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166 Mission Accomplished

 It turned out that the TV station was truly quicker than others by one step, really only one step ahead. At 4:30 in the afternoon, when Yuan Zhou was making preparations to open the door, there suddenly appeared a person, specifically, a man at the door.

He was dressed in a white shirt and khaki pants and had an object that looked like a book in his hand. With a black and wide-brimmed sun hat on his head, he wore a pair of round glasses and also had a little beard. Compared with Wu Hai, he appeared to be more like an artist.

He went up to check the street number carefully and then said, "I'm Zi Yan. I heard the dishes here are especially yummy. That's why I come here to savor them as per the menu."

As soon as he opened his mouth, he spoke slightly ancient words. Luckily, Yuan Zhou managed to understand him, "It's to be opened for business at 5:00. There are still twenty minutes left."

"No problem. Sorry to trouble you," the man called Zi Yan nodded with a gentle smile on his face.

"Humm." Having nodded, Yuan Zhou walked into the restaurant and started to prepare the ingredients.

"You are truly a boss with personality," seeing Yuan Zhou turn around and leave without hesitation, Zi Yan heaved a sigh with emotion and said.

After that, he took out the object that looked like a book and turned over the cover. Only then, it was found that it wasn't a book. The cover was just cardboard and the inside were some printed paper sheets. They looked like something about addresses and dishes.

The biggest paper sheet was the menu of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

Right on it was a detailed record of things like what to eat for breakfast and for dinner. Zi Yan, nevertheless, was about to have dinner according to this menu.

"Dinner-drinks: a cup of Watermelon Juice (This is the only drink in the restaurant, but it really has a particular texture and a fresh and delicious taste. Furthermore, it gives people a feeling of chewing the watermelon without melon pulp and of course the seeds.)"

"Main food: provided you still have enough money, I recommend three dishes and one soup to you. However, the soup is quite distinctive."

"A serving of Egg Fried Rice Set includes a bowl of soup. It is a high-leveled soup (natural, refreshing and most delicious, but without any bit of MSG as seasoning.)"

"By the way, it also has a serving of pickled radish. I suggest you guys savor it carefully. The radish is fresh, crisp and appetizing, with a slight hint of sweetness in the radishes."

"As for the meat dish, personally, I recommend the Phoenix-Tail Prawns (It's really an enjoyment to watch Boss Yuan skillfully use the knife to process every prawn like a work of art. Nevertheless, throughout the whole process, he wouldn't touch the prawn meat. According to Boss Yuan's own words, the pure fresh and sweet taste of the prawn meat could be maintained to the utmost extent that way.)"

"Jinling Grass is of course the only vegetable dish in the restaurant. This dish is not served all the time and is quite troublesome to be dealt with (It's mainly because Boss Yuan is so picky with the ingredient that it cannot be endured by others. Out of 500 grams, other people take 100 grams at most, but he, unexpectedly, takes only 50 grams. If he's asked where the remaining parts of the ingredient goes, he would tell you it's recycled. Refreshing and tender, the finished dish is alike to the green jade.)"

"Naturally, for those who weren't so wealthy, a serving of Egg Fried Rice nevertheless deserved a trip."

The menu was written by Sun Ming himself. As he had personally witnessed these dishes, his writing was extraordinarily appetizing. Zi Yan, nevertheless, was just the one who had been tempted by Sun Ming's writing.

He raised his wrist and checked the time, finding it was just right. Then, Zi Yan walked into the restaurant.

At first, he was touched by the surroundings inside the restaurant. With a simple glance, he caught sight of the plain but clean kitchen, and the tasteful tables and chairs. The most attractive thing was undoubtedly the Ornamental Sergestes Wall Landscape, splendid and magnificent.

"Are these living shrimps?" Zi Yan went up and had a look before asking.

"Humm, they are sergestes," Yuan Zhou nodded.

"This is a really wonderful idea," when Zi Yan found it was actually a door after carefully checking, he said admiringly.

"Yes, indeed," Yuan Zhou answered immodestly.

"Then Boss Yuan, can I order the dishes now?" The clear voice of Zi Yan carried an air of expectation.

"Yes, sure," Yuan Zhou nodded.

