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146 Enjoying the Liquor Alone

 After a moment, Master Feng took all the bricks down. Then he prepared to polish and fill in the wall carefully.

"Boss Yuan, there will be a lot of dust here later. I suggest you go upstairs and have a rest," Master Feng turned his head and said to Yuan Zhou.

"Humm, then I will have to bother you to proceed, Master Feng." Yuan Zhou nodded and then went back upstairs to carefully study his rewards.

After Wu Hai had dropped all the dishes into the trash bin, a sound of "Gu Gu" suddenly came from his stomach, which nevertheless reminded him of the necessity of taking meals.

"So hungry," Wu Hai touched his belly and then brought out his phone before tapping the takeout app. Looking at the pictures of the exquisite dishes on the webpage, he tried to select some satisfactory dishes slowly.

While glancing over the dishes, he suddenly threw his phone away from him with a sound of "Peng".

"What the hell are all these stuff? They are totally not tasty," he stood up and moved around impatiently. Suddenly, an idea flashed through his mind.

"Xi Li Hua La", Wu Hai dug out the packaged meal that he had thrown in the trash bin. As expected of food that was prepared by a five-star hotel, the rice was surprisingly steamed in a small wood bucket, which was nevertheless still intact even after being thrown out with great strength.

With the fragrance of both the rice and the wood, the meal appeared lustrous and transparent, giving off steam in the air.

However, such rice could only be considered as normal. Having gotten used to eating the top-notch Jing Shan Qiao Rice, Wu Hai could easily seek out at least 100 points why he wasn't satisfied with the current rice.

Luckily, he didn't need to eat it now. With heavy steps of "Dong Dong Dong", Wu Hai walked around for a lap in the room and suddenly dragged the jade Buddha pendant off his neck.

He then took out the several magazines that he had just read and piled them up. Afterward, he put a cigar box upright onto the magazines and placed the jade Buddha leaning against the cigar box. With the packaged meal seated below in front of the magazines, he took out three cigarettes and lit them consecutively, as if to worship the Buddha.

After that, he muttered, "Buddha, please bless that Boss Yuan opens the restaurant the day after tomorrow. Boss Yuan, I'm burning incense for you," After speaking a few words, Wu Hai then changed some words, again.

"I hereby burn incense to Boss Yuan to bless him to open the restaurant the day after tomorrow.

"I'm burning incense to you, Boss Yuan. Please do open the restaurant the day after tomorrow."

While muttering that, Wu Hai revealed a fairly devout expression on his face. However, if Yuan Zhou knew what Wu Hai was doing so right now, he would rather rest for another two days.

He was still alive, but Wu Hai was praying to Yuan Zhou as if he was dead!


Early next morning, Yuan Zhou went straightaway to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Huicheng District, where he would apply for the Liquoric Drink Retail License. With the Food Distribution License and all other documents required in his hands, it was quite convenient to get it.

"Please show me the liquor accompanying form," the staff checked the papers one by one for confirmation.

"Here it is," Yuan Zhou took out a form and handed to him.

Except for this liquor accompanying form, all the documents were obtained by Yuan Zhou on his own previously.

What Yuan Zhou was applying for was the Record Registration Form for Liquor Circulation, which basically covered all varieties of liquor that were being sold on the market in the range of business below.

Nowadays, the government specifically provided express service concerning handling certificates. Moreover, practice makes perfect. Within just two hours, Yuan Zhou had obtained the new license.

When he hurriedly returned to his restaurant again, Master Feng was already waiting to put the finishing touches.

With the mending ongoing, Yuan Zhou casually ate something. It was about 3 in the afternoon when Master Feng finished all the work.

"Boss Yuan, all the work has been finished. And the cement has also completely dried," Master Feng began to report the status of the work to Yuan Zhou earnestly.

"Alright. Here is all of the final payment. Master Feng, please check if it's right," Yuan Zhou took out the cash and handed to Master Feng.

"No problem. Boss Yuan, I do trust you," Master Feng received the money and then said with a smile while counting the money.

