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160 Method of Eating Baked Egg Cakes

 Having quickly wiped and sterilized the appliance, Yuan Zhou began to cook the Baked Egg Cakes for himself as breakfast.

He first daubed the tasteless virgin maize oil on the surface of the brass pot and waited until it got hot.

He then poured a spoonful of the flour paste into the brass pot and spun the pot swiftly to make the flour paste cover the pot evenly. At the other side, he also poured the same amount of flour paste into the other brass pot and did the same thing before covering both pots with lids and waited for a moment.

He roughly counted the time and waited until the surface of the flour paste became solid. Then, Yuan Zhou removed the lids and scattered a spoonful of the beef mince into a pot and the blueberry jam into another. Having covered the pots with lids again and waited another 30 seconds for it to bake, Yuan Zhou then used a small pair of tongs to fold the cake and take it out.

The Baked Egg Cakes made in Yuan Zhou's closed restaurant emitted a strong sweet and fragrant egg flavor. It passed through the cracks of the door, out of the restaurant and hence, attracted the passerby to stop their steps and watch.

"What's Boss Yuan making? It's so fragrant," the customers who had ever been here for meals before said when they smelled the fragrance.

"It's true. Even my belly is grumbling," another person covered his belly and said in a convincing manner.

"It's not likely to be any of the previous food, judged by the smell. Is it a new kind of dish?" the customer revealed an expectant look.

"Dammit. He doesn't open the restaurant in the early morning, but makes delicious food for himself." With the sound "Da Da Da" from his footsteps, Wu Hai quickly went downstairs.

"It's still early. Look, even Xiaoyun hasn't been here yet," this customer apparently had abundant experience in lining up.

"Exactly. I'm almost drooling." A customer couldn't help gulping back his saliva.

"It's really so fragrant. Is this the scent of eggs?" someone carefully inhaled the fragrance and then said.

"Humm, there is supposedly also flour. With such fragrant and sweet flavor, it is definitely the new wheat," currently, the regular customer of Yuan Zhou's restaurant seemed to have much knowledge about food.

"I'm going to knock the door. Who wants to go with me?" Wu Hai indignantly walked to the door and said.

"What's wrong with you, Uncle Wu Hai?" At that time, Mu Xiaoyun, who had just arrived, asked him with her eyes widely open.

"Er... nothing," instantly Wu Hai's spirit wilted. In front of the little loli, he was rather restrained.

Then, the customers outside began to wait for Yuan Zhou to open the door.

At that time, Yuan Zhou was enjoying the rewards that he had offered to himself.

The Baked Egg Cake with spicy beef mince and the other with blueberry jam were placed at both sides of Yuan Zhou.

With his sharp olfactory senses, Yuan Zhou was already attracted by the fragrance of the food, hence directly picked up a Baked Egg Cake with beef mince and immediately gave it a bite.

"Ba Ji, BaJi", while the cake was being carefully chewed in the mouth, he first savored the fragrant and sweet flavor of the cake and then the spicy texture of the beef mince. As the flour paste of the cake had no yeast inside this time and thus had a tougher texture, which brought out the best of the beef jerky in the beef mince.

The spiciness stood out, as if it had dorminated in the sweetness in the Baked Egg Cake, forming a fantastic taste together.

The Baked Egg Cakes made by Yuan Zhou were larger by a circle than those sold outside. However, one could still eat up the cake with three bites.

"Perfect match," Yuan Zhou muttered to himself, sighing with emotion.

As for the other Baked Egg Cake with blueberry jam, it was naturally devoured soon. Then, with the well-fermented flour paste, Yuan Zhou made another two Baked Egg Cakes. He only went to open the door contentedly after eating them up and drinking a cup of water.

"Morning, boss. It was so fragrant just now," Mu Xiaoyun walked into the restaurant first. While smelling the remaining faint scent, she asked curiously.

"Yeah, yeah. Have you developed a new dish? Serve me one. Hurry," Wu Hai walked inside in big strides in the wake of Mu Xiaoyun.

"The new dish is available today and this one is provided only," taking a glance at Wu Hai, Yuan Zhou didn't answer him and just said that while pointing at the price list.