"This is the menu. What do you need?" Mu Xiaoyun said to him at the side.

"Ok," Zi Yan first agreed and then he turned his head and took out his own menu to compare.

As expected, one had to have plenty of money to have meals here.

"One serving of Egg Fried Rice Set, Phoenix-Tail Prawns and Jinling Grass as well as the Watermelon Juice," Zi Yan ordered the dishes exactly the same to the menu in his hand.

"I'm sorry. The Watermelon Juice is provided for only 100 cups every day. It has been sold out today," Mu Xiaoyun answered politely.

"I don't seem to have the fortune to drink it today. Maybe next time," Zi Yan first heaved a sigh and then said.

"Err... the remaining dishes are all available," Mu Xiaoyun didn't get used to Zi Yan's way of speaking and only answered him after hesitating for a while.

"There's no utmost perfection in the world. That's ok. Thank you, little girl," Zi Yan said to Mu Xiaoyun with a smile.

"No need. You are welcome," Mu Xiaoyun thanked him repeatedly before reporting the dishes to Yuan Zhou in the kitchen.

Yuan Zhou's habit was to cook the Egg Fried Rice first and other dishes later.

Yuan Zhou was already much more proficient in cooking Egg Fried Rice by then. It took only two and half minutes to get it ready. After he put the dish in the tray, Yuan Zhou began to process the prawns.

"It's really fantastic and awesome. Just as written, he really didn't touch the prawn meat at all." Without even blinking, Zi Yan watched Yuan Zhou quickly processed the prawns, keeping his hands away from the prawn meat until he had finished processing them and placed them aside.

While Zi Yan was enjoying the visual feast and the coming taste banquet, Jiang Changxi was scratching her head and writing a pamphlet, coincidently also about Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"What exactly should I write," Jiang Changxi threw the pen on the desk restlessly with a sound of "Pa".

Then she took up her phone and began to refresh the microblogs, preparing to get some inspiration.

[Quiet life is beautiful. Let me share a dish of Braised Pork with Soy Sauce made from rice now. It almost has no fat and has a distinctive taste. Whoever was afraid of becoming fat and fond of beauty should go and taste it.] from Le Loving Life.

This was the latest update in the microblog of Le Yi, her close friend. Below that were various queries for the address. Apparently, they were planning to go and taste it.

The Braised Pork with Soy Sauce was basically a very common dish, but was fairly tasty and appetizing. It had been originally popular among the common people. With the fat-free characteristic, it naturally aroused much curiosity now.

However, that also gave her the inspiration needed.

She didn't eat other dishes much, but had truly eaten many different dishes of the 100 Styles of Rice Cuisine.

As a result, she picked up the pen again and wrote, "Suggested Use of the 100 Styles of Rice Cuisine," and then continued to write it on the paper, with a flow of ideas and inspirations rushing to her. Her pen point emitted a continuous sound of "Sha Sha" from the paper.

Time flew. It was morning again when good news arrived.

It had been days since Yuan Zhou figured out the idea to complete the mission. Those who looked for business for take-out websites also had results. For example, now.

"Hello, is that the boss of Yuan Zhou's restaurant?" As soon as the phone rang, Yuan Zhou answered it quickly.


"This is the Superman Take-Out. Do you have any interest in joining us?" A soft and sweet female voice came from the other end of the phone.

"I'm sorry, I'm not interested," Yuan Zhou refused squarely.

"Alright, sorry for bothering you," having finished speaking, the girl hung off the phone.

Yet, that single day was really Yuan Zhou's lucky day, as he received another call not long after that. It was definitely the effect of the notice written by him.

Undoubtedly, Yuan Zhou likewise refused the invitation. By then, there was only one refusal left before the mission was accomplished. Just when Yuan Zhou thought he still needed a few more days, the high-end take-out website contacted by the 'Boss Yuan Salvation Center' where Wu Hai and Man Man were inside also called him.

Having refused it again, the system suddenly had a reaction.

The system displayed, "Upgrade mission has been completed. Upgrade and the reward are both available now. The matching snack has been released."

"Hu..." Yuan Zhou exhaled a breath, with a blissful expression on his face.

Finally, he could receive the reward!