"Humm," Yuan Zhou nodded and quietly watched him finish counting and leave.

With a sound of "Hua La", Yuan Zhou shut the door of the restaurant. When he looked at the wall with the opening, he directly tapped the panel in his mind to receive the reward at the same time.

After that, Yuan Zhou began to sweep the dust in the restaurant and took off the heavy curtain. There were a lot of chores. For the next two hours, Yuan Zhou basically had little time to rest. Instead, he was working like a diligent bee.

When he finally reacted, his clothes and pants had already been covered with stains and dirt.

Yuan Zhou went upstairs quickly and calmly, intending to clean himself.

When he returned downstairs again, Yuan Zhou recalled the Ornamental Sergestes Wall Landscape and then went up to check.

"The system is still the almighty system." Yuan Zhou could only sigh now. The wall landscape couldn't be better. The current landscape went harmoniously with the beautiful scenery of the courtyard. The pink sergestes were swimming in the water and some green water weeds were scattered therein in the landscape.

Through the glass, Yuan Zhou could vaguely see the splendid courtyard across the way, where the branches of the crabapple tree faintly gave off the hot pink color of the crabapple.

With a gentle push, the seemingly heavy glass was easily opened and a round archway was revealed. Yuan Zhou lowered his head slightly and walked into the courtyard. It was as if he had entered another elegant and beautiful land rather than a pub.

Yuan Zhou turned around his head and found the wall landscape had been closed automatically. However, it still remained harmonious this way. Beside the crabapple tree, there was a blue glass wall at the side and the scattered pink color inside was like flower petals of the crabapple floating about.

"What a wonderful workmanship," Yuan Zhou praised with a nod. As for whom he praised, it was needless to say. After all, such a brilliant idea was figured out by him.

After walking around repeatedly, Yuan Zhou found an inconspicuous button by the door, like a sergeste. A light push could completely shut the door of the wall landscape to stop anybody entering and exiting.

It also blocked the customers of the restaurant breaking in carelessly. Besides, no one could possibly notice the traces on the wall showing it can be opened.

There was a specialized term to call it, the blank door.

Returning to the kitchen, Yuan Zhou cooked two dishes for himself, Melt-In-The-Mouth Chicken Feet and Phoenix-Tail Prawns, for his dishes to go with the liquor. He put the dishes on the tray and directly went to the neighboring pub through the sergestes wall while carrying the dishes

The moon was just in the sky. It was a good weather to drink good liquor and eat delicious dishes.

When he passed by the bellflowers along the path, a breeze blew past, bringing about some coolness. The lighting was invisible in the courtyard, but Yuan Zhou could clearly see the path to the main hall on the ground floor. Then he walked up the stairs onto the second floor. It had been one day since last night. Having been cultivated by the system, the bamboos were already used to the surroundings and hence grew well.


After casually setting down the dishes on a stone table, Yuan Zhou went up to the countertop in the front and took out the vessels for containing liquor from the cabinet. Then he went back to the table.

Among the improved bamboos, there was an extraordinarily stout bamboo growing for every two of them, like the Buddha bamboo but with a longer bamboo joint. The bamboo joint was like one and a half palm size of an adult man long and a wrist-size thick.

What's more, as the square bamboos were luxuriant and fond of moisture, they evaporated much moisture at night. Therefore, the second floor wasn't stuffy at all. Instead, it had a slight hint of coolness. The blowing breeze also brought about faint fragrance of the liquor, making it appear more attractive.

"The liquor should be drinkable," while Yuan Zhou was smelling the fragrance of the liquor, he said silently to himself.

No man disliked drinking liquor, not to mention such good liquor. It definitely deserved a taste. Even Yuan Zhou who had always been self-disciplined couldn't help carrying out the dishes and prepared to drink a bottle of the liquor.

He took out the bottle of liquor with the patterns of the bamboo marked on it and began to pour the liquor. With the liquid of the liquor slowly flowing out, the fragrance started to become stronger. It smelled refreshing and natural...