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159 The Morals of the System

 [Special Reward] Cooking Methods of Palatable Food (available to be received)

With utmost excitement, Yuan Zhou tapped to receive it.

Then, he found that for those rewards that were gotten without accomplishing any missions, he'd better not to have any expectations.

The reward from the system conformed to its scamming property as always.

[Special Reward] Baked Egg Cakes (received)

It was, surprisingly, Baked Egg Cakes.

Where were the expected Banquet Dishes of the Man-Han Banquet? In Yuan Zhou's heart, a small person had started to overturn a table.

"System, didn't you say that it has more than 100 ways of eating?" Looking at the reward he had already received, Yuan Zhou asked in a really reluctant manner.

The system then indifferently displayed, "After Host has obtained all the sauces prepared, there'll be 222 ways of eating."


Yuan Zhou found himself to have nothing to say to answer.

"MDZZ," Yuan Zhou recovered and greeted the system friendly with the few words before straightaway going upstairs.

Yuan Zhou sat for a long time at the desk and, in the end, decided to turn on the computer to ease up his mood.

He turned on the computer. Yuan Zhou didn't actually like listening to songs in the evening, but when he found there were some unread messages on his microblog, he gave up his intention of watching movies and immediately opened his microblog page.

In the private message inbox, there was a row of 10 private messages, all coming from Meng Meng.

[Boss Yuan, let me recommend you a terrific congee restaurant.] from Meng Meng.

[I recommend a congee restaurant to you. Hope Boss Yuan can go over there for a taste.] from Meng Meng.


[It seems Boss Yuan really doesn't often browse the microblog. I hereby recommend a wonderful congee restaurant. The address has been enclosed.] from Meng Meng.

The consecutive tens of messages were almost all talking about the same matter.

[I got it and will go there.] from I'm Boss Yuan.

Yuan Zhou's answer was clear and concise.

Meng Meng had provided quite a lot of help to Yuan Zhou. There were several missions that had been accomplished with Meng Meng's help. Now that he was only asked to taste a delicacy, why wouldn't he agree?

[Oh, Jesus. Boss Yuan, you eventually replied me. Then do remember to savor it. It's really super delicious, though still inferior to yours.] in Meng Meng's replying messages, she complimented Yuan Zhou conveniently.

[Humm, I'm going offline now.] from I'm Boss Yuan.

Yuan Zhou was a vigorous and resolute person. Having turned off the microblog, he immediately started to identify the route and prepared to eat the porridge. Going to eat porridge meant that he needed to shut down the restaurant again, with yet no prior notice. Since it was very late now, he could only to do it tomorrow.

After he finished identifying the route and washing himself, Yuan Zhou went to bed and intended to sleep.

In the dream, the system changed into a physical form, a little yellow chicken. Yuan Zhou used his excellent knife skills to shave off all the feather of the chicken, even the fluff under the feather. In other words, he completely shaved the chicken.

After that, the chicken flapped its meaty wings and went around evading from Yuan Zhou's deadly chase. While sleeping, Yuan Zhou revealed a hint of a smile indicating a successful revenge.

"Ding Ling Ling, Ding Ling Ling"

The old-fashioned ringtone suddenly rang. Yuan Zhou checked the clock and found it was 6 in the morning, the right time to get up.

The reward of Baked Egg Cakes received by Yuan Zhou required some preparations first as it was to be the breakfast provided this morning.

For this reward, Yuan Zhou felt the system was clearly displaying "I am just joking with you" to him. If not, what was the matter of the previous gaudy introduction? Therefore, Yuan Zhou didn't really have any hope for that.

After receiving the cooking method, Yuan Zhou got to know that the rewarded Baked Egg Cakes was a specialty snack of Chengdu and originated from as early as the 23rd year of Dao Guang Emperor of Qing Dynasty, quite long time ago.

The ingredients required were nevertheless very simple. First and foremost were the ingredients of flour and eggs, then the brown sugar and white sugar for different tastes. The yeast for fermentation was an alternative, which would give it two different flavors.

With a sound of "Zhi Ya", Yuan Zhou opened a cabinet marked with the few words of Baked Egg Cakes, in which the green chicken eggs lay. The egg appeared to be dainty and cute, like the green bird eggs."

"What kind of eggs they are? The black-bone chicken eggs are supposed to be bigger than these ones," Yuan Zhou took one in his hand and its size became more apparent.

