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162 An Anonymous Email

 Yuan Zhou ran into Wu Hai when he arrived at his own restaurant.

"Boss Yuan, are you really going to cooperate with take-out websites? I can recommend some good ones to you," Wu Hai said enthusiastically.

"No, I am not," Yuan Zhou answered affirmatively.

"Then what did you paste on the door?" Pointing at the A4 paper on the door, Wu Hai revealed a manner of "I have seen it."

"Notice, indicating I am out," Yuan Zhou said primly.

"But you let the take-out websites call to contact you," the tone of Wu Hai was filled with absolute disbelief.

"Humm, this shows respect," Yuan Zhou said earnestly.

"Respect? Respect what?" Wu Hai really got puzzled. What exactly did he mean?

"If they call me for cooperation, I can personally refuse them. This is the basic courtesy of being a man," Yuan Zhou said quite seriously.

"Pardon?" Wu Hai had been stupefied for 3 minutes before he worked out the meaning of Yuan Zhou's words in his brain.

What the hell was this basic courtesy?

"Formerly, I felt I was the one with an eccentric temperament and was not easy to get along with. However, now I found out I'm wrong. Boss Yuan, you are actually much more eccentric than others. Compared to you, I have a really good temperament." Wu Hai suddenly burst out a long succession of words.

"No, you are wrong. I'm more easily to get along with," Yuan Zhou said affirmatively.

"Ho Ho. If it's not that you can cook the top-notch delicacies, Boss Yuan, you would definitely not be popular." Thinking of the appetizing dishes, Wu Hai couldn't help drooling.

"Nonetheless, I can. I have better relationships with others than you do," there was no pride in Yuan Zhou's manner of speaking, but only the affirmation of "This is the truth".

"Boss Yuan, you are so tough and arrogant," Wu Hai turned around and left speechlessly. He then prepared to go back and draw his pictures to ease up his mood. Anyhow, he was a well-known painter.

"Humm, thank you for your compliment," Yuan Zhou expressed his gratitude politely.

"I didn't mean to compliment you," Wu Hai supported his forehead and turned around before leaving.

However, the last sentence of Wu Hai was selectively ignored by Yuan Zhou. He then went back to his restaurant.


When Yuan Zhou went back to the second floor after finish working all day long, he got some time to carefully think about the matters of the day.

He was greatly inspired by the male boss at noontime of the day. Afterward, he found a problem that had existed for a long time.

He didn't really eat up the dishes that he ordered when he went out for food tasting. There were even two times when he left without touching any of the dishes.

Treating others strictly and tolerating oneself, it was a common mistake that everybody would inevitably make. Although Yuan Zhou admitted that he was also a common person, he would never want to make such a mistake.

"It turns out that I am indeed a little impetuous," while sitting at the desk, Yuan Zhou let out a sigh.

Since no remedy could be figured out in a short time, Yuan Zhou decided to wash himself first.

People said that bathroom was where various inspirations burst out. Things might become better after showering.

Mistakes ought to be corrected. While showering, Yuan Zhou was also thinking of remedies. If not, what was the use only to know about one's mistakes? Anyhow, he was unlikely to apologize to them.

He carefully recalled the cause and effect of the matter and suddenly figured out a terrific idea.

After showering promptly and dressing quickly, Yuan Zhou ran back to his bedroom with heavy steps of "Dong Dong Dong" and turned on the computer to start checking.

Luckily that Yuan Zhou had gotten a good memory. He still remembered the two restaurants where he didn't finish eating before leaving.

The abalones restaurant was the one most easily found on the internet. The current official website had almost been filled with messages or comments such as "You swindler or you cheater..." However, they disappeared soon after the webpage was refreshed. Presumably, they should have been deleted by the administrator.

Yuan Zhou found the entry of private message on the official website. Having considered for quite a while, he clicked the anonymous option and began to compose the email.

This email was written in formal letter format. Neither of the salutation nor greetings was missing. Yuan Zhou wrote all of them.

[Regarding the dishes in your restaurant, I would like to share with you some tips. If you are willing to listen, please continue to read. For the Roast Pork, the sweetness of the outer layer is more than normal while the middle layer is free from any sweet taste, which means the seasoning would not be even. The salting period is subject to the freshness and the size of the pork...; for the dish of Soy Sauce Stewed Chicken Claws, ....]

