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167 Receiving Reward

 Yuan Zhou was quite excited. The difficulty of this mission was higher than that of the previous one and was, furthermore, an upgrade mission. Every level up would bring about a rise in his part of the profit sharing. That meant that Yuan Zhou could get 40% of the total profit now.

Target: The system will help you to get a thorough knowledge of both western and traditional Chinese foods so you can become the top Master Chef in the world.

Host: Yuan Zhou (Ordinary Human, Nationality, Chinese Han)

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Physical quality: C (overall evaluations of neural response, strength, coordination and sensibility, etc.)

Cooking talent: Unknown

Skill: None

Tools: None

5 Dimensions Cooking Evaluation: novice

Level: 3

Title: Master of Cooked Wheaten Food

(As a Master of Cooked Wheaten Food, how could you be so busy in the kitchen? You need some time of your own to improve your culinary skills. Therefore, business hours must be less than 6 hours every day.)

[Upgrade Mission] Please refuse over ten take-out websites invitation for purchasing in bulk (Completed).

(Mission tips: Only rules that are obeyed can be genuinely considered to be rules. In order to stick to your rules, just feel free to refuse the invitations, young man.)

[Mission Reward] a chance at the lottery to gain dishes of a regional cuisine and a matched side dish for the upgrade (available to be received).

As expected, the system had upgraded to Level 3 and the reward was in the state of being available to be received.

"Receive." Yuan Zhou received all the rewards at one go. Immediately, he started to draw the dishes of a regional cuisine even before he had time to check what the snack was.

The system displayed, "Host, you have drawn several dishes of Rong Cuisine, a subcategory under the Sichuan Cuisine. You can tap it open to check."

"Didn't you say last time that dishes of the existing cuisine would have a higher chance to be drawn?" Yuan Zhou had expected the lottery would be other dishes of Jinling Cuisine. Who could imagine it would, surprisingly, be Sichuan Cuisine which was characterized by its spicy taste. Wu Hai would be definitely the happiest person.

Hot pepper was an indispensable ingredient in most of dishes of the Sichuan Cuisine. And Wu Hai basically wouldn't be happy without spicy dishes. It's because of other excessively delicious dishes in Yuan Zhou's restaurant that he managed to restrain his desire to eat the spicy dishes.

The system, nevertheless, didn't answer Yuan Zhou's question and just kept silent.

Yuan Zhou decided to check first how many dishes he had drawn. This time, the lottery reward appeared to be slightly bigger than Jinling Grass.

Having tapped open the reward, it had, as expected, slightly more dishes but not that much. They were merely two vegetable dishes and two meat dishes, with only one vegetable dish more than the Jinling Cuisine.

"Finally, I obtain some dishes that go with liquor," Yuan Zhou got quite delighted when he saw two of the dishes among the four.

Subsequently, the recipe of the four dishes entered deeply into Yuan Zhou's brain one after another, along with the cooking method of various snacks.

Now, Yuan Zhou was a man who was able to cook two regional cuisines.

It was too late. Yuan Zhou restrained the thought to cook them at once thus he went for a bath. Having calmed down, he lay down on the bed and fell asleep in a short while.

Early next morning, Yuan Zhou began to prepare the ingredients to make breakfast. Of course, the current breakfasts were always Baked Egg Cakes.

"Boss, you are very happy today, huh?" As soon as Mu Xiaoyun came, she noticed Yuan Zhou's mild expression. He seemed to have a fairly good mood.

"Humm, pretty good." Yuan Zhou admitted with a nod.

Yuan Zhou had already planned well for his dinner. A pot of Bamboo Liquor, two dishes with liquor and also a plate of Egg Fried Rice. Life was so wonderful and awesome.

"Are you going to serve new dishes?" Having gotten along with Yuan Zhou for so long, Mu Xiaoyun knew Boss Yuan well. Therefore, she asked him tentatively.

"Humm, they'll be served at noon." Yuan Zhou nodded, not revealing any bit of his aloof manner.

"That's great." Mu Xiaoyun instantly became delighted.

Nowadays, many customers enquired about when Yuan Zhou would serve new dishes every day, sometimes even every meal. Although they hadn't gotten tired of the current dishes, novelty was the instinct of humans.

After thinking for a while, Mu Xiaoyun asked, "Then can I inform them?"

