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172 Dishes with Liquor and the Time

 On the first night when Yuan Zhou developed the new dishes, Chen Wei brought his two brothers happily to Yuan Zhou's restaurant. It was he himself who drew a pot of Bamboo Liquor today. To a person like him who had never drawn any rewards before, it was definitely extremely lucky of him to get the liquor.

"Boss Yuan, give us three plates of the beef and one pot of liquor for the three of us, please," Chen Wei, a large and well-built man, was very happy when he thought of the leisurely moment when he could eat beef and drink liquor. Therefore, he said loudly while grinning.

"Dishes are not served at night," Yuan Zhou stopped and turned his sight to Chen Wei before saying earnestly.

"That can't be true. The beef is definitely a dish to go with liquor," Chen Wei's delighted expression instantly turned into disbelief.

"Yes, it's indeed a dish that goes with liquor but it's not provided during the opening hours at night," Yuan Zhou first confirmed Chen Wei's words and then said primly.

"Boss Yuan, I feel you are messing with me," Chen Wei stood up in front of Yuan Zhou like an irritated brown bear.

"This is the rule," Yuan Zhou directly disregarded him. Then he said while pointing at the several words of "Dishes Unavailable at Night" written on the wall.

"You eccentric boss, why are you refusing business," One of Chen Wei's brothers, Dong Zi, couldn't bear Yuan Zhou's refusal and hence asked in puzzlement.

"A rule is a rule," Yuan Zhou didn't have any intention to break the rules established either by the system or by himself. At least for now, he wouldn't provide them with any dishes.

"Just do us a favor. Anyhow, the rules are established by you," Dong Zi didn't have a habit of sticking to the rules.

"Rules can't be broken. Do you guys still want to drink the liquor?" Yuan Zhou answered directly and calmly.

"Now I know why this guy comes here to drink liquor. They all have the same personality, stubborn," Dong Zi shrugged helplessly and then gave Chen Wei a hit with his fist.

"I still have a long way to go to catch up with Boss Yuan. He's known as Compass," Chen Wei also said snappily.

The several brothers sipped the Bamboo Liquor while eating peanuts during the opening hours at night and chatted freely. Occasionally, they spoke with other customers coming in for the liquor for a while.

Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou sat on the inside of the countertop as usual. Occasionally, he would listen to the customers telling some interesting stories but most of the time, he played single-player games

"We have good liquor here but no delicacies. So frustrating." Suddenly, Dong Zi drank a small half cup of the liquor and grumbled.

"I agree. Chen Wei, don't you have any ideas?" Another brother gestured at Yuan Zhou's direction, meaning to ask if Chen Wei had any other method.

"This guy sticks to the rules more than me. What can I do?" Chen Wei shook his head and drank a mouthful of the liquor to ease his mood.

"Looks like you also know that you are a stickler to the rules?" Dong Zi couldn't help rolling his eyes.

"Is it the right time to talk about me?" Chen Wei took a glance at Dong Zi and said discontentedly.

"No, no. I really want to taste the Translucent Beef Slices along with the good liquor." Another brother deftly mediated the dispute. It seemed that he often did similar things between the other two brothers.

"Let me think of an idea," While speaking, Chen Wei drank another half cup of the liquor and then spontaneously filled the cup with liquor again.

"Hey, why do you pour the liquor into your cup so frequently? Just concentrate on working out a method," Dong Zi pressed down on the wine pot.

"He's right. Chen Wei, you must think of a solution. There's only one mouthful of the liquor left in the pot," another brother likewise began to help Dong Zi.

"How can I not drink liquor while thinking about an idea? And how could I manage to work out a solution without liquor?" Chen Wei began to contest with his brothers for the wine pot confidently.

"You'll get dizzy if you drink too much. Then how will you figure out a method? So you just think. Bamboo and I will wait for you while drinking the liquor slowly." Dong Zi tried his best not to let Chen Wei take the wine pot away.

"If you are my brothers, just let go. I haven't drunk much of the liquor." Chen Wei looked at the wine pot seriously with a long face.

"Brotherhood is one thing and liquor is another. We have promised to split and drink the liquor evenly." Dong Zi didn't compromise at all.