The system displayed, "The first-laid green-shell black-bone chicken eggs were laid by Hualv Black Chicken and Three Gorges Black Chicken, which are best suitable to live in Yi Chang. The green shell is a natural emerald green color. After meticulously cultivating, the egg is rich in many microelements. The content of the organic calcium is 6 times higher than that of ordinary eggs; and it has extremely low cholesterol, about 1/10 of that of ordinary eggs."

"The egg yolk of the green-shell egg cultivated by the system is 8% bigger than that of local chicken eggs; the egg white is dense and is quite easy for digestion and absorption; the pigment of the egg yolk could reach up to around Roche grade 13 (usually it's about Roche grade 4-5 for ordinary eggs); contents of lecithin, Vitamins A, B, E and amino acid are 5-10 times that of ordinary eggs; both the ammonia β and γ globulin contained in the egg yolk are also higher than other ordinary eggs. Therefore, it's a top-grade tonic, which has functions of nourishing yin to supplement kidney, producing blood and invigorating energy, as well as strengthening physical body and invigorating the brain."

"The feed eaten by the hens are natural corn kernels, pricklyash seeds, kikyo skin, soybean stems and fresh green grass. It helps to increase the nutrient substances of the eggs by feeding the chicken in that way."

"Only the first clutch of eggs which are laid within 30-60 days are taken from the hens that are cultivated in that way. They are small, but the nutrient content is two times higher than eggs laid later."

"I'm just asking what kind of eggs they are? System, do you really need to forcibly act knowledgeable in front of me again?"

Yuan Zhou felt a crash in his heart. Every time in such cases, the system would remind him that his life was even worse and less promising than a chicken.

Then, Yuan Zhou took out forty eggs from the cabinet quietly and the flour from another. This time, Yuan Zhou wisely didn't ask about the background of the flour anymore. It was already frustrating to know his life was inferior to that of an animal. Wouldn't it be more miserable if his life wasn't better than a plant?

In order to applaud himself for his resourcefulness, Yuan Zhou decided to eat four pieces of the Baked Egg Cake as a reward to himself.

Yuan Zhou took out the mask and wore it on his face before starting to make the yogurt filtrate of the Baked Egg Cake.

He took out the brown sugar and crushed it into fine particles. After blending some white sugar inside, Yuan Zhou added boiling water to let the sugar dissolve. Next, he took out the flour, sieved it and then split the sieved flour into two parts, one with the yeast added inside and the other without anything.

He picked up an egg with each of his hands at the same time and knocked them with a sound of "Peng". Then, the eggs broke apart and the liquid fell into two different bowls separately. With a very quick speed, Yuan Zhou broke apart 20 eggs. Afterward, he began to beat the egg liquid uniformly with his both hands again simultaneously.

The egg liquid and the sweet water were poured into the two bowls filled with different flour at the same time. Yuan Zhou evenly beat the mixture using wooden chopsticks with both hands. His right hand acted more quickly than the left hand. Only when the mixture in the right-hand bowl started to bubble did Yuan Zhou add the yeast inside. For the left-hand bowl, Yuan Zhou only stirred the mixture until it became smooth and then sieved it.

After being sieved, the bubbling flour paste had to be kept still until it didn't bubble anymore. Then, Yuan Zhou moved the bowl into a special fermenter for half an hour.

Nonetheless, the flour paste without adding yeast and free from fermentation could be used immediately.

The mixture ratio of the egg liquid and the flour was 1:2. A serving of these ingredients could be used to make 100 Baked Egg Cake.

Yuan Zhou began to grope in the cabinet below. After a sound of "Xi Xi Suo Suo", he took out a full set of special appliances used for the Baked Egg Cake.

This appliance was specifically used for cooking the Baked Egg Cake. One pot could only cook one Baked Egg Cake. Now that the system provided him with two such pots, he could cook two cakes at a time.

The appliance was made of yellow brass, glistening with golden light like the genuine gold. Actually, it wasn't an exaggerated statement if you called it the gold. As early as in Qin Dynasty about 2000 thousand years ago, the so-called gold was actually yellow brass.

Actually, Baked Egg Cake was just a half-moon-shaped pancake made of flour with various side dishes and meat stuffing inside.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou felt the system was scamming him again...