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149 Bamboo Liquor Part 1

 With the wishful thought that if others drew the white balls, he'd get a higher probability to draw the red ball, Wu Hai returned to his own art studio and waited for the noon time before continuing the lottery.

Yuan Zhou, nevertheless, shut the door of the restaurant and then took a good rest. After drinking 200ml of the bamboo liquor last night, he slept until the dawn. He didn't really have a headache when he got up early in the morning and also slept soundly, which in turn well proved that the aftereffect of the liquor was fairly strong.

When the business hours started at noon, Wu Hai arrived just on time. He told Mu Xiaoyun, "I will be in charge of the work for drawing the lottery today."

While speaking, he took up the small box with a serious expression. The two small tufts of his mustache had resumed their former tidiness by then, which made him appear to be a cultured youth.

"But..." Mu Xiaoyun felt a little embarrassed and hence wanted to stop him.

"Never mind. Xiaoyun, you can do some other work." Yuan Zhou stopped Mu Xiaoyun.

"Ok." Having agreed, Mu Xiaoyun began to wipe the sergestes wall although there wasn't any dust or dirt on it.

The first one who came at noontime was Chen Wei, who was here today to order the rice wine. Despite the low alcohol content and small quantity, it was nevertheless far better than the inferior liquors out there due to its refreshing and fragrant taste.

"Chen Wei, are you here to order the rice wine?" Wu Hai stopped Chen Wei and asked with an affirmative tone.

"Yeah, what's wrong?" Chen Wei and Wu Hai were acquaintances. He answered with a nod.

"Come on. Boss Yuan is serving a new liquor now, good liquor. But he only provides 3 pots every day. Anyone who can draw a red ball out of the box can drink one of it," Wu Hai smiled good-heartedly and said in a seemingly kind manner.

"Really?" Chen Wei was fairly suspicious.

"If you don't believe me, you can go to check by yourself." Wu Hai let go of Chen Wei.

"It truly is so. Then I have to draw the lottery?" Chen Wei looked at the price list. To drunkards, the word liquor was very familiar, therefore he caught sight of the word quite easily.

"A man is not supposed to be so hesitant. Hurry up to draw the lottery," Wu Hai directly used the provocative approach.

"Boss Yuan, do I really need to draw the lottery to drink it?" Chen Wei asked loudly.

"Humm, only 3 pots every day," Yuan Zhou nodded and answered affirmatively.

He had reasons to be so hesitant. Not to mention drawing the lottery, he hadn't even gotten any soap before. He was definitely free from the windfalls.

"Ok, let me try my luck," Chen Wei groped in the box for a while and then took the ball out.

"Let me see. Ah, a white ball," Wu Hai blissfully thought that it was his turn after another four people drew.

"What a stinking hand I have got! NO. I must try again." Even before he finished his words, Chen Wei tried to draw the lottery again.

"No, you can't. Boss Yuan has already regulated one could only draw once." Carrying the box high into the air, Wu Hai was so happy that his two small tufts of his mustache stood up.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier about this odd rule?" Chen Wei said discontentedly.

"You didn't ask, either," Wu Hai immediately disregarded him. Having known Yuan Zhou for so long time, he cheated others the same way as Yuan Zhou did.

"Perfect. You wait," although Chen Wei was quite a well-behaved person, he tended to change when speaking about liquor. Furthermore, it was the superior liquor made by Yuan Zhou.

With a smile, Wu Hai continued to wait for others to draw while carrying the box at the door.

"What's that?" Other customers asked when they entered.

"It's a lottery for drinking liquor. Check the price list yourself," Wu Hai pointed at the price list and said bluntly.

"Tsk-tsk. Boss Yuan serves liquor now? Sorry, I still can't afford it. Please, serve me Egg Fried Rice." They expressed their astonishment and then decided to eat the Egg Fried Rice to calm their nerves.

People who came to draw were basically those who had a great interest in drinking liquor. Ordinary people didn't usually come for that.

The price of 5888 RMB was truly not cheap. Not to mention ordinary people, even some rich ones would be reluctant to pay so much for a pot of liquor.

Soon, half of the lunch time passed. All of a sudden, Chen Wei brought tens of people walking towards the restaurant. Those scattered tens of people were all young men.