Mu Xiaoyun was referring to the Wechat group members of the Rescue Center of Boss Yuan, of which Yuan Zhou had already known about. As a person who didn't like playing with electronic devices, he didn't join the group. Mu Xiaoyun, however, was the major administrator of the group due to her special position.

"Ok, sure." Yuan Zhou nodded.

"Humm, thank you, boss." Mu Xiaoyun revealed a sweet smile with dimples.

She took out the phone and tapped open the Wechat group, in which she was called Xiaoyun.

[Hey, guys. Good news. Boss Yuan has confirmed new dishes would be served at noon today.] from Xiaoyun.

The moment Mu Xiaoyun's words were sent, the group members all got excited. Even though it was still in the morning, many people started to show up and asked one after another, with almost over 99 messages in a minute.

However, there were a total of 30 members in the group only and all were regular customers. It seemed that the mouth of these people was not any inferior to Gatling Guns. At that time, Mu Xiaoyun was holding the phone in her hand and reading the messages carefully before preparing to reply.

[Is that real? How nice. He'll surely serve spicy dishes this time.] from Brother Wu Waiting to Eat. The new nickname of Wu Hai directly represented his personality.

[I still feel light dishes are better. I love those.] from Brother of Boss Yuan. Needless to say, this was Sun Ming's nickname, which he was so proud of.

[I want to have some dishes with liquor. The dishes from Fang Family Pub can't match Boss Yuan's liquor. It's really painful. Who can help me?] Coach of Martial Arts. The drunkard, Chen Wei, naturally cared more about things related with liquor.

[All of you just ask Xiaoyun and you'll know.], Man Man came to the point.

[Xiaoyun, are they spicy dishes?] from Brother Wu Waiting to Eat. Wu Hai responded the first. His hands were truly flexible as previously stated by the Three Lost woman.

[I think it must be dishes with liquor. Am I right, Xiaoyun?] from Coach of Martial Arts. The next one was naturally the drunkard, who was fairly persistent for dishes with liquor.

[The boss didn't mention what dishes they were. You guys will know when you come for lunch.] Mu Xiaoyun mischievously sent a smiley to the group. She had even started to consciously attract people to Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

[Go, of course I will go. Hope I can get to know it in the morning.] from Brother Wu Waiting to Eat, namely Wu Hai. He happened to be at the entrance of Yuan Zhou's restaurant and was prepared to have breakfast.

[Wealthy Wu Hai, you take that place as your canteen for every meal. Of course you will go.] Man Man ridiculed him relentlessly, making the topic changing slightly.

Then, they started to discuss what dishes Yuan Zhou was going to serve and what they should do to eat the new dishes first and quickly.

Nonetheless, Wu Hai put down his phone and went straightway into the restaurant. For such things, he would rather ask Yuan Zhou directly and get an answer quickly.

"Boss Yuan, a serving of breakfast for me," Wu Hai ordered the dishes first obediently. Only when he had eaten his fill could he have the energy to ask.

"One moment, please," Yuan Zhou nodded, signaling at him to wait for an instant.

"Boss Yuan, I heard you had developed some new dishes. Are they spicy?" As expected, Wu Hai cared more about the taste.

"Yes. You can eat them at noon," as Yuan Zhou was wearing the mask, his voice sounded a bit hollow.

"Tell me the taste first. It's not likely to be any of your rules." Wu Hai tried to persuade him with the rules.

"No, it isn't. But you'll know at noon." Yuan Zhou swiftly made two serving of Baked Egg Cakes and carried them to Wu Hai.

"Bro, it's merely a question of taste. Just tell me, please," Wu Hai took over the plate and purposely avoided looking at it. He picked up one of them and started to eat after asking that.

"Boss Yuan, if I don't want the paper, you won't charge me. Right?" Somebody else suddenly asked that before Yuan Zhou had time to answer Wu Hai.

"Yes, you are right," Yuan Zhou nodded.

"How surprising, I really can do that. Then I don't want the packing paper. Just give me a pair of chopsticks and a sweet Baked Egg Cake. It's too hot to directly hold it by hand," the man said delightedly.

With the wrapping paper, the Baked Egg Cake cost 168.80RMB. Without it, the cake cost only 168 RMB.

"Just wait a moment."

It was awesome. Again, he saved another 0.8 RMB, with which he could buy an egg outside. The mission was then completed.