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155 Take-Out Mission

 Yuan Zhou wasn't so bored to ask the system, "Apart from yes, what else can you say?"

Having made clear the contents of the mission, Yuan Zhou began to think about how to complete it.

"Who knows if there are even more than ten take-out websites?" He took out his phone and started to search through the internet.

As for the take-out websites, Yuan Zhou only knew several of the most reputable ones. However, no matter how he counted using his fingers, there were no more than 5 or 6, less than 10.

How to complete the mission was also a tough thing. It was possible for one or two or three of them to come to him requesting for the take-out business, but was totally impossible for all of them to follow suit.

Then Yuan Zhou figured out a terrific idea, "System, if I go to find them and then refuse them, can that count for the completion of the mission?

As the system had always said no to the self-publicity, this idea of Yuan Zhou was actually a step on the red line. This was to test where the bottom line of the system lay.

The system displayed, "Not counted."

"Well, fine." Yuan Zhou had basically expected the negative answer.

Since trickery wouldn't work, Yuan Zhou had to think of another way. While he was sitting and thinking there, time passed by quickly and soon it came to the opening hours of the evening.

Looking at the push messages from the take-out website on the internet, Yuan Zhou then got a new idea.

Therefore, some weird conversations took place in Yuan Zhou's restaurant in the evening.

"What do you do?" looking at a customer who had barely entered the restaurant, Yuan Zhou asked seriously.

"I work in sales. What's the matter?" the customer got astonished first and then subconsciously answered.

"Do you have any recreational activities after you get off work?" Yuan Zhou continued asking.

"Of course. Stuff like gatherings or meals. Later after the meal, I'm going to KTV to sing songs. So....?" the sales customer was perturbed. Usually, Yuan Zhou seldom said anything else apart from asking them what to eat, let alone enquiring about his occupation and eating habits.

Was Boss Yuan prepared to take him as his last disciple due to his high talents? The sales customer became hesitant. His current work was not bad. Just the commission of a big order could support his life for two months. Should he accept Boss Yuan's good intentions or deny him?

Even before he finished hesitating did Yuan Zhou say, "Ok."

After that, nothing else happened. Greeting customers and ordering dishes were all in the charge of Mu Xiaoyun.

The sales customer was fairly stupefied. What exactly was the matter? Not until the fragrance of the dishes came did he recover. He then directly disregarded this matter and got down to eating the cuisines.

The customers came one after another in the evening. After a while, a young girl, who was dressed in the light clothes of hot pants and a camisole, entered the restaurant.

"What do you do?" With an earnest expression on his face, Yuan Zhou was like a policeman who was checking others people's ID.

"Boss Yuan, why are you asking me about that?"

"The answer is useful to me," Yuan Zhou nodded primly.

"Purchase of cosmetics. Boss Yuan, do you need skin care products?" The girl carefully looked at Yuan Zhou's face again.

"No need. Do you have any recreational activities after work?" Being stared by the girl, Yuan Zhou didn't have any feeling... except for the slight retreat of one step.

"I'm already tired even at work. How could I have that strength to go out for fun? Of course I go home to sleep," the girl revealed an 'obviously' manner.

"Then do you usually eat take-out?" With a gentle smile shown on his face, Yuan Zhou continued asking.

"Yeah. Since you know how pitiful I am now, will you provide door-to-door service in the future?" The girl asked in surprise.

"I won't. I just feel the take-out deliverer is not so responsible," Yuan Zhou refused bluntly and then said unconsciously.

"That's true. Nowadays, the take-out deliverers usually arrive very late. I will starve by the time he arrives," the girl then started to complain, launching into a lengthy speech. She talked so fast that Yuan Zhou couldn't even break in.

After quite a little while, the girl finally noticed some problems, "Boss Yuan, what exactly did you want to say just now?"

"Nothing," Yuan Zhou turned around and left decisively.

Complaining was really an essential skill for everybody. It was awfully scary.

Having failed in the second person, Yuan Zhou didn't really give up. Instead, he learned from mistakes and continued to look for the next target. This time, he tried to put more attention on those who appeared to speak less.

Shortly afterward, the next customer entering the restaurant totally met Yuan Zhou's requirements. He was plump and had a pale face, also appearing to be the silent type and fairly stable.

"What's your occupation?" Yuan Zhou went up and asked.

"I have to be asked of my occupation before taking meals? Boss Yuan, is it your new rule?" The man said with a tone of ridicule while carrying a smile on his face.

"No, no. It matters to me," Yuan Zhou answered honestly.

"What kind of matter requires the information of my occupation?" The man was a little curious.

"If it's not convenient for you to tell me, you can order your dishes," Yuan Zhou didn't really force them. He then signaled him to look at the price list on the wall behind.

"Boss Yuan, don't be so serious," while speaking, the man looked at Yuan Zhou's face. When he found there wasn't any change, he continued saying, "Boss Yuan is truly always like this, with a never changing expression at all."

"Humm," Yuan Zhou nodded and took that as a compliment.

"I'm the boss of a mahjong room. Boss Yuan, when you are free, come play a round. I won't charge you," the plump man revealed a smile and said earnestly.

"I don't like playing. What recreational activities do you do for fun?" Yuan Zhou first declined his invitation and then asked.

"What else can a mahjong room have for fun? Of course playing mahjong," the plump man said while taking his seat.

"Do you order take-out?" Eventually, Yuan Zhou got to the point.

"Of course. Before I knew your restaurant, I had never gone out for meals. How convenient it was to have the meal delivered door to door! But now I only order take-out occasionally," while saying that, he looked at Yuan Zhou with a bitter expression.

"Which take-out website do you use more?" When he saw the other party not to say anything more, Yuan Zhou opened his mouth, asking that.

"I order take-out from Meimei and Jisu more. Boss Yuan, are you also going to get into the courier business?" The man asked with great curiosity.

"Nope. I have never seen deliverers of these two websites show up around here," Yuan Zhou directly got to the point.

"Gee, really? It's been a long time since I ordered from them. Yet, it makes sense. These two websites have less business around here. Instead, it was Nuonuo and Tuangou who have more business in this region," the man spoke as if he had done a thorough research.

"Humm, nor have I seen others," Yuan Zhou spoke some obscure words.

"Boss Yuan observes so carefully yet says he doesn't want to enter the courier business. Seems like he is reluctant to tell me," When the man found Yuan Zhou cared so much about the take-out, he didn't believe what Yuan Zhou said at all.

A business secret. It was not an unfamiliar thing to him. With a change of mind, he decided to help in this matter.

"What do you want to eat?" Yuan Zhou finished the topic concerning the take-out and started to enquire about the dishes normally.

That affirmed the plump man's speculation.

In the next moments, customers arriving alone or in a group were all asked by Yuan Zhou about their occupations and their normal recreational activities.

As long as the person had recreational activities, Yuan Zhou would stop asking and directly let him order their dishes.

Those nerdy men and women who had no recreational activities, however, finally witnessed Yuan Zhou's talkativeness.

They all felt vaguely in their heart that Yuan Zhou should have an unknown purpose in asking about the take-out. Hence, they decided to carefully check those take-out websites after going back.

Slowly, Yuan Zhou made preparations for completing the mission according to the procedures conceived by him step by step. Coincidently, there came another take-out website that hoped to cooperate with Yuan Zhou's restaurant in the evening.

As for Yuan Zhou, he naturally refused it with a prim manner. As a result, there were only 8 websites left to be refused.

There was still a long way to go before the mission was accomplished.