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148 How to Draw a Lottery Intelligently

 "But I'm fairly curious why Boss Yuan would raise such delicate tiny creatures?" The man turned his head facing to Yuan Zhou, carrying a faint curiosity in his sight.

"Somebody sent them to me," Yuan Zhou said without even raising his head.

"Pardon?" The man didn't really understand it.

"Humm," Yuan Zhou nodded affirmatively.

"Then why did you refuse to receive my fish," the man indicated that he would claim the justice for his fish.

"The sergestes are easier to be raised," Yuan Zhou revealed an affirmative look.

"How is it possible? Fish are easier to be raised than these sergestes. They have stricter requirements concerning the temperature, PH value and oxygenic content of the water," the man walked up to Yuan Zhou and said excitedly.

"I naturally have others to help take care of them for me." Yuan Zhou directly revealed the true reason. He didn't need to attend to them himself, thus it was, of course, easier for him to raise the sergestes.

"..." the man instantly felt that Yuan Zhou's words did make sense. If it was that way, then surely his fish was more difficult to be raised.

Sigh, this simple-minded man had already followed Yuan Zhou's thinking.

"What's behind the door?" Yin Ya suddenly watched behind the door and asked.

"Yeah, there seems to be something behind the door. This small fruit doesn't seem to be inside of the fish tank." The boy almost pressed his face against the glass, observing carefully.

"Behind the door is a pub," Yuan Zhou crossed his arms against his chest and said indifferently.

"A pub? So you have liquor now?" Yin Ya was also very curious. In her opinion, although such a popular restaurant only served drinks now, it would inevitably serve liquor in the future. However, never had she expected that to happen so quickly.

"Yes, it's behind you guys," Yuan Zhou signaled that the liquor had been added to the price list on the wall behind them.

At that time, Wu Hai finally finished his two bowls of Clear Broth Noodle Soup and comfortably heaved a sigh before starting to talk, "Boss Yuan, serve me a bottle of the liquor, please. I also want to savor the bamboo liquor."

Yuan Zhou gestured to Mu Xiaoyun and soon she carried a small box up. On one side of the box, there was a hole, from which one hand could pass through. The box looked like the kind of lucky draw box in the supermarkets that allowed customers to draw the lottery.

"What is she doing?" Wu Hai became confused.

"There are only 3 pots of liquor every day. Only those who draw the red table tennis balls will have the fortune to drink it," Yuan Zhou brought out his rule for drinking liquor.

"Boss Yuan, it's not sincere and kind of you to make that rule. A pot about 200ml is only but a mouthful. Even 3 pots are not enough for me," Wu Hai refuted at once.

"You'll understand after you drink it," Yuan Zhou said with a deep feeling.

"You say so every time. How many times can one draw the lottery each day?" Wu Hai knew that Yuan Zhou never broke his rules and thus had to ask something else.

"One could have only one opportunity each day." For such questions, Yuan Zhou basically answered them whenever being asked.

"How many balls are there inside the box?" Although Wu Hai was in the arts industry, he still knew a little about probability.

"50 balls in total." Taking a look at Wu Hai, Yuan Zhou had a feeling that this guy wanted to do something unusual again.

"For the balls that were drawn, are they returned back to the box or taken out?" Thinking of another possibility, Wu Hai asked cautiously.

"They'll be taken out," Yuan Zhou answered affirmatively.

"That'd be good. Come on. Who wants to try? It's free," Wu Hai directly took over Mu Xiaoyun's job by carrying the box to the customers, letting them draw the lottery.

"Liquor made by Boss Yuan truly deserved a try." The father who had brought his daughter here for the meal last time was also one of the regular customers now. With great interest, he prepared to give it a try.

"Let me try," the refreshing and clean boy immediately responded.

"Boss Yuan, If I draw the winning lottery, can I invite somebody to drink the liquor together at night?" the boy asked while drawing the lottery.

"Sure. It's about 200ml per pot. You can have one table, one pot and one cup," Yuan Zhou told the boy what he offered.

"Then I feel assured. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to afford it even if I won. That'd be frustrating," the boy said with a smile.

"You kid can't drink liquor. Concentrate on drawing the lottery," the reason why Wu Hai let the boy draw the lottery first was that he wanted others to draw as many white balls as possible. This boy, nevertheless, surprisingly declared that he wanted the red ball.