Yuan Zhou wrote about all the dishes that he had ordered that day including both the merits and demerits, which appeared to be quite formal. He might not be able to cook all those dishes, but it was not a problem to point out the problems that he tasted.

At the end of this email, Yuan Zhou wrote at the end"A person who once wasted food'.

Having examined the letter once, Yuan Zhou found no wrongly written characters and straightforwardly clicked the "Send" button.

Apologies and remedies might not be accepted by others. All these means were just to make him feel better and not be condemned by his consciousness. Yet, this was considered to be a compensation of Yuan Zhou for him due to wasting food there.

After consecutively sending a few of such similar emails, Yuan Zhou then felt comfortable and started to sleep in peace.

However, the waves aroused by the email were just beginning to take shape.

Other restaurants wouldn't maintain the official website all the time, let alone when it was at night now. The abalone restaurant, nevertheless, was different. Due to the disputes of the wild and nurtured abalones, it was severely criticized and scolded by the furious customers.

Therefore, the maintenance staff of the official website of the restaurant was basically staying at the computer for 24 hours per day.

"Ding", the maintenance personnel Engineer Hu was deleting all the comments concerning personal abuse while eating the instant noodles. At that time, the computer rang.

"This guy didn't turn off the sound again," Engineer Hu spared one of his hands to turn off the sound and then entered the website's back-end, preparing to delete the email.

Emails sent at this period of the day were usually spam emails or ad emails. Engineer Hu didn't really want to read it and ruin his good mood.

Every email had a subject. Usually, emails with polite subjects were all for selling fake commodities, while those with violent subjects were personal abuse.

This one, nevertheless, was quite different. With the wording being normal, Engineer Hu somewhat became interested in reading the email. Among the emails with dirty words all over the screen, this rarely refreshing one, undoubtedly, seized his curiosity.

He tapped open the email and checked it. Then, he couldn't help muttering, "What the hell?"

"It's probably a genuine suggestion email without any dirty words. How miraculous!" Engineer Hu couldn't help saying.

Formerly, such suggestion emails were all immersed in the massive spam emails. By contrast, this email appeared extraordinarily conspicuous and pleasant among the numerous unfavorable emails scolding them as swindlers.

Therefore, Engineer Hu decided to forward this email to his superior to deal with. Anyhow, it could be considered as the welfare of people who were staying up late working. Although he didn't know if the suggestion was true, it was nevertheless better than those scolding emails.

The superior of Engineer Hu was, of course, a person working in the restaurant. When he saw such sincere and earnest suggestions, he also couldn't help feeling happy and contented, hence decided to send the email to the head chef of the restaurant.

Whatever happened, it was better than that no customers came for meals and they got scolded every day.

The email was then forwarded upward one level after another until it finally went to the computer of the head chef.

It was 12:00 midnight. Head Chef Bai watched the unsettled abalone affair on the official website and frowned helplessly. When he was about to turn off the computer and go to sleep, he received the email, the one from Yuan Zhou.

The several people consisting of Engineer Hu and his superior were all amateurs thus didn't really understand the accuracy of the suggestion concerning which part of pork requiring different time to deal with, which was mentioned in the email. Chief Chef Bai, however, was different. With just a rough scan, he knew the email was undoubtedly from a professional person.

When he carefully studied it again, he found the suggestions were surprisingly all about the improvements of the signature dishes of the restaurant. For some of them, Chief Chef Bai was in great favor of. This was like painting; for some problems, the painter couldn't see while others could easily point out.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou's suggestions also offered useful guidance from a strategically advantageous position.

On-lookers see more than players. These words applied to Head Chef Bai best. He knew that many dishes needed to be improved, but couldn't manage to discover where he should start. Yet, for some other suggestions, Chief Chef Bai just smiled but didn't actually agree.

Taking the dish of Soy Sauce Stewed Chicken Claws for example, the claws usually required some special means to make it easily chewed. In the email, however, the person who offered the suggestions told that only longer heating time was needed to make it soft. That was absolutely impossible as this dish was improved by Chief Chef Bai personally.

He carefully studied the email for the whole night and still didn't feel sleepy at all in the morning. Instead, he felt rather motivated, therefore he cleaned himself and went out of his bedroom, preparing to try the suggested means that he was in favor of.