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154 Upgrade Mission

 "Is the broth the kind that is made with pig bones?" a customer asked curiously.

"The broth isn't soup-stock. They are different," Jiang Changxi shook her head and denied.

"What's the difference?" This customer indicated that he didn't really understand it.

"The main ingredient of the broth is the natfish. Do you understand now?" Jiang Changxi explained to them again.

"Broth is required to make the porridge. So what I ate before was rice gruel rather than the porridge?" The customers all had different reactions.

"It feels like that I gained some new knowledge again," said a customer who had obtained new knowledge.

"Boss Yuan refreshes my outlook about foods every day," said another foodie customer.

Every one of them was widely discussing the difference when Yuan Zhou carried the rice gruel ordered by Jiang Changxi to her.

"They are truly different." The customers craned their necks and took a look before leaving.

There were always many unsatisfactory events in life. Yuan Zhou disliked dealing with the matters unrelated to customers the most during the opening hours. However, someone just came at that moment.

The general manager of World Foodie Hotel entered the restaurant in line. As soon as he got seated and rested, Mu Xiaoyun went up and asked.

"What would you like to eat?"

"No, no need. Please tell your boss to come here," the GM waved his hand while taking out a handkerchief from the pocket to wipe his forehead with the other hand.

"Please tell me what you want. My boss is a little busy," Mu Xiaoyun answered vaguely, but she indicated that she wouldn't call the boss here.

"What do you, a little girl, know about? This is a good thing. You just tell him that the boss of Chef Yu wants to talk to him," the GM naturally wouldn't lose his temper to a little girl, but just spoke in a hasty manner.

"You can tell me first. My boss is really very busy," Mu Xiaoyun knew that her boss didn't like to be disturbed during the opening hours.

"Never mind. Let me manage it myself." Having gotten plenty of rest, the GM disregarded Mu Xiaoyun and directly went up to Yuan Zhou.

"Boss Yuan, how are you doing recently? I'm the general manager of World Foodie Hotel. My surname is Cheng," the GM Cheng interrupted a customer ordering dishes and started to introduce himself.

"What do you want to eat?" Yuan Zhou acted as if he hadn't heard the GM Cheng. He didn't answer him and just repeated what he had said just now.

The customer cooperatively answered, "Clear Broth Noodle Soup and Jin'ling Grass."

"Ok, one moment," Yuan Zhou agreed with a nod and then looked towards the slightly embarrassed GM Cheng.

"Whatever it concerns, please talk to me after the opening hours have ended."

"But this is an emergency. Could you let me tell you first?" GM Cheng had a lot of work to do every day. Besides, his boss, Xie Xuesi, was also waiting for his answer.

"No need," Yuan Zhou refused squarely before wearing the mask and preparing to make the dishes.

GM Cheng definitely wouldn't obediently wait for him to finish, therefore he spoke some ambiguous words every time Yuan Zhou came out to serve the dishes. In the end, he finally found that Yuan Zhou would take no notice of him unless he ordered some dishes.

After 7 or 8 minutes later when Yuan Zhou came out of the kitchen again, GM Cheng sat on his previous seat and said, "Let me order some dishes for my meal."

"What do you want to eat then?" Yuan Zhou's manner of speaking remained the same without any change.

"Let's not waste our time. As you might know, I come here just to ask you if you have any interest in working in our restaurant. If you do, call this phone number and I will come out in person to welcome you," while speaking, GM Cheng took out a name card and put it on the table.

"Thank you. If you are not ordering any dishes, please let the people waiting behind you dine here," Yuan Zhou answered with a nod, but didn't receive the name card. Afterward, he said politely.

"Now that you have known about it, I will take my leave. Personally, I welcome Boss Yuan very much," at last, GM Cheng clearly expressed his point.

The white name card was quietly lying on the curved long table, but Yuan Zhou didn't intend to pick it up.

"Xiaoyun, clear it away," Yuan Zhou turned his head to Mu Xiaoyun and then said.

"Ok, boss," being a little worried at first, Mu Xiaoyun instantly answered happily after Yuan Zhou gave his instructions.

The customers who were surrounding to watch the scene likewise stared at the name card closely.

With quick steps, Mu Xiaoyun went up and took the name card before walking out of the restaurant and throwing it outside.

Seeing that, the surrounding customers that were watching all then revealed a relieved smile.

The opening hours at noon soon passed. Just as Yuan Zhou prepared to shut the door after seeing Mu Xiaoyun off, a short-haired girl dressed in denim shorts and a lettered T-shirt that was riding an electric powered bike, parked at the entrance of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Hey, wait, wait for a moment," while the girl was parking the bike, she shouted loudly.

Yuan Zhou paused for an instant and felt that it wasn't him who was being called; therefore continued to shut the door.

"Boss, wait." The girl immediately ran up to Yuan Zhou.

"Yes?" Only then did Yuan Zhou stop his actions and ask indifferently.

"Boss, you are truly difficult to be encountered. I have been here for several times but it's the first time I saw you." The girl appeared to feel quite hot. She fanned herself with one hand and, at the same time, spoke cutely.

"Humm, so what's the matter?" Yuan Zhou nodded and signaled her to continue speaking.

"Let me first introduce myself. I'm from the take-out department of Meimei Group Purchase Website and have come here today to invite you, Boss Yuan, to join the group purchase on our website." The girl seemed to be quite young. She didn't even enter the restaurant before she finished revealing her purpose, hence appeared to be a newcomer.

"I don't do the group purchase. You got the wrong person," Yuan Zhou said with an earnest expression.

"I know the dishes here are very expensive. But if you can offer some discounts, your business will become better. And moreover, many customers who don't like going out could also eat your superb dishes," the girl persuaded Yuan Zhou patiently.

"No take-out and no takeaway. This is my rule," standing at the entrance, Yuan Zhou told her seriously.

"Are you worried about the matter of delivery? Our website employs many full-time delivery drivers and has strict requirements on time and speed. Your concerns are totally unnecessary. What's more, you'll definitely like the profit share that we provide." The girl took out a stack of files from her backpack and intended to show it to Yuan Zhou.

"No need. I have my own rules," Yuan Zhou stretched her hand and refused. Before the girl could say something, he directly said, "Good bye."

After that, he shut the door in one go.

"Sigh. Another refusal," the girl got frustrated. She put away the files and got on the electric driven bike before leaving slowly.

Having shut the door quickly, Yuan Zhou returned to the kitchen and sat in his position. Then, he began to check the new mission released by the system just now.

That's right. Just when Yuan Zhou refused the group purchase, the system released another mission.

The system displayed, "The upgrade mission starts now."

[Upgrade Mission] Please refuse over ten take-out websites' invitations for group purchase.

(Mission tips: Only rules that are obeyed can be genuinely considered to be rules. In order to stick to your rules, just feel free to refuse the invitations, young man.)

[Mission Reward] a chance at the lottery to gain dishes of a regional cuisine and a matched side dish for the upgrade.

(Reward tip: Please endeavor to complete the mission.)

[Mission Status] 1/10

"It's really a simple and explicit description." Yuan Zhou felt rather speechless.

Having carefully checked the mission three times, he decided to ask until he fully understood it. "So this means that I will upgrade to the third level after completing this mission, right?"

The system displayed, "Yes."

"And this mission has no time limit to be completed, right?" Yuan Zhou found it was a mission without any time limit and hence asked for confirmation.

The system displayed, "Yes."

Yuan Zhou, "..."

Then, he started to study the mission carefully.