"That's right. I have got an idea. Let's pour the liquor in everyone's cup evenly," the man who was called Bamboo proposed.

"Ok. I agree. Bamboo, you pour the liquor," Dong Zi and Chen Wei looked at each other and said at the same time.

"No problem. Let me do it," while speaking, Bamboo took up the wine pot and poured the liquor into each of three cups, letting all three cups have the same amount of liquor.

Only then did the debate stop. Now, Chen Wei could also consider the matter carefully.

In just a short moment, he figured out a method, "On the day after tomorrow, you bring some more people to draw the Bamboo Liquor early. Then, I can guarantee to you guys that you'll have dishes to eat."

"You sure?" Dong Zi half believed and half doubted it.

"You got the idea so soon?" Bamboo was a little suspicious.

"Don't worry. No problem," Chen Wei revealed a manner of "Trust me".

The next evening,

Chen Wei arrived at Yuan Zhou's restaurant again when the opening hours was almost up.

As soon as he entered the restaurant, he took out a notebook and a fountain pen and then placed them aside after getting seated. After that, he began to ask Yuan Zhou questions.

"Boss Yuan, how long does it take to prepare the Silk Twined Rabbits?" Chen Wei asked, appearing to be curious.

"37 hours," Yuan Zhou answered him whenever he was asked.

"Are they prepared freshly?" Chen Wei asked again.

"Yes, they are all freshly made." The Silk Twined Rabbits were immediately sold out once they were prepared. Only then would Yuan Zhou make another batch of the rabbits again. There was no problem with storing it for long.

"Do you have any ready-made Silk Twined Rabbits now?" Chen Wei asked tentatively.

"Sorry, they have been sold out," Yuan Zhou frowned. He totally did not understand why this guy suddenly had so many questions to ask.

"Boss Yuan, are you gonna prepare the rabbits tonight?" When Chen Wei asked that, he obviously became much more excited.

"Yes," Yuan Zhou's answer was still as concise as before.

"Ok, I got it. Thank you, Boss Yuan," Chen Wei said contentedly.

Yuan Zhou turned around and left and then went to prepare the dishes ordered by other customers.

Of course, he still felt in the heart that there must be something wrong with Chen Wei's brain that made him become a problem youth. Thinking of the word youth; however, Yuan Zhou couldn't help getting goosebumps all over his body.

The appearance of large and tall Chen Wei truly couldn't match the word youth.

When Wu Hai entered the restaurant, he saw that Yuan Zhou was still preparing the dishes earnestly while Chen Wei was sitting on a chair and writing something carefully.

While writing, he was also muttering something to himself. At crucial moments, he would stop and think for a while with a frown.

He appeared to be thinking about something important.

"What are you writing in the notebook and mumbling?" Wu Hai took his seat beside Chen Wei.

"You don't understand. It's a very important matter," Chen Wei raised his head and glanced at Wu Hai discontentedly and then said in disgust.

"Wow, awesome. Even you have important matters? Isn't your brain filled with muscle?" Wu Hai's mouth was not only picky with foods but also malicious to others. If not so, how could he often make his broker Zheng Jiawei weep?

"I don't want to argue with you now. Let's wait until we play games next time," Chen Wei and Wu Hai had drunk the liquor together several times in Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Basically, Wu Hai was defeated every time. That was why Chen Wei was not afraid of him.

"That was a coincidence. With your muscles, I think you are only good at doing hard work," Wu Hai didn't compromise at all.

"Be quiet. You made me calculate it wrong." Looking at the stuff in the notebook, Chen Wei began to carefully calculate again from the very start.

"What the hell are these things?" Wu Hai craned his neck and took a look at the notebook. On the page, Chen Wei had marked time, number of days and also number of people, which appeared to be quite confusing.

"It's normal that you are unable to understand. It would be surprising if you could comprehend it," Chen Wei finally got it after quite a while. Only then did he answer Wu Hai.

After that, he checked the time without noticing Wu Hai's reaction. There were still five minutes left before business time was up and this was also the last moment to order dishes.

"Boss Yuan, give me a serving of Silk Twined Rabbits." Chen Wei shouted loudly in case that Yuan Zhou couldn't hear him.