"It truly is the new dish. Let me see what it is." The customers turned their heads and looked towards it one after another.

It was bright in the main hall and the sergestes landscape wall was quite pretty. So was the price list on the wall.

Baked Egg Cake, 168.8 RMB per serving

"Boss Yuan, 168 RMB is yet understandable. But what does the 0.8 RMB mean?" A customer asked in puzzlement.

"Money for the paper," Yuan Zhou's answer was clear and concise.

After all, he had also just paid 0.8 RMB himself.

"System, isn't 168 RMB just right? Why is it short of 3.2 RMB?" Looking at the payable number shown in his sight, Yuan Zhou was a little puzzled.

The system displayed, "Host, you used four pieces of paper to wrap the Baked Egg Cakes. The paper costs 0.8 RMB per piece."

"The system still remains the same. Hoho," Yuan Zhou was rather helpless. He then took out a note of 5 RMB and put it into the drawer. Shortly afterward, the system gave back the exact change of 1.8 RMB to him.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou was quite firm now while speaking of that.

"Do you mean this?" Wu Hai pointed to a wad of yellowing rectangle paper beside Yuan Zhou's hands and asked.

"Humm," Yuan Zhou nodded.

"What's the Baked Egg Cake?" Wu Hai didn't really care much about that small amount of money. After knowing that, he focused his attention on eating.

"It's a specialty snack of Chengdu. Right now there are only two different tastes," Yuan Zhou straightforwardly brought out all the characteristics of the Baked Egg Cake.

"What you just said means nothing to me," Wu Hai felt that every time he talked with Yuan Zhou, he needed a translator in order to understand him well.

"Since there are two types of taste, then I want both," Wu Hai was still as wealthy as before.

"There are two different texture, soft and tough. Which one do you prefer?" Yuan Zhou had originally prepared two different flour pastes, hence naturally needed to ask that question.

"Do they really have much difference? Please, serve me one of each," Yuan Zhou had always been in charge of everything here. It was the first time that he asked for Wu Hai's opinion. And Wu Hai was not accustomed to it despite the flattered feeling.

"One moment, please," Yuan Zhou used the tough cake to wrap the beef mince and the soft one to wrap the blueberry jam.

After the brass pot was heated, the heating time became shorter, which meant less time was required to make the cakes. In just one minute, two steaming hot Baked Egg Cakes were wrapped in straw paper and put on a blue and white plate.

"Enjoy your meal," Yuan Zhou pulled down the mask slightly and said.

"They are snacks, aren't they? Boss Yuan, you even serve snacks now? They look so delicious. I really want to taste it right away," a girl in line gazed at the plate of Wu Hai.

"Dishes cooked by Boss Yuan are always excellent based on the aspect of appearance," Wu Hai looked at the two plates, each shining more brilliantly in the other's company.

On the plate were the two crescent-moon shaped Baked Egg Cakes. The outer layer was golden yellow and the edges were brown and crisp. One of them was slightly thinner and revealed the red beef mince contained inside, while the other was a little thicker and revealed the dark purple blueberry jam.

"Blueberry jam and beef mince," Wu Hai pointed out the stuffing directly.

Yuan Zhou nodded and confirmed.

Wu Hai had always been interested in hot dishes and of course savored the Baked Egg Cake of spicy beef mince first and then the one with blueberry jam.

As a painter, Wu Hai didn't really dislike sweet food but, likewise, didn't love it much. However, this Baked Egg Cake with blueberry jam was really way too delicious and totally conformed to Wu Hai's understanding of sweet food.

With a simple bite, the brown and crisp edges immediately emitted a flavor similar to the caramelized sugar, with a slight hint of fleeting sweetness. However, in contrast, the soft texture of the inside layer of the cake offset the sweet and sour texture of the blueberry jam.


After Wu Hai ate one mouthful of the cake, the blueberry jam was slowly chewed in his mouth, like an intact blueberry, yet with a sort of milky fragrance.

One cake was spicy while the other was sweet. Both the tastes were made to their utmost best. Even if it was only a snack, it made people unable to put it down due to its extraordinarily delicious taste.


On the other side, Mu Xiaoyun had started to accept the orders of the customers in line just as how Yuan Zhou did just now.