttered the final words, other customers waiting in line outside then gradually left.

On the other hand, Wu Hai just walked away in quick steps with a "Da Da Da" sound while wearing slippers. Judging by his manner, he seemed to be going to pick on Chen Wei, for which Yuan Zhou was rather happy to see it happen.

"Boss, did you really say something just now?" After all the customers left, Mu Xiaoyun asked curiously.

"No, it's your misconception," Yuan Zhou said with a firm look.

"Well, ok," Mu Xiaoyun didn't see what happened, but she indeed heard something. However, since his boss had said no, it was probably true. While walking out, Mu Xiaoyun thought with uncertainty.

"Humm, be careful on your way back home," Yuan Zhou nodded solemnly.

"Ok, bye, boss," Mu Xiaoyun left after answering him.

In the evening, Yuan Zhou cooked a bowl of Clear Broth Noodle as usual. Having eaten up the noodles, he prepared to carry the remaining broth to the mixed fur Maltese to drink.

"Zhi Ya", he opened the back door and walked out while carrying the bowl.

The alley at the back door was still as quiet as before. The bright moonlight shining on the blue flagstone ground made the atmosphere seem more quiet and colder.

"Da Da Da", hearing his own footsteps, Yuan Zhou walked to the trash can at the end of the alley in a few minutes. Beside the trash can, the mixed fur Maltese was still lying prone on a plastic bag.

However, the living conditions now were much better. A pink piece of worn clothing that was abandoned by a girl and seemed quite thick, was unfolded beneath the dog. Beside it were two bowls, with one that seemed to be for drinking water and the other dry bowl for food. Furthermore, there was, surprisingly, some brown dog food in the dry bowl.

"You little thing really have a good life," after taking a look, Yuan Zhou poured the broth into the wet bowl for drinking water.

The reaction of the Maltese was quite straightforward, that was, no reaction. With its grape-like dark eyes, the Maltese just stared at Yuan Zhou quietly and didn't move at all, like what it had always done whenever Yuan Zhou came.

"I saw you play up to the girls to get food that day. Don't you intend to do the same to me? After all, I saved your life with the broth," Yuan Zhou crouched and looked at the Maltese earnestly.

That's right. After last time, Yuan Zhou saw again the cute manner of the Maltese by rolling on the ground at a girl's feet and revealing its soft belly. There was a world of difference between that appearance and the current indifferent manner.

However, the Maltese didn't have any reaction to Yuan Zhou's long sentence of words, indicating that, "This dog doesn't really understand you".

"Alright. Sometimes, you are too clever to be a dog, but now I feel that you are merely a wounded dog," Yuan Zhou stood up while grumbling and unhurriedly went back to his restaurant, preparing to start the business of his pub.

Yet, not until Yuan Zhou vanished from its sight did the mixed fur Maltese stand up and leisurely went to drink the broth.

The everyday life of Yuan Zhou was dull but fulfilling.

On the noon of the next day, Yuan Zhou shocked the regular customers again.

A new customer entered the restaurant. Wearing plain clothes and a pair of round glasses with a full beard on his face, he looked like a rough man, who spoke with Mandarin Chinese with a heavy accent.

"Boss, get me a serving of the beef and a bowl of white rice," After checking the price list, the man only ordered two dishes.

"The beef is spicy. You won't like it. You can change another bland one," before Mu Xiaoyun answered him, Yuan Zhou suddenly broke in.

"Gee? How do you know I don't eat spicy dishes?" The man with a full beard was quite curious.

"A secret of a chef. What dish would you like to change to?" Yuan Zhou didn't actually answer his question, but asked directly.

"So weird. Do you know me?" The man looked up and down at Yuan Zhou.

"Sir, what do you want to reorder?" Mu Xiaoyun asked at the side.

"Then get me the prawns and white rice," the man hurriedly ordered his dishes and was still puzzling over the matter.

While eating the Egg Fried Rice beside the man, Wu Zhou guessed enthusiastically," Is it because of your accent that made Boss Yuan guess where you are from?"

"It is impossible to know where I come from according to my accent," the man straightforwardly denied.

"I don't know, but Boss Yuan might know that. It's common," Wu Zhou wasn't really angry. He just felt it normal for Yuan Zhou to distinguish the accent.

"Ho Ho. My accent was from the region of Chu. Almost all the people there love to eat spicy dishes, like the very hot Taste Shrimps," the man said, with a face full of fear.

"That also makes sense. Did Boss Yuan ever see you before and happen to know you don't eat spicy dishes?" Wu Zhou continued to guess with curiosity.

"I just arrived here only today," the man felt this young guy was truly stupid, hence said with a contemptuous tone.

Nevertheless, on his face full of the beard, Wu Zhou couldn't see any contemptuous expression and just continued to guess randomly.

When Yuan Zhou carried the dishes to him at that time, the man asked curiously, "How did you know I don't eat spicy dishes?"

"I guessed," Yuan Zhou's answer was simple and explicit as if he were joking with him.

"Is it so easy to guess?" With a suspicion shown on his face, the man nevertheless stopped asking.

Wu Zhou was so curious that he still wanted to ask again, but Yuan Zhou didn't give him an opportunity. He immediately returned to the kitchen.

Coincidently, when lunch time almost ended, there came another customer who enjoyed spicy dishes, which Yuan Zhou, likewise, successfully "guessed".

As a result, Wu Zhou scratched his head and appeared to be more curious. However, Yuan Zhou's explanation was still that he guessed it just like the previous person. Yuan Zhou still didn't give Wu Zhou a chance to question him.

This time, W Zhou wittily brought out this matter in the Wechat group.

Instantly, the group members started a fervent discussion...