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161 Courteous Practice

 "I didn't eat my fill at all," Wu Hai said in conclusion.

Then, a terrific idea suddenly occurred to him. After turning around and leaving the restaurant quickly, Wu Hai went upstairs to his apartment, took a bottle of mineral water, and then came downstairs again. This time, however, he needed to line up to eat the cakes, of course.

However, he was not here to buy it by himself. He knew very well what one meal meant.

"Bro, I see you have been here for several times. Do you know me?" Wu Hai aimed for one person and patted his shoulder, asking.

"Yes. You come every day. So...?" The person looked like a cultured person, but spoke straightforwardly and bluntly.

"How many Baked Egg Cakes are you prepared to buy?" Wu Hai directly asked to the point.

"One for a taste," the person raised his eyebrows and answered straightforwardly.

"Great. Can you buy two and I pay for one of them so that you give one to me, no matter if it's spicy or sweet?" Wu Hai said with a serious expression on his face.

"No, I can't," the person refused decisively.

"Don't worry. Boss Yuan won't mind it. I have already studied his rules. As long as I eat it up, there'll be no problem," Wu Hai said naturally as if he had known about it quite well.

"I will probably get blacklisted." The person cared a lot about that. Although he couldn't eat here every day, it was nevertheless a good place to reward himself.

"I guarantee that won't happen," Wu Hai endeavored greatly to persuade the person. As for whether or not he offered anything else, it was unknown to others.

When it was the person's turn, Wu Hai finally got his wish fulfilled and ate another sweet Baked Egg Cake.

Nonetheless, Yuan Zhou had no reaction. Just as Wu Hai said, Yuan Zhou had already known about the bug, but he didn't add any other rules to make up for it in order to see if it would be counted as the loopholes of the system.

The system didn't react at all even after Wu Hai ate up the cake. At that time, Yuan Zhou opened his mouth, saying, "Whoever wastes food will be blacklisted directly."

"I know. Look, I have eaten up the cake, not leaving any slightest piece," Wu Hai showed his hands and said.

Yuan Zhou, nevertheless, stood at the azure stone countertop and said nothing, indicating consent to that.

After that, that person left in security.

The morning passed very quickly. Yuan Zhou had originally intended to go and savor the porridge after taking leave but eventually, he changed his mind. Only when the opening hours for lunch finished at 1:30 p.m. did Yuan Zhou change his clothes and set out.

Of course, he didn't forget his Master Chef Set, the taste-free chopsticks, and spoon, which were both required while drinking the porridge.

It was just 2:00 in the afternoon when he took a cab there. It was also a small restaurant. The restaurant owner seemed to be a family, with a couple and their ten-year-old son who appeared to be disabled.

When Yuan Zhou arrived, the business had been no so busy already. Out of the 7 tables in total, four were vacant. As for the remaining three tables, customers were all having their meals.

"Hi, Sir. What do you like to eat?" A plump middle-aged man who was dressed in clean clothes came up to greet Yuan Zhou with a smile.

Yes, here in this restaurant, it was the landlady who cooked the porridge. The male boss greeted the customers.

"Rice congee and multi-grain porridge, one serving for each. And serve me three side dishes," Yuan Zhou looked at the menu and order his dishes directly.

"My porridge and dishes have an abundant amount. How many are there, sir?" The middle-aged man didn't go to the kitchen and report the dishes ordered immediately.

"It's only me, alone," Yuan Zhou answered affirmatively.

"Then I suggest you order one side dish and one serving of porridge. That way, you can not only eat your fill but also eat well." The middle-aged man showed him a warm smile.

The common suggestion of the middle-aged man made Yuan Zhou stunned for quite a while. Then, he said," Ok. One serving of rice congee and side dish."

"They'll be served soon." When the man found Yuan Zhou accepted his proposal, he happily turned his head and started to report the dishes ordered.

"Trust me. The foods in my restaurant are definitely abundant and delicious," the middle-aged man even managed to find time to turn his head and said to Yuan Zhou proudly.