"Uncle, you are so cunning. However, I have always had good luck." The boy gave him a cunning smile and then took out his hand.

He clenched his hands tightly without revealing anything. All the people around stared at his hand curiously.

"Come on, boy. Don't act mysterious. Hurry up, show the ball to us," Wu Hai looked at his hand again and again.

"Don't worry. I have to clench it for a while, just in case it's the red ball," unhurriedly, the boy really continued clenching it for a few seconds.

"I thought you really have the good luck to get a red one." Once Wu Hai discovered the ball was white, he immediately turned on his mocking mode.

"This uncle seems to be not convinced, huh? Better you try by yourself?" The boy wasn't actually frustrated. Instead, he continued squabbling with Wu Hai.

"Of course I have to slowly wait," Wu Hai didn't conceal his purpose and then began to carry the box to the next person.

"Then let me try," while the father was speaking, he began to draw the lottery. Just within two seconds, he got the ball, his actions being quick and accurate.

"Wow, it's the red ball. What a good luck he's got!" Yin Ya shouted in surprise. It was truly rare to get a red ball for the first try.

"It seems that one of the 3 pots belongs to me now." The father revealed a faint smile on his solemn face.

"You really have a good luck," Wu Hai grumbled.

"Ha Ha. Boss Yuan, do I need to pay first?" the father took out his wallet happily and prepared to pay.

"Humm, internet transfer is accepted." Yuan Zhou nodded.

"Wonderful. I'll do the internet transfer. As a matter of fact, I don't have so much cash with me. By the way, please serve me a bowl of Clear Broth Noodle Soup. I will pay for both together," the man put away his wallet and took his phone to make the internet transfer.

"Ok, one moment, please," Yuan Zhou took a glance at the electronic bank slip and again at the several customers who were still drawing the lottery out there. Then he turned around going back to the kitchen and began to prepare the dishes.

"I want to have a try, too," Yin Ya didn't like drinking. Even when there was a gathering, she never drank. However, curiosity was the human nature. She'd rather take it as a test of her luck. Of course, if she really had that luck to get the red ball, Yuan Zhou's liquor truly deserved a taste.

"No problem. Pretty lady, you draw first," seeing one of the red balls had been drawn, Wu Hai was a little worried, but he still insisted on his thoughts and hence carried the box up to Yin Ya.

"Zi Zi," a snowy table-tennis ball appeared in the slender and exquisite hand of Yin Ya.

"It seems that I expectedly don't have any good luck. Better to have my breakfast, otherwise I will be late for work," Yin Ya regrettably looked at the interior surroundings behind the sergestes wall landscape and then took a seat before ordering her dishes.

Having heaved a sigh of relief, Wu Hai continued to tempt others to draw white balls. Everyone that came for breakfast was enticed to draw the lottery. However, those who drew the lottery were the people who were really interested in drinking liquor. Nonetheless, customers taking breakfast here were mostly girls. Not too many of them drew the lottery throughout the entire morning, only about a dozen or so.

"Business hours have ended now. Please come at noontime," Yuan Zhou said to the remaining several customers that were still waiting in line behind.

"I come to the restaurant every day to test my luck but Boss Yuan is still as merciless as usual," a regular customer said with a pity.

The customers knew, as a matter of fact, that Yuan Zhou would close the restaurant at this period of the day. However, he had just finished a two-day break, hadn't he? What if he suddenly decided to lengthen the business hours?"

"Don't play around anymore. Come back at noon," Yuan Zhou looked at Wu Hai who was still carrying the box and not letting go.

"I have really helped you quite earnestly. Why don't you directly give me one of the pots? See, nobody would know about that," Wu Hai went up to Yuan Zhou and said shamelessly.

"No way. Come at noon," Yuan Zhou squarely refused.

"What a merciless man! I remained hungry for two full days because of your renovations. Haven't you ever thought of compensating me?" Wu Hai tried to persuade Yuan Zhou with a trick.

"Now there are totally 32 balls left in the box and only two red balls therein. Do you wanna try your luck?" Yuan Zhou straightforwardly disregarded Wu Hai's trick. He took the box and then asked Wu Hai.

"No, no, no. I will wait for another 5 persons to draw the lottery. Until then, I will surely get a red one," with a firm look, Wu Hai refused Yuan Zhou's proposal.