"Boss Yuan didn't regulate that other people can't draw, did he?" As soon as he arrived, Chen Wei said to Wu Hai.

"Well, not really. You want to draw again?" Wu Hai looked behind of Chen Wei curiously.

"Yes, but it's not me. It's them, the young men," Chen Wei was well-built but he was also smart. In just a little while, he obtained an idea by letting his students to draw the lottery. No matter who got the red ball, he would pay and treat him. That way, he could likewise drink the liquor.

"Nice approach," Wu Hai was a little regretful. He didn't think of that idea at all.

"Yeah, a great idea. Come on, everybody. Whoever draws a red ball can drink liquor with me tonight," As soon as Chen Wei shouted, the students behind subconsciously lined up and obediently started to draw the lottery.

It could be seen from this how strict Chen Wei was in normal times. After all, they didn't even take three seconds to finish lining up just now.

"All concentrate on the drawing. Take it easy and don't worry," Chen Wei stood at the side and said seriously.

"When has Coach Chen been so easy-going to speak with in the past? I feel more scared by his current attitude," someone whispered to another student.

"Exactly. Our coach loves drinking liquor too much," that student also replied in a low voice.

"Anyway, let's try to get the red balls. Anyhow, it's a chance for us to leave a good impression on him." Someone aimed to please Chen Wei.

"Yeah, I think so, too. I always feel that Coach Chen has many social connections," Another one appeared to understand his coach well.

"Coach Chen is looking at us," such words had same effects to those "Our teacher is coming" shouted by a classmate during the school time in the past, which resulted in an instant silence.

It was unknown if Chen Wei's bad luck passed to his students. But at the moment there were only three of them left and still, no one had obtained any red ball.

"Come on, you last three. Hurry up to finish this," the smile on Wu Hai's face was more and more conspicuous. The more white balls were drawn, the higher probability for him to get the red ball out of the lottery.

"Let me try," the youngest student in the crowd went up and said confidently. With a short hair, he was well-built like Chen Wei, except with a smaller size.

He swiftly put his hand into the box and touched one casually before picking up one ball.

"What the fu*k," the youngest student shouted in surprise and with excitement.

"What's the matter? Did you get it?" When there were only five students left, Chen Wei had already turned his back to them. Having heard the excited shouts, he immediately turned around.

"Yes, coach. I got it," the student handed the ball to Chen Wei excitedly.

"Well done, you fellow. Let's drink liquor together tonight," Chen Wei patted his shoulders strongly.

"Humm," the youngest student nodded happily.

"Come on, let's go to pay," Chen Wei then delightedly brought this student to pay for the liquor. The remaining two students had to disperse and wait outside.

"He's so lucky to get the red ball so easily," Wu Hai muttered in a low voice and then prepared to draw the lottery himself. There was only one red ball left right now. If he didn't draw the lottery now, it probably didn't belong to him anymore.

"Excuse me? If I draw the red ball then I would be able to drink the liquor. Is it for free?" Suddenly, a seemingly gentle and demure lady with wavy hair, who was dressed in a one-piece dress with peach and black stripes, asked in a mild and melodious voice.

"No. Boss Yuan provides only three pots of the liquor every day. Only those who get the red ball have the privilege to drink it. Besides, the price is 5888 RMB per pot," Wu Hai explained to her patiently.

The moment Wu Hai barely finished talking, however, the pretty lady reached out her white and slender hand and immediately brought out a ball. The glaring red color was displayed in front of Wu Hai. After that, the pretty lady said politely and mildly, "Is it this one?"

"Y-y-you! How could you just draw it?" Wu Hai couldn't believe it. The only remaining one was also drawn by the lady. He tried to weep, but couldn't even shed a tear. What the f*ck!

"Humm. I suddenly felt like drinking liquor," the pretty lady explained politely.

"You must make a mistake. Why would a woman drink liquor?" Staring at the red table tennis ball, which appeared to be even more conspicuous in her white hand, Wu Hai was reluctant to admit his failure.

"Wow, wow, wow. The way you talk indicates that you look down upon women, right?" the lady stroked the hair by her ears, her white fingernails being painted with red nail polish, and smiled gently.