"Thank you," Yuan Zhou was lost in a daze and then thanked him subconsciously.

"You are welcome. They'll be served very soon," as soon as he finished talking, the middle-aged man went to the kitchen, preparing to carry the dishes.

The rice congee and the side dish were all carried onto Yuan Zhou's table in a short while.

The serving of rice congee was filled in an earthenware pot and it was provided along with a small clean bowl and a spoon, as well as a dish of Spicy-Hot Shredded Kelps, which almost equaled to a plate's amount.

Yuan Zhou then took out his own chopsticks and spoon from his pocket and prepared to have a meal.

"The dinnerware is very clean," suddenly a puerile voice sounded beside him.

He turned his head and found the boy who had been in the wheelchair was beside him, with his small face filled with earnest.

"Humm. I'm just used to using mine," Yuan Zhou nodded and explained.

"Ok," the little boy then said no more and moved the wheelchair out of the restaurant.

Yuan Zhou began to take lunch due.

First, a spoonful of the rice congee was stuffed into his mouth after cooling slightly.

A stream of bland rice fragrance dispersed in his mouth. And the overcooked rice grains could basically be swallowed straightforwardly without chewing. With the chopsticks, he picked up a plant of kelp which tasted spicy and tender and a little salty.

The dish went well with the rice congee.

The porridge of the restaurant had, presumably, been boiled with slow fire. The rice was quite fresh, although it wasn't better than that provided by the system. However, from the harmonious relationships of the family members with happiness, he could judge the congee was filled with tenderness. Indeed, it was extraordinarily yummy.

As the shredded kelp had likewise just been prepared, the dish had a tender and refreshing texture. Along with the rice congee, the spicy and tender taste greatly increased his appetite. As a result, Yuan Zhou ate up all of them this time.

When Yuan Zhou paid the bill, the middle-aged man asked him enthusiastically, "Hey, how 's the meal? One serving of each is just fine for your appetite, isn't it? Next time you come here again, you can savor the multi-grains porridge, which is also tasty."

"Humm. I'll come again," with a nod, Yuan Zhou agreed earnestly.

"Young bro, remember to come next time," with the plain voice, the middle-aged man said earnestly.

When he had just gotten out of the door, the phone in his pants pocket rang. The notice that Yuan Zhou pasted on the door of his restaurant had worked as expected.

"Hello. Is that Boss Yuan?" From the other end of the phone came a polite male voice.

"Humm, What's the matter?" Yuan Zhou answered with a flat tone.

Nonetheless, he was still a little excited in his heart, after all his notice truly worked.

As for the content of the notice, Yuan Zhou indicated that it was very earnest and quite explicit.

Notice, the boss has an emergency to deal with and was out. If there are any take-out website looking for cooperation, please call me at this number.

After that were the signature and the phone number.

"I heard you have the intention to work with take-out websites. This is Dang Dang Take-Out. I want to talk with you about that," the man spoke out his purpose of the call with a fairly courteous manner.

"Sorry, I don't have that intention," Yuan Zhou refused politely.

"Oh, ok, sorry for disturbing you," the man then hung off the phone with a good attitude.

Then, the man began to shout, "Xiaowen, what's the problem with you? Didn't you say the boss had the intention? He refused bluntly just now."

"It can't be true. He clearly wrote on the door to call him," Xiaowen was a girl who wore glasses. She was surprised upon hearing that.

"Can't it be true? So you mean I misheard the refusal? Get down to your work seriously," apparently he was a senior worker of the company while Xiaowen was a new staff.

Even if she was criticized, Xiaowen dared not say anything, but just got back to her desk and started to work. However, she still felt quite curious in her heart.

Undoubtedly, she clearly saw the notice pasted on the door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant. How did she make that mistake? She then decided to go and enquired about this issue after getting off work.

Yuan Zhou, nevertheless, answered two calls from take-out websites on the way back home. With the mission status showing (4/10), the completion of the mission seemed to be in sight. His plan was quite successful.